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Facebook marketing & growing your business through facebook apps


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Insight into Facebook Marketing and growing your business using Facebook Apps.
Created by Akash at Maverick Mav

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Facebook marketing & growing your business through facebook apps

  1. 1. HeHeheHeHehe 1All product and company names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective +61 433 343 120T: (Australia Wide):1300 618 418T(Intl): +61 2 8065 6758/AppsMavFacebook Marketing/MaverickMavOz
  2. 2. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav
  3. 3. HeHeheHeHeheProudSponsors ofSocial Media MarketingSponsorsRead Akash’sarticle onFacebookMarketingUnleash Facebook MarketingPotential - See VideoInternet & Social MediaMarketing PartnerMaverick Mav Credentials
  4. 4. HeHeheHeHehe 4Disclaimer• We have strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in thecreation of this presentation, notwithstanding the fact that we do notwarrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accuratedue to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.• While all attempts have been made to verify information provided inthis presentation, we assume no responsibility forerrors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matterherein. Audience is cautioned to rely on their own judgment abouttheir individual circumstances to act accordingly.• This presentation is not intended for use as a source oflegal, business, accounting or financial advice.• All product and company names mentioned herein are trademarks orregistered trademarks of their respective owners.
  5. 5. HeHeheHeHehe1. Introduction
  6. 6. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdWe as People & Businesses know other people &Businesses – 1st Degree Connections
  7. 7. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdThese 1st Degree Connections know other People &Businesses – 2nd Degree Connections1st Degree 2nd Degree
  8. 8. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdThrough Social Media Platforms1st Degree 2nd Degree
  9. 9. HeHeheHeHeheYour Business Presence withinyour Consumers world• Unlike a website, you are connected to yourcustomers and can interact with them on an ongoingbasis• Unlike a website, when customers interact with yourpage it is seen by their friends – Word of MOUSEmarketing
  10. 10. HeHeheHeHeheYour Business Presence withinyour Consumers world
  11. 11. HeHeheHeHeheDisplay & Self Manage Products from yourOnline Store (+ Get Social Media Viral Effect!)
  12. 12. HeHeheHeHeheCustom Experience for yourBusiness- Real Estate
  13. 13. HeHeheHeHeheCustom Design for your Business• Can embed Google Maps to show the location ofyour business or other important locations
  14. 14. HeHeheHeHeheDisplay & Self ManageEvents, Seminars, Courses (+ Get Social MediaViral Effect!)
  15. 15. HeHeheHeHeheDisplay & Self Manage Multiple Store Locator
  16. 16. HeHeheHeHeheThe PurposeLike · · Share
  17. 17. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdThrough Social Media Platforms1st Degree 2nd Degree
  18. 18. HeHeheHeHeheGo Viral With Fan Interaction(‘Like’ Effect)When someone ‘Likes’ a page…
  19. 19. HeHeheHeHeheThe Benefits of being ‘Liked’…Their friends hear about it on their News Feeds!
  20. 20. HeHeheHeHeheThe Benefits of being ‘Liked’The average Facebook user has 130 friends*… that’sa lot of exposure for your page from just 1 click!*Source: Facebook
  21. 21. HeHeheHeHeheGo Viral – With every interactionfrom Fans• When Fans Interact with your Events
  22. 22. HeHeheHeHeheEvents Pages• Remember, the average Facebook user has 140friends!
  23. 23. HeHeheHeHeheWhen Fans Answer Questions
  24. 24. HeHeheHeHeheEven when people & Fansinteract with your website
  25. 25. HeHeheHeHeheThe interaction goes Viral!
  26. 26. HeHeheHeHeheThe Benefits of a Page
  27. 27. HeHeheHeHeheKey Triggers-Like, Share, Comment•Content•Contest (Promotions,Offers, Giveaways,Incentivisation)•Comic•Ads
  28. 28. HeHeheHeHeheRun Group / Flash Deals
  29. 29. HeHeheHeHeheRun Contests, Promotions (+Go Viral!)
  30. 30. HeHeheHeHeheRun Contests, Promotions (+Go Viral!)
  32. 32. HeHeheHeHeheINCENTIVISE & REWARD Fans
  33. 33. HeHeheHeHeheEffective Marketing Campaign Development
  34. 34. HeHeheHeHeheGet feedback for creating Successful Products
  35. 35. HeHeheHeHeheTo End Political Debates
  36. 36. HeHeheHeHeheKey Triggers- Like, Share,Comment•Content•Contest (Promotions,Offers, Giveaways,Incentivisation)•Comic•Ads
  37. 37. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty Ltd2013BurningQUESTIONS?
  38. 38. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty Ltd2013How do we:•Increase Fans/ Followers/Connections•Get Sales•Increase Customer Satisfaction•Grow Business
  39. 39. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdAnswerIt is NOT About:•Setting up Accounts, Welcome Page,Cover Photo, ……..•Posting Status Updates or offers•Spamming Newsfeeds•Uploading Photos
  40. 40. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdIt’s AboutStrategyTactical Action Plan or RoadmapSophisticated Setup- AppsEngagement- Stories in NewsfeedAttractive Campaigns- Go ViralMeasurement
  41. 41. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdIt’s About
  42. 42. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdFeatures & Best PracticesSocial Graphs- BeyondLike (Cooked, ListenedActions)Social PluginsRecommendationpluginFacepile pluginOpen Graph ProtocolSuccess Factor
  43. 43. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdPage PoliciesPage Policies! Cover PhotoT& CSuccess Factor- Platform Policies,Promo guidelines, Branding T&C
  44. 44. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdPromotion GuidelinesDon’t Get Your Page Banned!
  45. 45. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdIt’s AboutFirst 10 people to comment on this post win tickets.Press Like on this comment to go into a draw towin a prize.Upload a photo to our wall to enter and win!Tag yourself in this photo and win tickets.25th fan will win a slab of beer!
  46. 46. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdAlgorithms, Workflow, Applications,AnalyticsEdgeRankGroup DealSuccess Factor
  47. 47. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdWeek 6Week 1Week 2 Week 8Reach600- 800FansNEXTLaunch PhotoVoting Contest- 3rd party appOfferStrategyReach300Fans1 Status Update perday. No Offers orSales Messages!Success Factor- Roadmaps
  48. 48. HeHeheHeHeheDeveloping Conversation Calendar +Creating & Posting regular statusupdates*OCTOBER 2012Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat30 1 2 3 4 5 67Claim vanityURL8 9 10Roadmapsubmission11CustomerApproval12Initiate collateraldesign1314 15Shareconversationcalendar16Prepare Statusupdates onceconversationcalendarapproved17 18Prepare FB Adcampaign toland on thephoto votingcontest19Apply approvedtab appsApply approvedcollateralInitiate FBcampaignBegin postingupdates2021 22Get ad approval23Email blast todatabase first200 people Offer24Activate AdsPhoto contestbegins25Thank you Emailof 200 Fans freeoffer to Tdatabase26 27200 Fans winnerannouncementon Facebook
  49. 49. HeHeheHeHeheMaverick Mav Pty LtdAfter becoming a fanBefore becoming a fanSuccess Factor- Setup as per Strategy. Change asper Roadmap
  50. 50. Profile vs. Page
  51. 51. HeHeheHeHeheYour Facebook Business Page• It is necessary to own a Profile in order to create aBusiness Page. However you must restrict yourbusiness activities to your Business Page.• It is against Facebook’s terms and conditions torun your business using your Profile, and Facebookmay shut down your Profile if you use it for businesspurposes.
  52. 52. HeHeheHeHeheProfile-Page RelationshipFor example, if your name is ‘John Smith’ andyou have a business called ‘Super BusinessSolutions’:
  53. 53. HeHeheHeHeheHave Multiple Admins
  54. 54. HeHeheHeHeheAdmin Roles
  55. 55. HeHeheHeHeheProfile-Page Relationship• Your Profile is not seen or directly interacted-withby your customers, and is not the ‘face’ of yourbusiness on Facebook.• Instead, is used for logging in to your BusinessPage, making updates and changing settings.• It is the Administrator of the Business Page.
  56. 56. HeHeheHeHeheCreating your Business’s PageCreating your Business’s PageCreating your Business’s Page
  57. 57. HeHeheHeHeheCreating your Business’s PageBasic image of fan page/
  58. 58. HeHeheHeHehe2. Your Facebook Business PageTIMELINEBasic image of fan page/
  59. 59. HeHeheHeHeheTaxonomy of your PageBasic image of fan page/
  60. 60. HeHeheHeHeheTaxonomy of your PageBasic image of fan page/
  61. 61. HeHeheHeHeheCover PhotoBasic image of fan page/
  62. 62. HeHeheHeHeheCover Photo- DetailsThis is the first image that anyone landing on your page will seeRegularly Change it to promote currentoffers, specials, launches, etc.•851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.Cover photo may not contain more than 20% Text
  63. 63. HeHeheHeHehePinned PostsA Pinned post always appears in the top left of a Pagestimeline and has a flag in its top-right corner.You can now ‘pin’ any post that you think is important.Why?
  64. 64. HeHeheHeHehePinned Posts– The Pinned posts are very visible to anyone who lands on your page.-A Pinned post will remain on the top for 7 days.-Tip!- Direct people to your Landing Page Tab by Pinning a post – Thispinned post should have a creatively designed image of your Offer.Since Landing Pages are designed with an Offer to entice the visitorsto Like and become a Fan, it continues to be important that peopleshould somehow be made to visit your Landing Page. A compelling‘Pinned Post’ with a creative imagery can help achieve this objective.
  65. 65. HeHeheHeHehePinned Posts
  66. 66. HeHeheHeHeheBuilding a good Info Page• Make surethe Info pageis complete• Fill in as manyfields aspossible
  67. 67. HeHeheHeHeheBuilding a good Info Page• I.e. make sure to include relevant keywords sothe page is optimized for search engines• Google Keywords Tool:
  68. 68. HeHeheHeHeheGetting a Vanity URL• Ensure you get a Vanity• You can sign up for your Vanity URL here:
  69. 69. HeHeheHeHeheGetting a Vanity URL
  70. 70. HeHeheHeHehePromote it!
  71. 71. HeHeheHeHeheStep 1 – Getting those first fans• Turn your mailing list members into Facebookfans•If you have a sizable email list, you can potentiallygain many new fans by sending an email with aCTA to visit and ‘Like’ your Facebook page• If you send regular email updates, add a link toyour Facebook page in the email template (e.g.on a sidebar or at the bottom)• This way it can be included in every email yousend
  72. 72. HeHeheHeHeheStep 1 – Getting those first fans• Turn your mailing list members into Facebookfans•From the Admin Page, you can also invite your emailcontacts, invite friends, share your page and create anad from the Build Audience drop-down menu.
  73. 73. HeHeheHeHeheStep 1 – Getting those first fans
  74. 74. HeHeheHeHeheStep 1 – Getting those first fans• Turn your offline customers or clients intoFacebook fans
  75. 75. HeHeheHeHeheStep 2 - Reaching the Friends ofyour FansAll of the following fan interactions have a viraleffect – their friends will see!• Post content that fans will want to ‘Like’• Post content that fans will want to ‘Share’ withtheir friends• Tag fans in photos• Provide Events and Questions for your fans tointeract withMore on these to come….
  76. 76. HeHeheHeHeheStep 3 – Turning those friendsinto more fans• Now that they’ve visited your page, you need themto click that ‘Like’ button to become a Fan…
  77. 77. HeHeheHeHeheEngaging with other membersand businesses• Informative, fun or useful comments may getmany Likes and Replies, raising the prominence ofyour comment (and hence of your business page)• Genuine comments are appreciated, rather thandirect advertising and sales talk• Don’t oversaturate: Make sure all posts areworthwhile and add value to customers.
  78. 78. HeHeheHeHeheAlways Ask Questions• Ask questions (in your status updates) often
  79. 79. HeHeheHeHeheAlways Ask Questions• Questions incite a response – especiallycompelling ones• Why do you want responses? Because when afan responds, their friends will see it on theirNews Feeds• In other words, there is a viral effect – whichmeans more exposure for your brand or business!
  80. 80. HeHeheHeHeheIncite a response!• Posting content that incites a response is key.There are many creative ways this can be done• For example, Walmart frequently post ‘fill in theblank’-style updates, which incite many people torespond
  81. 81. HeHeheHeHeheIncite a response!• Taking advantage of national holidays typicallyresults in a very high rate of comments• E.g. Target on 4th July:
  82. 82. HeHeheHeHeheIncite a response!• Amazon received a high response on 4th July byusing the Questions feature:
  83. 83. HeHeheHeHeheIncite a response!• Commenting on popular, newsworthy events:• Sporting events work very well –remember, Australians love their sports!
  84. 84. INSTALL CUSTOM TAB APPSA custom tab is, in the Facebook realm, an app. It’s theequivalent of having a custom designed website.
  85. 85. RUN CONTESTS, QUIZ,GIVEAWAYSIf Content is King, Contest isQueen
  86. 86. HeHeheHeHehePhoto Contest- Before Like
  87. 87. HeHeheHeHehePhoto Contest- After Like
  88. 88. HeHeheHeHehePhoto Contest- Submit Photo & InviteFriends
  89. 89. HeHeheHeHehePhoto Contest- Before Like
  90. 90. HeHeheHeHehePhoto Contest- After Like
  91. 91. HeHeheHeHeheFacebook Ads• Facebook Ads allows you to create targetedadvertisements for display to users on Facebook• These ads are displayed in a section of the righthand pane that appears in most areas of Facebook
  92. 92. HeHeheHeHeheHyper-targeting• The power of Facebook Ads lies in hyper-targeting extremely specific markets• Unlike Search Engine marketing (where ads arefocused on the keywords that people searchfor), Facebook Ads are focused on the peoplethemselves• This is determined by the attributes, personaldetails, interests and other information stored ina person’s profile on Facebook
  93. 93. HeHeheHeHeheTargeting by location• Ads can be targeted toward people that live inspecific countries, states, or even cities• This is a powerful tool for targeting differentgeographical segments of your market – youcan show different ads to people who live indifferent areas
  94. 94. HeHeheHeHeheTargeting by location• Radius targeting is also an option – targetingall people who live within a certain km distanceof a chosen city
  95. 95. HeHeheHeHeheTargeting by Likes and Interests• Ads can also be targeted toward any intereststhat appear in a person’s profile – whether they arefrom the person’s Interests section, Favourite TVShows, or even Job Titles etc• This is a powerful tool for targeting your ads atpeople with particular interests
  96. 96. HeHeheHeHeheOther targeting options• Age• Gender• Relationship status• Spoken language• Education• Birthday• Workplace• Connection (to your business page)
  98. 98. HeHeheHeHeheFacebook Page Insights
  99. 99. HeHeheHeHeheFacebook Insights- Post Data
  100. 100. HeHeheHeHehe 100Thank You