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See it to learn how to do Facebook Marketing for businesses. It also talks about Facebook Business Pages, social media integration, and how to engage your fans.

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  • Facebook marketing: Penrith

    1. 1. Facebook Marketing /MaverickMavOz Sales@maverickmav.com.au M: +61 433 343 120 T: (Australia Wide):1300 618 418 T(Intl): +61 2 8065 6758He HeHe He heheproduct and company names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. 1 All
    2. 2. Maverick MavHe HeHe Hehe he
    3. 3. Maverick Mav Credentials Social Media Marketing Sponsors Proud Sponsors of Read Akash’s article on Facebook Unleash Facebook Marketing Marketing Potential - See VideoHe He Internet & Social MediaHe He Marketing Partnerhe he
    4. 4. We give complete digital marketingsupportHe HeHe Hehe he
    5. 5. Disclaimer • We have strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this presentation, notwithstanding the fact that we do not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet. • While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this presentation, we assume no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. Audience is cautioned to rely on their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly. • This presentation is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. • HeHeAll product and company names mentioned herein are trademarksHe registered trademarks of their respective owners. or Hehe he 5
    6. 6. 1. IntroductionHe HeHe Hehe he
    7. 7. We as People & Businesses know other people &Businesses – 1st Degree ConnectionsHe HeHe Hehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    8. 8. These 1st Degree Connections know other People &Businesses – 2nd Degree Connections 1st Degree 2nd DegreeHe HeHe Hehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    9. 9. Through Social Media Platforms 1st Degree 2nd DegreeHe HeHe Hehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    10. 10. Greatly broaden your brand’sexposure – Fish where the Fish are • Currently over 1 billion Facebook users worldwide • Users spend more time on Facebook each month than any other website – more than Google, Youtube, Yahoo etc • Over 11 million Australian users • Almost 7 million of those check Facebook HeHe daily…He Hehe he
    11. 11. Go Viral with ‘Recommendations’ • Trusted recommendations are highly valuable for a brand • Each Facebook user has 140 friends on average • 41% more likely to recommend a brand 28% more likely to continue using them HeHeHe $136.38 Average Value of Fan Hehe he
    12. 12. Your Business Presence withinyour Consumers worldHe HeHe Hehe he
    13. 13. Your Business Presence withinyour Consumers world • Unlike a website, you are connected to your customers and can interact with them on an ongoing basis • Unlike a website, when customers interact with your page it is seen by their friends – Word of MOUSE marketingHe HeHe Hehe he
    14. 14. Custom Design / Experience foryour BusinessHe HeHe Hehe he
    15. 15. Facebook Applications to help you build a stronger brandHe HeHe Hehe he
    16. 16. Custom Experience for yourBusiness- Real EstateHe HeHe Hehe he
    17. 17. Custom Design for your Business Custom TabsHe HeHe Hehe he
    18. 18. Custom Design for your Business• Can embed Google Maps to show the location ofyour business or other important locationsHe HeHe Hehe he
    19. 19. Display & Self Manage Products from yourOnline Store (+ Get Social Media Viral Effect!)He HeHe Hehe he
    20. 20. Display & Self Manage Events, Seminars,Courses (+ Get Social Media Viral Effect!)He HeHe Hehe he
    21. 21. Display & Self Manage Multiple Store LocatorHe HeHe Hehe he
    22. 22. Run Contests, Promotions (+Go Viral!)He HeHe Hehe he
    23. 23. Ask Customers About why they likeexisting products & LeverageHe HeHe Hehe he
    24. 24. Effective Marketing Campaign DevelopmentHe HeHe Hehe he
    25. 25. Get feedback for creating Successful ProductsHe HeHe Hehe he
    26. 26. To End Political DebatesHe HeHe Hehe he
    28. 28. INCENTIVISE & REWARD FansHe HeHe Hehe he
    30. 30. INCENTIVISE & REWARD FansHe HeHe Hehe he
    31. 31. Go Viral With Fan Interaction(‘Like’ Effect) When someone ‘Likes’ a page…He HeHe Hehe he
    32. 32. The Benefits of being ‘Liked’ …Their friends hear about it on their News Feeds!He HeHe Hehe he
    33. 33. The Benefits of being ‘Liked’ The average Facebook user has 130 friends*… that’s a lot of exposure for your page from just 1 click! He He He He he he*Source: Facebook
    34. 34. Go Viral – With every interactionfrom Fans• When Fans Interact with your EventsHe HeHe Hehe he
    35. 35. Events Pages• Remember, the average Facebook user has 130friends!He HeHe Hehe he
    36. 36. When Fans Answer QuestionsHe HeHe Hehe he
    37. 37. Even when people & Fansinteract with your websiteHe HeHe Hehe he
    38. 38. The interaction goes Viral!He HeHe Hehe he
    39. 39. Timeline 2011 •Understanding SM •Is it a hype? 2012 •Setup 2013 •Execution •Management •Part of your Marketing & Support HeHe Strategy HeHehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    40. 40. Embracing Social Media 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% Extensive Presence 50% Some Social Media Presence 40% No Social Media Presence 30% 20% 10% 0% 2010 2011 2012He HeHe Internal Research. Approximate %age Hehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    41. 41. 2013 Burning QUESTIONS?He HeHe Hehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    42. 42. 2013 How do we: •Increase Fans/ Followers/ Connections •Get Sales •Increase Customer Satisfaction HeHeHe He •Grow Businesshe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    43. 43. Answer It is NOT About: •Setting up Accounts, Welcome Page, Cover Photo, …….. •Posting Status Updates or offers •Spamming Newsfeeds He •Uploading PhotosHeHe Hehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    44. 44. It’s About Strategy Tactical Action Plan or Roadmap Sophisticated Setup- Apps Engagement- Stories in Newsfeed Attractive Campaigns- Go ViralHe HeHe Measurement He hehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd
    45. 45. It’s AboutHe HeHe Hehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    46. 46. Success Factor Features & Best Practices Social Plugins Recommendation plugin Social Graphs- Beyond Like (Cooked, Listened Actions)He He Open Graph ProtocolHe He Facepile pluginhe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    47. 47. Success Factor- Platform Policies,Promo guidelines, Branding T&C Page Policies Page Policies! Cover Photo T& CHe HeHe Hehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    48. 48. Success FactorAlgorithms, Workflow, Applications,Analytics EdgeRank Group DealHe HeHe Hehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    49. 49. Success Factor- Roadmaps 1 Status Update per Reach Reach day. No Offers or 300 600- 800 Sales Messages! Fans Fans Week 2 Week 8 Week 1 Week 6 Offer Strategy N E X THe He Launch Photo HeHe Voting Contesthe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he - 3rd party app
    50. 50. Developing Conversation Calendar + Creating & Posting regular status updates OCTOBER 2012Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat30 1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12 13Claim vanity RoadmapURL submission Customer Initiate collateral Approval design14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Share Prepare Status conversation updates once Prepare FB Ad Apply approved calendar conversation campaign to land tab apps calendar on the photo Apply approved approved voting contest collateral Initiate FB campaign Begin posting updates21 He 22 23 24 25 He 26 27 Email blast to Activate Ads Thank you Email 200 Fans winner He * Get ad approval database first of 200 Fans free He announcement 200 people Offer Photo contest offer to T on Facebook he begins database he
    51. 51. Success Factor- Setup as per Strategy. Change as per Roadmap Before becoming a fan After becoming a fanHe HeHe Hehe Maverick Mav Pty Ltd he
    52. 52. Success Factor IS YOUR WEBSITE Integrated?Maverick Mav Pty Ltd
    53. 53. The Benefits of being ‘Liked’ When someone ‘Likes’ a page…He HeHe Hehe he
    54. 54. The Benefits of being ‘Liked’ …Their friends hear about it on their News Feeds!He HeHe Hehe he
    55. 55. The Benefits of being ‘Liked’ The average Facebook user has 130 friends*… that’s a lot of exposure for your page from just 1 click! He He He He he he*Source: Facebook
    56. 56. The Benefits of a PageHe HeHe Hehe he
    57. 57. Profile vs. Page
    58. 58. Your Facebook Business Page • It is necessary to own a Profile in order to create a Business Page. However you must restrict your business activities to your Business Page. • It is against Facebook’s terms and conditions to run your business using your Profile, and Facebook may shut down your Profile if you use it for business purposes.He HeHe Hehe he
    59. 59. Profile-Page Relationship For example, if your name is ‘John Smith’ and you have a business called ‘Super Business Solutions’:He HeHe Hehe he
    60. 60. Have Multiple AdminsHe HeHe Hehe he
    61. 61. Admin RolesHe HeHe Hehe he
    62. 62. Profile-Page Relationship • Your Profile is not seen or directly interacted-with by your customers, and is not the ‘face’ of your business on Facebook. • Instead, is used for logging in to your Business Page, making updates and changing settings. • It is the Administrator of the Business Page.He HeHe Hehe he
    63. 63. Creating your Business’s Page Creating your Business’s PageHe HeHe Hehe he
    64. 64. Creating your Business’s Page Basic image of fan page/He HeHe Hehe he
    65. 65. 2. Your Facebook Business PageTIMELINE Basic image of fan page/He HeHe Hehe he
    66. 66. Taxonomy of your Page Basic image of fan page/He HeHe Hehe he
    67. 67. Taxonomy of your Page Basic image of fan page/He HeHe Hehe he
    68. 68. Cover Photo Basic image of fan page/He HeHe Hehe he
    69. 69. Cover Photo- Details This is the first image that anyone landing on your page will see •851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. Cover photo may not contain: -Price or purchase information, such as "40% off" or "Download it at our website" -Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Facebook Page About section -References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features HeHe -Calls to action, such as "Get it now" or "Tell your friends" HeHehe he
    70. 70. Cover Photo- Tip! Basic image of fan page/He HeHe Hehe he
    71. 71. Application IconsHe HeHe Hehe he Tip!- Hide ‘Likes’ Tab until you have large number of Fans
    72. 72. Application Icons •Icon Spec- (111x74 pixels) •Icon Change Page > Edit Info > Apps > Edit Settings > Change Icon (here youll upload an image). •Tip!- Put your landing tab as the first tab after the photos (Mouse over the tab icon in your admin panel, and select the second most tab after Photos to "Swap position with". •Tip!- Pin your call to action and include a link to your actualHelanding tab. To pin a status, (1) post your status, thenHe Mousel (2)Heover the status and in the upper right click "Pin to Top."Hehe he
    73. 73. Pinned Posts A Pinned post always appears in the top left of a Pages timeline and has a flag in its top-right corner.He He HeHe You can now ‘pin’ any post that you think is important. hehe Why?
    74. 74. Pinned Posts – The Pinned posts are very visible to anyone who lands on your page. -A Pinned post will remain on the top for 7 days. -Tip!- Direct people to your Landing Page Tab by Pinning a post – This pinned post should have a creatively designed image of your Offer. Since Landing Pages are designed with an Offer to entice the visitors to Like and become a Fan, it continues to be important that people should somehow be made to visit your Landing Page. A compelling ‘Pinned Post’ with a creative imagery can help achieve this objective.He HeHe Hehe he
    75. 75. Pinned PostsHe HeHe Hehe he
    76. 76. Milestones•Milestones are key moments youve decided to highlight on your Page• You can share with people the big events/ memorable moments/achievements/turningpoints in the life of your brand or company.•Milestones are automatically expanded to widescreen and are visible to everyone visitingyour Page.•Milestone photos display at 843 pixels wide and 403 pixels tall. At this time,January 1, 1000 is the earliest date a milestone can have.Tip! Using images and photos for Milestones of your brand or business make them moreshareable, memorable, noticeable and engaging. It is highly recommended that photos andcustom images be used for Milestones. Remember- Photos have a higher Edge Rank, whichmeans higher newsfeed visibility. To add a milestone: • Click on Milestone in the sharing tool at the top of your Pages timeline He • • Add a headline, location, date and details for your milestone Choose to add a photo He He 1. 2. Click Save From anywhere on your Pages timeline, scroll to a spot and click He he he
    77. 77. Building a good Info Page • Make sure the Info page is complete • Fill in as many fields as possibleHe HeHe Hehe he
    78. 78. Building a good Info Page • All fan page content is indexed by Google, so keep this in mind when writing text.He HeHe Hehe he
    79. 79. Building a good Info Page • I.e. make sure to include relevant keywords so the page is optimized for search engines • Google Keywords Tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternalHe HeHe Hehe he
    80. 80. Getting a Vanity URL • Ensure you get a Vanity URL: www.facebook.com/YourBusinessName • You can sign up for your Vanity URL here: http://www.facebook.com/username/He HeHe Hehe he
    81. 81. Getting a Vanity URLHe HeHe Hehe he
    82. 82. Promote it!He HeHe Hehe he
    83. 83. Custom Design – Fan-only Offers • Fan-only content Before becoming a fan After becoming a fanHe HeHe Hehe he
    84. 84. Step 1 – Getting those first fans • Turn your mailing list members into Facebook fans •If you have a sizable email list, you can potentially gain many new fans by sending an email with a CTA to visit and ‘Like’ your Facebook page • If you send regular email updates, add a link to your Facebook page in the email template (e.g. on a sidebar or at the bottom) HeHe • This way it can be included in every email youHe Hehe send he
    85. 85. Step 1 – Getting those first fans • Turn your mailing list members into Facebook fans •From the Admin Page, you can also invite your email contacts, invite friends, share your page and create an ad from the Build Audience drop-down menu.He HeHe Hehe he
    86. 86. Step 1 – Getting those first fansHe HeHe Hehe he
    87. 87. Step 1 – Getting those first fans• Turn your offline customers or clients intoFacebook fansHe HeHe Hehe he
    88. 88. Step 2 - Reaching the Friends ofyour Fans All of the following fan interactions have a viral effect – their friends will see! • Post content that fans will want to ‘Like’ • Post content that fans will want to ‘Share’ with their friends • Tag fans in photos • Provide Events and Questions for your fans toHe interact with HeHe Hehe More on these to come…. he
    89. 89. Step 3 – Turning those friendsinto more fans • Now that they’ve visited your page, you need them to click that ‘Like’ button to become a Fan…He HeHe Hehe he
    90. 90. Engaging with Fans andbusinesses • Facebook Pages now have the ability to LIKE other Pages and comment on them • Participating with fans in discussion on other pages can be beneficial • Caution! Do not post spammy, sales or abusive messages on other Pages as it may lead to your HeHeaccount getting bannedHe Hehe he
    91. 91. Engaging with other membersand businesses • Post new comments on community pages only • Don’t post comments on brand-owned, for-profit business pages • The owners of such pages can report you for spam, and get your Page in trouble or banned HeHe• Posting replies to existing comments on suchHe Hehe pages is OK he
    92. 92. Engaging with other membersand businesses • Informative, fun or useful comments may get many Likes and Replies, raising the prominence of your comment (and hence of your business page) • Genuine comments are appreciated, rather than direct advertising and sales talk • Don’t oversaturate: Make sure all posts are worthwhile and add value to customers.He HeHe Hehe he
    93. 93. Always Ask Questions • Ask questions (in your status updates) oftenHe HeHe Hehe he
    94. 94. Always Ask Questions • Questions incite a response – especially compelling ones • Why do you want responses? Because when a fan responds, their friends will see it on their News Feeds • In other words, there is a viral effect – which means more exposure for your brand or business!He HeHe Hehe he
    95. 95. Incite a response! • Posting content that incites a response is key. There are many creative ways this can be done • For example, Walmart frequently post ‘fill in the blank’-style updates, which incite many people to respondHe HeHe Hehe he
    96. 96. Incite a response! • Taking advantage of national holidays typically results in a very high rate of comments • E.g. Target on 4th July:He HeHe Hehe he
    97. 97. Incite a response! • Amazon received a high response on 4th July by using the Questions feature:He HeHe Hehe he
    98. 98. Incite a response! • Commenting on popular, newsworthy events:He He •He Sporting events work very well – remember, Hehe Australians love their sports! he
    99. 99. Take Advantage of EdgeRankHe HeHe Hehe he
    100. 100. EdgeRank – In Summary 1. Maximize affinity – by keeping your fans visiting and interacting regularly 2. Regularly post well-weighted content – Photos, Videos, and Links. Also note which type of content on your Page is getting interacted with the most, and post more of it. This content will have a higher weight. 3. Minimize the effects of time decay Heby –He making sure to keep your Page fresh.He Hehe he
    101. 101. Events Pages • Allows you to create and organize events for your fansHe HeHe Hehe he
    102. 102. Events Pages • The event is announced on your Business Page’s WallHe HeHe Hehe he
    103. 103. Events Pages• A fan can view the Event Page and RSVP…He HeHe Hehe he
    104. 104. Events Pages• The fan’s attendance is announced on their WallHe HeHe Hehe he
    105. 105. Events Pages• It is also announced on their friends’ News FeedsHe HeHe Hehe he
    106. 106. Events Pages• Remember, the average Facebook user has 140friends!He HeHe Hehe he
    107. 107. Events Pages • Not just for physical events – also very useful for announcing online sales, new product launches, promotions or webinars • Events pages can contain a lot of information among several fields – also searchable • Therefore you should include relevant keywords so the page is optimized for search enginesHe HeHe Hehe he
    108. 108. INSTALL CUSTOM TAB APPSA custom tab is, in the Facebook realm, an app. It’s theA custom tab is, in the Facebook realm, an app. It’s the equivalent of having a custom designed website. equivalent of having a custom designed website.
    109. 109. Install Custom Tab Apps Increasing: •Social Graph Effect – Stories about your brand •Fan base •Engagement •Sales
    110. 110. Incentivisation is keyHe HeHe Hehe he
    111. 111. Incentivisation is key Before Like After LikeHe HeHe Hehe he
    112. 112. Customised BusinessExperienceHe HeHe Hehe he
    113. 113. F- CommerceHe HeHe Hehe he
    114. 114. Store LocatorHe HeHe Hehe he
    115. 115. Multiple Store LocatorDisplay & Self Manage Multiple Store LocatorHe HeHe Hehe he
    116. 116. Real Estate AgentsCustom Experience for yourHe HeHe Hehe he
    117. 117. Display- Events, Trainings,WorkshopsHe HeHe Hehe he
    118. 118. RUN CONTESTS, QUIZ, GIVEAWAYSIf Content is King, Contest is Queen
    119. 119. RUN FACEBOOK CONTESTSContests on Facebook are a great way to build traffic quickly. Evenbetter, they can focus on a specific product, service or promotion that a business wants to promote. WHY? WHY? Facebook doesn’t Facebook doesn’t allow running allow running Create an Create an Benefit from fans nativeUsingany contests -- Using Benefit from fans nativetab any contests tab exciting story to exciting story to sharing your --UsingLike, Share, sharing your Using Like, Share, tell tell contest contest Comment as voting Comment as voting mechanism mechanism Doing these can Doing these can result in your page result in your page being reported being reported People Love People Love Stories are and banned! Stories are and banned! Rewards & Rewards & created when created when participating in participating in Fans participate Fans participate contests contests
    120. 120. Photo Contest- Before LikeHe HeHe Hehe he
    121. 121. Photo Contest- After LikeHe HeHe Hehe he
    122. 122. Photo Contest- Submit Photo & InviteFriendsHe HeHe Hehe he
    123. 123. Photo Contest- Before LikeHe HeHe Hehe he
    124. 124. Photo Contest- After LikeHe HeHe Hehe he
    125. 125. 6. Integrating Facebook with yourwebsite and online strategyHe HeHe Hehe he
    126. 126. FACEBOOK PLUG-INS Facebook plugins are small widgets you can add to your website to boost website and social traffic! Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook‘Like Us On ‘Like Us On Recommendations Recommendations ‘comment- ‘comment-Facebook’ Facebook’ plugin plugin box’ plug-in box’ plug-inplugin plugin Facebook Facebook Activity Plugin Activity Plugin
    127. 127. Linking to your Facebook page • Add a ‘Like’ button to your main website which links to your Facebook page, to allow visitors to easily join your community and share it with friends. • Consider putting Facebook (and other social media HeHelinks) in your website’s footerHe He •he Add www.wibiya.com he
    128. 128. Linking to your Facebook page • Consider offering incentives on your website for people who click through and like your Facebook page (e.g. ‘Like us and claim a free voucher’)He He Source: http://www.hellothemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/voucher.jpgHe Hehe he
    129. 129. Case Study – Levi’sHe HeHe Hehe he
    130. 130. LikeBoxes • Consider using a LikeBox (which displays a visitor’s friends who are already fans of the page) • Also provides a like button to become a fan yourselfHe HeHe Hehe he
    131. 131. LikeBoxes • LikeBoxes are a powerful way to show a visitor that both your site and Facebook page come recommended by people they trust • Easy to setup:He He HeHe developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/xhe he
    132. 132. The ‘Send’ Button • The ‘Send’ button can be embedded in your website, and used by visitors to quickly and easily recommend the page to friends they specify • Don’t forget the high value of a trusted recommendationHe HeHe Hehe he
    133. 133. The ‘Send’ Button • Visitors can choose to send it to their friends’ Facebook inboxes, to their email addresses, or even a combination:He HeHe Hehe he
    134. 134. 7. Using Facebook AdsHe HeHe He www.Facebook.com/Advertisinghe he
    135. 135. Facebook Ads • Facebook Ads allows you to create targeted advertisements for display to users on Facebook • These ads are displayed in a section of the right hand pane that appears in most areas of FacebookHe HeHe Hehe he
    136. 136. Hyper-targeting • The power of Facebook Ads lies in hyper- targeting extremely specific markets • Unlike Search Engine marketing (where ads are focused on the keywords that people search for), Facebook Ads are focused on the people themselves • This is determined by the attributes, personal details, interests and other information stored inHea person’s profile on Facebook HeHe Hehe he
    137. 137. Targeting by location • Ads can be targeted toward people that live in specific countries, states, or even cities • This is a powerful tool for targeting different geographical segments of your market – you can show different ads to people who live He inHedifferent areasHe Hehe he
    138. 138. Targeting by location • Radius targeting is also an option – targeting all people who live within a certain km distance of a chosen cityHe HeHe Hehe he
    139. 139. Targeting by Likes and Interests • Ads can also be targeted toward any interests that appear in a person’s profile – whether they are from the person’s Interests section, Favourite TV Shows, or even Job Titles etc • This is a powerful tool for targeting your ads at HeHepeople with particular interestsHe Hehe he
    140. 140. Other targeting options • Age • Gender • Relationship status • Spoken language • Education • Birthday • Workplace • Connection (to your business page)He HeHe Hehe he
    142. 142. Facebook Page InsightsHe HeHe Hehe he
    143. 143. Facebook Insights- Post DataHe HeHe Hehe he
    144. 144. Facebook Insights- Post DataHe HeHe Hehe he
    145. 145. Facebook Insights- LikesHe HeHe Hehe he
    146. 146. Facebook Insights- ReachHe HeHe Hehe he
    147. 147. Usage GuidelinesHe HeHe Hehe he
    148. 148. Usage Guidelines NOT ALLOWEDHe HeHe Hehe he
    149. 149. Promotions Guidelines•Promotions on Facebook must be administered within Apps on Facebook, either on aCanvas Page or an app on a Page Tab.•Promotions on Facebook must include the following:a. A complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant.•b. Acknowledgment that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administeredby, or associated with, Facebook.•c. Disclosure that the participant is providing information to [disclose recipient(s) ofinformation] and not to Facebook.•You must not use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registration orentry mechanism. For example, the act of liking a Page or checking in to a Place cannotautomatically register or enter a promotion participant.•You must not condition registration or entry upon the user taking any action using any HeFacebook features or functionality other than liking a Page, checking in to a Place, or Heconnecting to your app. For example, you must not condition registration or entry upon He Hethe user liking a Wall post, or commenting or uploading a photo on a Wall. he he
    150. 150. Promotions Guidelines•You must not use Facebook features or functionality, such as theLike button, as a voting mechanism for a promotion.•You must not notify winners through Facebook, such as throughFacebook messages, chat, or posts on profiles (timelines) or Pages.He HeHe Hehe he
    151. 151. Google AdWordsTM Questions?He HeHe Hehe he 151
    152. 152. Thank YouHe HeHe Hehe he 152