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Our solar system


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Our solar system

  1. 1. SaturnBy: BreanneOUR SOLAR SYSTEM
  2. 2. You can see Saturnwith a naked eye.SATURN
  3. 3. Saturnhas ring aroundmade up of rock andice.SATURN
  4. 4. Saturnis the sixthplanet closest to thesun.SATURN
  5. 5. Ancient chinesastronomy refers toSaturn as the earth star.SATURN
  6. 6. Saturndistance fromthe sun is 900,000,000miles.SATURN
  7. 7. Saturn is one of thebiggest planet andalso one of thebrightest.SATURN
  8. 8. Saturn rotates fasterthan any other planetexcept Jupiter. One daylasts 10 hours and 33SATURN
  9. 9. Saturn takes 29 ½earth years to orbitthe sunSATURN
  10. 10. Saturn has many moremoons than any otherplanet except Jupiter.SATURN
  11. 11. Saturn has atotal of 60moons.SATURN