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Social issues enviromental[1]


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My reading assignment grade six

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Social issues enviromental[1]

  1. 1. Social Issues Environmental    By, Clay
  2. 2.   Oil Spills <ul><li>  Right now the biggest disaster is the Gulf oil spill. This is the worst because the oil is still being pumped up to the surface. They have tried to close the wells but only one of the three has been closed. Oil spills are one of the worst disasters that can happen because it costs so much to clean them up. They harm hundreds of ecosystems. The gulf spill has almost hit wetlands and marshes when oil gets in there it will kill and harm hundreds of animals. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Nuclear Chernobyl  <ul><li>Nuclear is the worst disaster that can happen. The second worse nuclear disasters is Chernobyl. The radiation that came from Chernobyl turned an entire forest yellow and red in one day. Radiation can affect the body stop animals from reproducing and give them extra parts on th body. Nuclear radiation is one of the worst things we can do to the planet dumping the waste in lakes makes the animals in the water die and slowly poisones  the humans when the lake sneaks into the water systems. </li></ul>
  4. 4.                War War has got to be the most bloodiest disaster in the world. The bombing destroys entire citys that cost lots of our resourrces to rebuild. In nuclear wars it kills humans for years with cancer and disease. The deaths cause a huge loss of life a lot more fuel is burned and exhaust wears more holes in the ozone.
  5. 5.   The clearing of rainforests is very harmful because the less trees the less new oxygen the earth can produce. It also leaves hundreds of animals homeless. The reason for clearing the rainforests is to gain more land for agriculture                   and to build homes.                       Clearing Rainforests
  6. 6.   We can help the earth by recylcling as much as possible. Recycleling reduces the demand on earths resources. We can recycle almost everything. To help against the clearing of rainforests we can help by replanting trees in already cut ares. These trees will grow and when they are fully grown they can be cut down again and replanted.        How Can We Help
  7. 7. To help save animals caught in oil spills Dawn detergent is a sponsor that gives soap to organizations to clean birds and small animals. The company gives 1 dollar to an organization for every bottle bought, You can also donate your hair after a hair cut to be put in sacks and laid in the water to absorb oil. How To Help Against Oil Spills
  8. 8. The United Nations is a large organization of almost all the countries in the world and all that declared war on Nazi Germany in WWII and countries that later requested permission to join. The UN helps countries that need help and provide military protection to all its members. They also help with global warming by putting restrictions on nuclear energy and missle systems. They also try and help the countrys that need desperate help from global warming. Like the small island nation of Tuvalu. Tuvalu is being threatend   by rising waters. The water will soon wash away the small island chain. The United Nations
  9. 9. The USA has the EPA. The EPA is in charge of  taking care of the enviroment and placing warnings for toxic fumes in an area. They help clean up oil spills and help clean lakes and rivers. The EPA's mission is to is to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment air, water and land upon which life depends. The EPA works with other small organizations to promote environmental health and clean up the enviroment. E nviromental Protection Agency
  10. 10.      The End              A Clean      Enviroment
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  12. 12. pictures found by Clay                       Typing done by                            Clay                        Editing done by                      M. L. Hoffman                         and Clay                   Credits