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ARK group collaboration site visit welcome and intro


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Published in: Business
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ARK group collaboration site visit welcome and intro

  1. 1. Collaborating online A site tour of the AMP intranet organised by the Ark Group, 8 September 2010 Hosted by Annalie Killian, Katy Sheppard, Vernon Meyer
  2. 2. If culture is “the way we do things around here”
  3. 3. then the intranet is the physical manifestation of the culture
  4. 4. If strong brands are built from the inside out
  5. 5. then the customer experience starts with what employees experience
  6. 6. If talent is scarce (and it is)
  7. 7. then the technology and tools we provide will determine our talent
  8. 8. If our business strategy is about superior performance
  9. 9. then our intranet needs to help people perform to their full potential
  10. 10. AMP promise For all our tomorrows, deliver the right balance of risk and performance
  11. 11. AMP culture Be real Be involved Be transparent Be externally focussed Be passionate about performance
  12. 12. Intranet vision to 2013 A contemporary, simple needs- driven platform where employees can engage, create and contribute to AMP, through any device, anytime, anywhere
  13. 13. Our design thinking embraces Macro-trends Complex systems theory Meta-collaboration+culture Fogg Behaviour Grid Users as customers
  14. 14. The macro-trend BIG SHIFT from push to pull Source: The Power of Pull by John Hagel 111, John Seely Brown, Lang Davidson
  15. 15. Why? 3 Waves Infrastructure > Digital Knowledge assets > flows Institutional innovation
  16. 16. How to succeed? 3 levels of pull: Achieve Attract Access
  17. 17. Access: Intranet implication Share stuff Find stuff & people Tag stuff
  18. 18. Attract: intranet implication Serendipity, edges Social networks Reputation & rating
  19. 19. Achieve:intranet implication Passion + engagement Co-creation spaces User insights (BI) Measurement Data-driven decision-making
  20. 20. So let’s go and see it!