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The inexperienced lawyer’s checklist for depositions


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Courtesy of Honorable Court Reporting in Miami. 754-367-1802 The last thing that you want at the trial is a surprise smacking you in the head. A successful deposition will give you the tools necessary to fight for your client during the trial. One area that in-experienced attorney’s neglects is their use of time.

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The inexperienced lawyer’s checklist for depositions

  1. 1. The Inexperienced Lawyer’s Checklist For Depositions
  2. 2. FROM 754-367-1802
  3. 3. We’ve in been the court reporting and deposition industry for years serving the Palm Beach, Broward and the Miami-Dade areas for years. Here’s a few tips on depositions from the team at Honorable Court Reporting.
  4. 4. A lawyer’s goal when conducting a deposition should be moving the case to a verdict or settlement. This is done by making an evaluation of the witnesses, what they know and how it will affect the witness as far as a favoring settlement. It’s extremely important for newer lawyers take note and do an adequate preparation for a deposition so that this time is used wisely.
  5. 5. The last thing that you want at the trial is a surprise smacking you in the head. A successful deposition will give you the tools necessary to fight for your client during the trial. One area that in-experienced attorney’s neglects is their use of time.
  6. 6. Assuming that a deposition has a specific and dedicated time frame is not a good idea. The less seasoned lawyer needs to remember that a deposition can take more than an hour to conduct. In certain situations, you can predict that the deposition could take up to a few days to complete. A common mistake for many law grads is that they neglect the time.
  7. 7. Another area that is often difficult to deal with is the witness. Many people that are present and may be deponents will often ‘claim or black out’ during a deposition. By asking them, “Is this all you can remember when he asked you to do xyz” is there anything I can show you that will help you recollect the information (be specific).
  8. 8. A Form objection is the one that challenges the manner in which the question is posed. This is a trial technique that must be practiced and can be very complex because they do not require hearsay, objections or evidence. You need to take extra precaution here.
  9. 9. What’s your purpose in taking a deposition? This should be one of the first elements you should consider prior to moving forward. What information are you looking for? Is this for trial testimony or are you seeking specific information. All questions to prepare for that will help you get the most out of the time with the deponent. Don’t forget to take note of why the witness is ideal to defeat a pretrial or judgment motion?
  10. 10. Deposition Blueprint: Did you write your series of questions? How will you organize and prepare?
  11. 11. Background: Did you start with their background, personally? Are they an expert witness and did you get their resume to determine their credibility? Identification of Documents: Facts, Documents, Signatures and authentications are addressed. Chronological List of questions a timeline to avoid objections: Are you asking a timeline for the witness to answer and elaborate on? Start with least controversial examination: Don’t grill the witness right out the gate. Take the time to make the conversation light in the beginning and lead up to more pressing questions later. Warm up to each other.
  12. 12. “Remember to bring a copy of the deposition subpoena, and any witness fees that you might be obligated to give to the witness. Also, bring a business card to give to the court reporter so that he or she can see how to spell your name, and so that they have contact information for you.” Remarks author Russell H Ando. Good advice to make note of.
  13. 13. This and more helpful information can be found on our website. Keep in mind each blog is prepared with you in mind. If you’d like to see information on a particular topic, we’d like to hear about your ideas. You can share your questions, and suggestions by visiting
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