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Brazilian Showcase


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Brazilian Showcase

  1. 1. Brazilian Showcase<br />From June 25th to July 2nd.<br />Prices<br />Single – U$ 1.250,00<br />Double – U$ 1.000,00<br />Triple – U$ 950,00<br />Expecting 120 people, mainly from Latin America.<br />
  2. 2. Brazil Showcase<br />Some of the visits are:<br />Sao Joao: One of the Top 10 milk producers in Brazil and Elite Alta Client<br />Calciolandia: Home of a Top Gir herd and owner of several Best Sellers Sires collecting with us.<br />Terras de Kubera: Gir breeder Alta’s partner in some Sires and leading genetics producer.<br />Navirai: Foremost Nelore breeder and important Alta’s client.<br />Alta’s AI Stud: Visit to the collection center and will have a Bull’s parade and exhibition of products of affiliated companies.<br />