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LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter Tips


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LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter Tips

  1. 1. 1 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  2. 2. Why are brands on social media?2 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  3. 3. Of internet users expect brands to talk to them on social platforms source: arnold worldwide, 2012 Of consumers trust other consumers’ opinion online the most. TV was 62% source: Nielsen, 2010 Hours spent on average by a user on SN, daily. 3 hours on weekends. source: iCube, 20123 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  4. 4. TWITTER A cross between text- social social Twitter is a Twitter is a A cross between text- messaging, instant-messaging messaging, instant-messagingnetwork where younetwork where you & blogging, Twitter focuses on & blogging, Twitter focuses on post short bursts of post short bursts of real-time real-timethoughts and information. thoughts and information. communication. communication.Twitter users send over a Twitter users send over a Twitter now has more Twitter now has morebillion tweets every 72 billion tweets every 72 than 140 million than 140 millionhours and the platform should hours and the platform should active users,,sending active users sendingsee 250 million active see 250 million active 340 million tweets every 340 million tweets everyusers by the end of 2012 users by the end of 2012 day. day.4 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  5. 5. THE TWITTER DASHBOARD5 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  6. 6. TIP! Promote your Twitter @username (aka ‘Handle’) TIP! Promote your Twitter @username (aka ‘Handle’) Feature Your @username on your website & blog as well Source: Twitter6 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  7. 7. TIP! Offer Incentives TIP! Offer Incentives offer a discount offer a discount Offer your customers a reward if they to everyone to everyone mention your company in their Tweet (ask who retweets who retweets them to include both @username and your offer your offer but #companyname)- only if you get a min. total If you are a retail store, ask them to show number of you the tweet at checkout retweets Or If you sell online DM (Direct Message) them a discount code Source: Twitter7 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  8. 8. Building customer relationships and engaging prospective customers on Twitter8 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  9. 9. TEUSNER WINES ON TWITTER Teusner Wine is Teusner Wine is a boutique a boutique winery in winery in Australia’s Australia’s Barossa Valley. Barossa Valley.9 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  10. 10. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS TIP!- To get rolling, TIP!- To get rolling, they used Twitter to they used Twitter to search for wine- search for wine- related terms. related terms. TIP!- URL shortened TIP!- URL shortened using services that using services that shorten web shorten web addresses, making addresses, making them easier to fit in them easier to fit in the 140 character the 140 character limit. limit.10 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  11. 11. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPSWhen they found interesting and influential people talking aboutwines and the business… …they followed them!11 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  12. 12. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPSThereon, every time the users tweeted aboutwine… …they would interact with them using @replies. Mention @ username: A comment aimed at one user, but visible to the public.12 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  13. 13. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPSThey also made sure to re-tweet important mentions: Re-tweeting: Sharing someone else’s post on your profile. abbreviated to ‘RT’.Responding to all directRT’ing is was also made a priority: queries a common way to praise another user, spread awareness & in turn your followers will retweet your tweets!13 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  14. 14. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPSThey also consistently shared information about winetasting events at other venues- This collaboration withpartners works very well!14 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  15. 15. Results?15 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  16. 16. Driving product awareness16 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  17. 17. DRIVING PRODUCT AWARENESS Sharpie wanted to drive product Sharpie wanted to drive product awareness amongst teenagers. awareness amongst teenagers.Establishing a brand connect withEstablishing a brand connect withcreativity was also an objective.creativity was also an objective.17 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  18. 18. DRIVING PRODUCT AWARENESS Sharpie Sharpie incorporated incorporated various various creative creative avatars with avatars with background background images imagesTill date, they have continued toTill date, they have continued tochange the pictures almost every week.change the pictures almost every week.18 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  19. 19. DRIVING PRODUCT AWARENESSThese creative changesThese creative changesPromoted Tweets:were coupled with awere coupled with aPromoted Tweets campaign ordinary tweets These arePromoted Tweets campaign by brands for purchased advertising. These tweets, clearly labeled as ‘promoted’, are then shared on targeted users’ timelines, search results, brand profile pages. Promoting a tweet also interests such as Users with interests such as Users with allows you to target users based on 350 music and of interest. were music and writing were different areas writing targeted. targeted. Users can not opt out of seeing promoted tweets in their timelines.19 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  20. 20. DRIVING PRODUCT AWARENESSThey also initiated creative conversations using various hash- They also initiated creative conversations using various hash-tags, most notable being #sharpie. tags, most notable being #sharpie. Hash-tags: Words beginning with a # to help you track specific conversations. You can follow a specific hashtag in real time through Twitter Search.20 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  21. 21. Results?21 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  22. 22. LINKEDIN LinkedIn is great for LinkedIn is great for Australia has more than 3 Australia has more than 3LinkedIn is the developing and developing and LinkedIn is the maintaining business million members. million members. maintaining businessworld’s largest relationships & gettingworld’s largest relationships & getting professional professional Professional Professional network network Introductions. Introductions.22 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  23. 23. LinkedIn Personal Profile DashboardLinkedIn Personal Profile Dashboard23 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  24. 24. LinkedIn Company Profile Dashboard24 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  25. 25. How can LinkedIn Help• Find business clients, potential partners etc..25 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  26. 26. Increase the visibility & credibility26 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  27. 27. LinkedIn Ads27 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  28. 28. LinkedIn Tips! Tip1- Use Appropriate Keyword Phrases in Your Heading and Title (Use Google Keyword Tool for identifying the right keywords for your business) Tip 2 - Link to Your Websites with Keyword Anchor Text Tip 3 – Endorse and Get Endorsed- Build trustworthy profiles Tip 4 – Give Recommendations & Get Recommendations for your past & present roles28 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  29. 29. PINTEREST Pinterest is a social Pinterest is a social bookmarking bookmarking tool used to “pin” images tool used to “pin” images found around the Web into found around the Web into categorized collections, or categorized collections, or ‘boards’. ‘boards’.WHY PINTEREST- In October, the website of Time Inc.’s Real Simple magazine got more trafficfrom Pinterest than Facebook.- Eye glass retailer Warbly Parker reports that 11% of their social traffic iscoming from Pinterest compared to 18% from Twitter. Source: Adage, Twitter29 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  30. 30. For Account SetupTip! - Signup with the same email address as the one you use for Twitter Tip!- “Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines” Option should be checked to OFF, so your profile can get indexed in search30 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  31. 31. PINTEREST A board is set of You can add as many One big Pin Default cover is the last Pin pins (images and pins to a board and called ‘cover’ published on the board, videos) under a as many boards as with 4 pins however, you have the option chosen theme you’d like underneath to choose another The order of the small images are the last Tip- Post any visual content you 4 pins uploaded on the board. The order Tip- Create one already have e.g. photos with cannot be changed. User Generated customers or attending an event, Board so that any any ebook cover, A board is set of visitors to your pins (images and videos) under a profile can pin chosen theme31 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  32. 32. PINTEREST Tips Tip- Display ‘Follow me on Pinterest button on your website Tip- Add a Pin It button to invite your readers to pin your work onto Pinterest. Tip- Download these buttons from /about/goodies Source: Adage, Twitter32 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  33. 33. Case Study33 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  34. 34. DRIVING ENGAGEMENT High Point Market organizes trade shows for the furniture industry. Their High Point Market organizes trade shows for the furniture industry. Their Pinterest engagement contest was entitled Style Spotters and the Pinterest engagement contest was entitled Style Spotters and the objective was to gain repins and likes. objective was to gain repins and likes.34 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  35. 35. DRIVING ENGAGEMENT Home fashion trendsetters, called Style Home fashion trendsetters, called Style Spotters (recruited by High Point Spotters (recruited by High Point Market), pin attractive images of their Market), pin attractive images of their favorite looks and trending products. favorite looks and trending products. Users vote for the Users vote for the images through likes images through likes and repins, and the and repins, and the pinboard with the pinboard with the most votes wins. most votes wins.35 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  36. 36. DRIVING ENGAGEMENT The Style Spotter wins a free trip to the High Point Market. High Point Market pinboards where The contest has helped High Point The contest has helped High Point Style Spotters pin Market gain 3000+ Pinterest followers. Market gain 3000+ Pinterest followers. their favorite images.36 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  37. 37. Thank you.37 Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav