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Talk given at launch of WITI in Australia re my role and Amplify Festival I founded to cultivate the Future Quotient & Technology Quotient of our corporation, the forces transforming the economic landscape, career consequences of doing nothing, upside of preparing and embracing the future, exploring 10 skills for the future, and concluding with how your career is a personal business model that needs regular re-invigoration.

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  • 2012 AIM Australian Capability Index Highlights, 252 respondents, self-assessmentKey findings: Most capable in Integrity, fin mngmt, governance Least capable in Innovation products & services, & Organisation CapabilityRockbottom is Visionary & Strategic Leadership which incorp international perspectives & global thinking
  • My role: Improve the FQ of my organisation- this very thing of visionary and Strategic LeadershipFQ: The ability to anticipate the future in the present so you can create value over a long-term Amplify Festival and SamplifyTheme 2013: Shift Happened: The transformation of business models, design of organisations, nature of work, and skills for the future
  • OUR TECHNOLOGIES > 5 convergent Forces that have caused the shift to happen and are still shaping itAdvances in health> Radical longevityRise of smart machines, systems, do-it-yourself technologies, automationNew Globalisation>talent anywhere Ubiquitous connectivity > synchronous, asynchronous Radical transparency, social pressure
  • The rise of radical longevity and improvement in health on a massive scale. Never before have people lived this long and economically productive.  Advances in health, radical longevity
  • Moore’s law: Never before have we had so much computing power in the palm of our hands at a price point affordable to the massesnever before have so many been able to participate and compete in the global economy.never before have we been so connected and capable of collaborating anywhere anytime. And never before have we experienced such radical transparency, accountability and revolution at the speed of thought .
  • Global access to resources: Talent anywhere, anytime, 24/7 never before have so many been able to participate and compete in the global economy.
  • Ubiquitous connectivity 24/ 7- Never before have we been so connected and capable of collaborating anywhere anytime.
  • Transparency at the speed of thought: never before have we experienced such radical transparency, accountability and revolution at the speed of thought . Accountability in corporations and govt may yet be the biggest shift that social media enables.
  • Just like negativity is bad for your soul, blind optimism can also make you miss the signals you need to be heeding! Most people bumble along in the misguided belief that the future will be a linear extenson of the past. The more you know what's in store, the better able you will be to meet the challenges and really capitalize on your options. So keep abreast of the forces that are shaping work and careers in your part of the world and think about how they will impact on you and those you care for.
  • Dark Side of DEFAULT FUTURE> NO INDUSTRY UNTOUCHED- not even prostitutionScarcity and Abundance flipped > rise of Free AgentsOutdated architectures ( Corporates, education, personal) New order, mismatch of skills Fragmentation: Risk loss of concentration, mastery, play Isolation: Work as community lost, other relationships Exclusion: The new poor > loss of jobs from formal economy WFS predicts 2 billion by 2030
  • Outdated architectures ( Corporates, education, personal) New order, mismatch of skills Exclusion: The new poor in Western economies> loss of jobs from formal economy WFS predicts 2 billion by 2030
  • Outdated architectures ( Corporates, education, personal) Automation and rise of robotics. Even multi-tasking robots at TESLA Corp- robots that can perform 4 different precision tasks
  • New order, mismatch of skills Fragmentation: Risk loss of concentration, mastery, play Isolation: Work as community lost, other relationships
  • The Bright Side of a crafted futureCo-Creation> Amplification of impact, energySocial Engagement > rise of empathy, awareness of balance, our choices & consequencesMicro-entrepreneurship > Crafting a career through continuous creativityOUR SKILLSETS > EARNING A LIVING to LEARNING A LIVINGShallow generalist/ deep expert to serial mastery ( i-Shaped to T-shaped) Isolated competitor to innovative connectorPassive consumer to passionate producer
  • Virtual collaboration > ability to work productively, drive engagement & demonstrate presence as a member of a virtual teamStory: My resistance to change Steve VamosNew protocols, Online etiquette (Interruption, virtual meetings, conference calls, Develop? Learn by doing, Yammer and tools, set boundaries on personal time, Appoint someone to monitor & provide feedback
  • Sensemaking > ability to determine a deeper meaning or insight from data, environment, eventsArtificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence Difference: Reproductive vs Productive thinking Genius is not about a High IQ, its about how many ways you can look at a problem Develop? Diversity of experiences, esp kids, Make thinking visible- draw, paint, share, visual/ spatial development, theatre
  • Novel & Adaptive thinking> Proficiency at thinking beyond rote & rule-based thinkingSituational adaptability to unique and unexpected scenarios Rise of Project Managers, Crisis Managers especially in the wake of climate change-related crises and unprecented incidents like FukishimaDacchii Nuclear diaster
  • Social Intelligence > Ability to connect others in a deep and direct way, to sense and stimulate reactions and desired interactions TED SYDNEY: Curator Chris Anderson> The ability to convey complex ideas in a way that moves people is a new literacyAnyone notice the rise of Storytelling? How can we develop: Public speaking, comedy club, blogging, storytelling, make a film
  • Computational thinking> Ability to translate vast amounts of data into abstract concepts & models. Understand data-based reasoningFrom MS Office as a basic computer literacy for hiring to > Statistical analysis & quantitative reasoning skills as an entry level requirement Douglas Rushkoff: Programme or be programmed: Ability to code is a basic literacy for supremacyHow can you Develop: Hacking camps, Online games/ Simulators,
  • Design mindset > Ability to develop systems, objects and tasks to achiee a desired outcome Observation skills, open-mindedness, learning vs knowing, self-awareness of assumptions TED talk: Science communicator Develop? Easily learnt. Collaborate with others, design something, observe & record,
  • Cross-cultural competency> Ability to operate effectively in different cultural settingsUniversity of Michigan study Centre of Complex Systems, Prof Scott Page demonstrated that groups displaying a range of perspectives & skills outperform like-minded experts. “Progress depends as much on our collective differences as our individual scores” How does one develop these? Read widely, Serendipity, Travel, learn a foreign language, take an international exchange programme or posting
  • New Media Literacy > Ability develop content & leverage media for influence & persuasionBecome a producer: Rise of visual communication, low cost of productionScaling your Social Intelligence (Skill 2)in asynchronous fashion > Learn to earn a living while you asleep How to Develop? Learn by doing. Writing a blog is different to having a hit. Learn the difference
  • Cognitive Load Management > Ability to discriminate & filter information for importance, and understand how to maxmise cognitive functioning using variety of tools & techniquesDiscernment of factsMy TED talk > Learning paradox of ubiquitous connectivityDevelop? Conversation, participation, collaboration
  • Transdisciplinarity: Competence across multiple disciplines (T-shaped, a term coined by Tim Brown of IDEO to describe people with both a deep mastery AND ability to co-create, collaborate and high empathy)EG Hum a tune- and someone else can jam on from there! Develop? Double degrees, side-moves, hobbies, diversify rather than specialise, Co-working spaces
  •  The future is about innovation, and sometime your best, most innovative ideas will come as you talk and work with people who are completely different from you - perhaps they have a different mindset, or come from a different country - or are younger. It is this 'big ideas crowd' – the GLOBALLY CONNECTED BRAIN -that will be a crucial source of inspiration. Your career success will depend in part on your emotional well being and resilience. In a world of ever shifting relationships, it's important that you invest in developing deep restorative relationships with a couple of people - this is your 'regenerative community' and they are crucial to your well being and happiness. Make the investment as soon as you can and make an effort to maintain and build these relationships over decades.
  • Educational content is easier to access than ever before. Free online courses are offered by Coursera and Udemy and curious.com. There is also a rise in courses offered by people in co-working spaces such as Skillshare and GeneralAssembly, in Sydney, Fushbirners and in Melbourne TheHub. But even with so many competing formats of educational content, books should still be at the top of your list of self-directed learning resources.

According to Google, last Friday there were 129.9 millionuniquebooksaccordingtoGoogleBooks. Fortunately, numerous online resources exist to help you source great books 

This super-simple application enables you to type in a book you love and receive a list of suggestions for similar booksGoodreads is the "largest site for readers and book recommendations in the world." Their web app is a useful resource for discovering great books based upon what you and your friends have read previously.

Amazon offers several tools such as its recmmendation engine based on your browsing history, and its RecommendedForYou product as well as Shelfari, “a community-powered encyclopedia for book lovers”, which provides you with a virtual bookstore as opposed to a department store user experience.

Lastly, BestSellerslists. Here Amazon, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists

While they might not be tailored to your personal tastes, these Bestseller Lists are an obvious resource for finding out the most popular 

  • Find your Posse: The internet and technology allows us to amplify ourselves like never before. Reach out to others who can help and advise you, and in turn….offer help. . A small  'posse' of like-minded and skilled people is a network that will be central to your really building speed and agility in your career. Don’t leave it too long to find and cultivate it.
  • Finally, be prepared to strike out on your own - there will always be work with big companies - but increasingly the real fun will come from setting up your own company. We are entering the age of the 'micro-entrepreneur' when ever decreasing costs of technology will significantly reduce the barriers to getting off the ground, and when talented people across the world will be connected and keen to work with each other.HSBC advertisement: Lemonade stall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWwTBiDv5dw http://youtu.be/CWwTBiDv5dwEmbed code <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/CWwTBiDv5dw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>Leanstartupmachinehttps://vimeo.com/42499484 Embed code <iframesrc="http://player.vimeo.com/video/42499484?portrait=0&color=ffffff" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreenmozallowfullscreenallowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a  
  • Futureproof your career

    1. 1. Future-proof yourselfAnnalie KillianCatalyst for Magic, AMP@maverickwoman
    2. 2. Global Perspective
    3. 3. Future Quotient
    4. 4. 5 Convergent forces
    5. 5. 1. Radical longevity
    6. 6. 2. Computing power & cloud
    7. 7. 3. Global access to resources
    8. 8. 4. Pervasive, ubiquitous connectivity
    9. 9. 5. Radical transparency, accountability
    10. 10. Dark side: victim future
    11. 11. Displacement of formal jobs
    12. 12. Automation
    13. 13. Mismatch of skills, isolation
    14. 14. Bright Side: CRAFTED Future
    15. 15. 1. Virtual Collaboration
    16. 16. 2. Sensemaking
    17. 17. 3. Novel & Adaptive Thinkers
    18. 18. 4. Social Intelligence
    19. 19. 5. Computational thinking
    20. 20. 6. Design mindset
    21. 21. 7. Cross-cultural competency
    22. 22. 8. New Media Literacy
    23. 23. 9. Cognitive Load Management
    24. 24. 10. Transdisciplinarity
    25. 25. In summary
    26. 26. From knower to learner
    27. 27. + Technology & Innovation Quotient
    28. 28. Forget a job, be an entrepreneur
    29. 29. Business models are not just for business.If you want to reinvent your personal business model, become a lifelong learner. Put yourself in environments and accept roles where you can learn the most.The people that are best positioned to reinvent themselves and their personal business models hang out at the edge and force themselves to stay on steep learning curves. It is the only way to ensure constant exposure to new perspectives….