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Review of iPod Touch.pdf

  1. 1. ==== ====Get This Product with Special Price at : ====First impressionsYou cannot help but experience a strong sense of anticipation when you first pick up an iPodtouch. You know that this thin and light hand-held device can give you hour after hour of variedentertainment. Whats more, it can do this with Multi-Touch controls that look as though theyregoing to be a pleasure to use.FeaturesApple has designed the iPod touch as a mobile entertainment centre that incorporates as manyup-to-the-minute features as it can possibly squeeze into a unit thats just 110 mm (4.3 inches)high, 61.8 mm (2.4 inches) wide, and 8.5 mm (0.33 inch) deep. All thats missing is a phone and acamera (for these extras, see the iPhone).Consequently, you get a lot for your money with the iPod touch. To begin with, everything youexpect from a modern iPod is here. Theres Genius, the feature that acts as your personal DJ byproviding playlists based on your favourite songs; the accelerometer, which allows you to tilt andshake the iPod touch to control games; and support for Nike+ iPod, allowing you to monitor yourrunning and workouts when you put a Nike+ iPod sensor in one of your trainers.With the iPod touch, there are also plenty of bonuses. You have the best available iPod screen, inportrait and landscape format, for viewing menus, videos, films, TV shows, and photos; you have3D graphics and 3D positional sound for games and applications; and you have the benefit of anextremely useful on-screen keyboard.To top off these features, theres Wi-Fi wireless capability and all that this can offer. You can surfthe web with Apples Safari browser, for example, and send and receive email. Once you connectto a wireless network, you can even buy your latest iPod content from the App Store and theiTunes Music Store. You can also use the shortcut icons on your iPod touch to check the weather,or view the latest YouTube online videos.TechnologyThe three iPod touch models have 8GB, 16GB or 32GB flash drives. These capacities allow eachtouch to contain up to 1,750, 3,500 or 7,000 songs respectively in 128Kbps AAC format. Suchfigures assume average song duration of four minutes.Video storage comes in at around 10, 20 and 40 hours. This is an average based on H.2641.5Mbps video at 640 x 480 pixel resolution combined with 128Kbps audio. Even on an 8GB
  2. 2. touch, you can comfortably fit five standard length films.As with the iPod nano and classic, one further use of the storage on the iPod touch is to holddigital photos. In fact, the touch is the best of the iPods for displaying your photos thanks to itsthree and a half inch screen with 480 x 320 resolution. Capacity is 10,000, 20,000 or 25,000 "iPodviewable" pictures transferred from iTunes.The built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) wireless connection of the iPod touch picks up available wirelessnetworks at home, work, and hotspots around the globe. It works in the same way as a laptopswireless feature, and requires passwords where necessary. Supporting the iPod touchs Wi-Fi isApples upgraded 2.1 software. The technology includes a map location-based service that useslocal Wi-Fi networks to establish your location.Finally, to use your iPod touch with a computer, you need a Mac with a USB 2.0 port; Mac OS Xv10.4.10 or later; and iTunes 8.0 or later. PC users require a USB 2.0 port; Windows Vista, orWindows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 2 or later; and iTunes 8.0 or later.PerformanceIts hard to fault the performance of the iPod touch. Certainly, the internal speaker doesnt matchthe sound quality you experience over the earphones or an attached external audio system; butrealistically, would you expect it to? Instead, if you think of the internal speaker as a handy featurefor games, and for previews of music and podcasts, you can appreciate the purpose and benefit ofit.Also, tests show that getting six hours of video playback on a full battery charge, as claimed byApple, may be optimistic. Nonetheless, youre likely to achieve more than 40 hours of audioplayback (rather than the official 36) without needing to boost the battery.Internal speaker quality and video playback time are minor niggles, however. The overallperformance of the iPod touch is superb, particularly as Apple has answered some of theproblems raised by owners of the first generation model.First generation software, for example, is often tortoise-like in syncing, and downloadingapplications using Wi-Fi. The updates Apple has introduced for the second generation softwareprovide much faster response times and compare extremely well.Other second generation iPod touch improvements further enhance performance and ease of use.The new controls on the left-hand edge allow you to adjust volume without pulling the iPod touchfrom your bag or pocket and using the Multi-Touch screen. There are additional features such as achoice of alarm sounds the same as the iPhones ringtones. You also have larger icons and texton the Podcast and Video screens, plus better details attached to each podcast episode. Finally,the Music screen provides more information about your songs.Of course, anyone familiar with Apples development of iPods expects modifications with a newgeneration model. Of all these adjustments, what may cause surprise is the different tint Apple hasgiven the Multi-Touch screen. It is definitely yellower than the first generation model. Frankly,though, the only people likely to notice this are those who update from the first to second
  3. 3. generation. Even then, the change in screen tone doesnt affect enjoyment of the games, films, TVshows, and videos you can broadcast (although do remember to clean your finger marks off thescreen with the enclosed polishing cloth before settling down to watch something).ConclusionsThe touch has everything that makes an iPod desirable to own plus a fun-to-use screen and theadvantages of Wi-Fi connectivity.ProsMulti-Touch, three and a half inch screenWeb browsingAbility to send/receive emailsInternal speakerUseful volume controlsGood battery lifeConsVideo playback may not reach six hoursInternal speaker will not suit audiophilesBen T Wilson writes about iPods such as the iPod TouchArticle Source: ====Get This Product with Special Price at : ====