Rikvin virtual office services


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For Entrepreneurs and Companies setting up in Singapore, Rikvin offers virtual offices in the heart of the Central Business District of Singapore.

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Rikvin virtual office services

  2. 2. VIRTUAL OFFICE SERVICESPres gious Office Address, Telephone Answering, Mail Only Business PremiumFax to Email ServicesRegistered AddressWe provide a pres gious address, which can be used forregistered business address for the registra on of your company.The address can be used on business cards, le erheads or anyother official documents.Mail No fica onWhenever the mail arrives, we provide an email no fica onsta ng details such as date, sender, type of mail, etc.Mail ForwardingIncoming mail (including courier items and small parcels) willbe forwarded based on your instruc on. All forwarding postagecosts will be charged accordingly to you.* This service will require a S$100 deposit and will be used to offset the mail forwarding charges.Dedicated Phone LineA dedicated local telephone number will be assigned to you. Automated PersonalisedProfessionally trained staff will personally a end to your Gree ng Gree ngcalls using your business name. This number may also be Service Serviceautoma cally diverted to another telephone number specifiedby you. Do not miss any more calls!Dedicated Fax to EmailWe’ll assign a dedicated fax number to you. Faxes received willbe forwarded to your email ID so that you can access them fromanywhere.MONTHLY FEE (US$) 50 200 250
  3. 3. REGISTERED BUSINESS ADDRESS A local business address is required when registering a Singapore company. And this address will be the official corporate address for all official communica on pertaining to registered business. Rikvin offers the service of providing you and your company with a pres gious address in Singapore’s CDB area. This pres gious CBD address can be used on your business card, le erhead and corporate collateral. Mail No fica on With a registered address through Rikvin, you can receive your mail though our office. Rikvin will no fy you of your mail arrival through email and/or SMS (for Singapore mobile phone users only). Mail Forwarding For the arrival of postal mail, courier items and small parcels, Rikvin can forward the mail to you per your instruc on. All postage costs will be billed accordingly to you. Mail Scanning With a small addi onal fee, Rikvin can scan your le er mail and email it to you. The service is fast, you can access your mail through your computer wherever you are. Copyright © 2011 Rikvin Pte Ltd
  4. 4. DEDICATED PHONE SERVICESPREMIUManswering servicePersonalized phone SERVICESTANDARD SERVICEAutomated phone answering serviceCALL FORWARDINGBe connected anywhere in the worldDEDICATED FAX LINEForwarded to your e-mailRikvin can provide you and your company with Rikvin Standard Servicea dedicated local business telephone number. The basic service offers a standard phoneThere are two services available, from which you gree ng, and all calls to you and your business cancan choose how you would like to handle calls be automa cally diverted to another telephonefor you and your business. number specified by you. Alterna vely, you can arrange for the caller to leave a voicemail whichRikvin Premium Service will be emailed to you. No more missed calls!The premium service offers personalizedtelephone answering for your business. Our Call Forwarding Serviceprofessionally trained staff answer incoming All calls to you and your business can be forwardedcalls in your business name. With each call, a to you according to your specifica ons, and candedicated recep onist will consult with you be connected to you anywhere in the world.promptly whether you wish to take the call. The Addi onal fees may apply.recep on will then transfer the call to you or Dedicated Fax Linerecord a message from the caller based on your Rikvin can provide you with a dedicated faxdecision. number. Faxes received will be forwarded to your email so that you can access them from any computer which has internet access. Copyright © 2011 Rikvin Pte Ltd
  5. 5. RIKVIN PTE LTD20 Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705Main Line : (+65) 6438 8887Fax : (+65) 6438 2436Email : info@rikvin.comWebsite : www.rikvin.comThis material has been prepared by Rikvin for the exclusiveuse of the party to whom Rikvin delivers this material.This material is for informa onal purposes only and hasno regard to the specific investment objec ves, financialsitua on or par cular needs of any specific recipient.Where the source of informa on is obtained from thirdpar es, Rikvin is not responsible for, and does not acceptany liability over the content. Copyright © 2011 Rikvin Pte Ltd