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My Greek God presentation By.Clay

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Ares 2

  1. 1. ARESThe God of Warand Bloodshed
  2. 2. • Ares was the only son of Zeus and Hera• Was one of 12 original Olympians• Born into the second generation of Gods• Is still residing atop Mount Olympus with the other gods• Has a less known twin sister named Eris• Fought Alongside his Father in the Titanomachy• Home and Birthplace is among the ThraciansAres Life superdemonis
  3. 3. • Ares was God of War but also said to be God of savage war, blood lust, and slaughter of mankind. Ares liked warfare for the unpredictable violence while half sister Athena liked strategic warfare• Was the most hated god by the people of Greece, but honored by great warriors and the Spartans• Though Being hated in Greece many other cultures worshipped the Greek god, Ares Roman counterpart Mars was much more respected by the Romans• Was also the God of the Third Race of Mortals known to us as the Bronze AgeAres as a God
  4. 4. • Objects- Spear, and Helmet• Sacred Animal- Serpent• The Planet Mars was named after him Clip Art• The Day Tuesday was also named after Ares, the Greeks called it the day of Ares• Has many sacred birds Clip ArtAres Symbols
  5. 5. • Twin Sister Eris• His affair with Aphrodite sported 5 children• Anteros- God of Love Reciprocated• Deimos- God of Fear• Enyalios- A War God, son of Eris• Eros- God of Love• Harmonia- Goddess of Harmony• Nike- Goddess of Victory, said to be a daughter of Ares• Phobos- God of PanicAres Family
  6. 6. • When Ares Enters the Battlefield everything goes dark and the same for his exit• His main allies in battle are Eris, Enyo, and Hades• Rode his 3 horse Chariot while swinging a sword when entering battle• The Largest battle he ever fought in was the Trojan WarAres in Battle
  7. 7. • The only time Ares was severely wounded was when Athena guided Diomedes spear into the side of Ares. As he fell he made the sound of 9000 men entering battle• After Ares was caught by Hephaistos with Aphrodite, he returned to Thrace. He was seen by Helious (the sun god) with Aprhrodite, who then told her husband Ares had left Alectryon to guard the door. So after coming back from Thrace he turned Alectryon into a rooster. Now the rooster never fails to announce the arrival of the Sun.Stories of Ares
  8. 8. The Essential Questions1. Ares was a god created to Show the aspects of battle, heshowed the sides of destruction and bloodshed while alsojealous and forgiveness.2. Ares teaches people about the destructivness of warfare,he also shows the people that even the most powerful canbe deafeted, Ares also shows that even the most hated mustbe honored and respected.3. Ares stories are loved to be told because they showhumor and jealousy along with the roar of battle. Arescharacter can be made into almost any story because of allthe attributes he has, this is why his stories live on.
  9. 9. The End• By, ClayBibliography