Facebook Marketing for Small Business Development Conference


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A simple but handy guide for small businesses on how Facebook can be utilised effectively to promote your business, connect with your customers and generate revenue.

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  • Facebook Marketing for Small Business Development Conference

    1. 1. Why & HOW ? He He He He he1 he
    2. 2. Greatly broaden your brand’sexposure – Fish where the Fish are • Currently Circa 1 Billion!! Facebook users worldwide • Users spend more time on Facebook each month than any other website – more than Google, Youtube, Yahoo etc • Over 11 million Australian users • Almost 7 million of those check Facebook HeHe daily…He Hehe he
    3. 3. Profile vs. PageHe HeHe Hehe he
    4. 4. Profile-Page Relationship For example, if your name is ‘John Smith’ and you have a business called ‘Super Business Solutions’:He HeHe Hehe he
    5. 5. Profile-Page Relationship • It is necessary to own a Profile in order to create a Business Page. However you must restrict your business activities to your Business Page.He HeHe Hehe he
    6. 6. Creating your Business’s Page Creating your Business’s PageHe HeHe Hehe he
    7. 7. TIP!• Have Multiple Profiles as Admins to Your PageHe HeHe Hehe he
    8. 8. Profile Business Page  FansHe HeHe Hehe he
    9. 9. TIMELINE Basic image of fan page/He HeHe Hehe he
    10. 10. Reserve your Business Name • Ensure you get a Vanity URL: www.facebook.com/YourBusinessName • You can sign up for your Vanity URL here: http://www.facebook.com/username/He HeHe Hehe he
    11. 11. Getting a Vanity URLHe HeHe Hehe he
    12. 12. Promote your ‘Domain Name’on FacebookHe HeHe Hehe he
    13. 13. Your Business Presence withinyour Consumers world • Unlike a website, you are connected to your customers and can interact with them on an ongoing basis • Unlike a website, when customers interact with your page it is seen by their friends – Word of MOUSE marketingHe HeHe Hehe he
    14. 14. Your Business Presence withinyour Consumers worldHe HeHe Hehe he
    15. 15. Custom Design / Experience foryour BusinessHe HeHe Hehe he
    16. 16. Custom Experience for yourBusiness- Real EstateHe HeHe Hehe he
    17. 17. Custom Design for your Business• Can embed Google Maps to show the location ofyour business or other important locationsHe HeHe Hehe he
    18. 18. Display & Self Manage Products from yourOnline Store (+ Get Social Media Viral Effect!)He HeHe Hehe he
    19. 19. Display & Self Manage Events, Seminars,Courses (+ Get Social Media Viral Effect!)He HeHe Hehe he
    20. 20. Display & Self Manage Multiple Store LocatorHe HeHe Hehe he
    21. 21. TIP!- Create Custom Tabs -To showcase Products & Services. - To provide Segmented Experience -To provide offers so that they are enticed to ‘Like’ your Page Engage Social Media Marketing Company Use 3rd Part Facebook Apps Developers- Self ManageHe HeHe Hehe he
    22. 22. Go Viral With Fan Interaction(‘Like’ Effect) When someone ‘Likes’ a page…He HeHe Hehe he
    23. 23. The Benefits of being ‘Liked’ …Their friends hear about it on their News Feeds!He HeHe Hehe he
    24. 24. The Benefits of being ‘Liked’ The average Facebook user has 130 friends*… that’s a lot of exposure for your page from just 1 click! He He He He he he*Source: Facebook
    25. 25. Go Viral – With every interactionfrom Fans• When Fans Interact with your EventsHe HeHe Hehe he
    26. 26. Events Pages• Remember, the average Facebook user has 130friends!He HeHe Hehe he
    27. 27. When Fans Answer QuestionsHe HeHe Hehe he
    28. 28. TIP!- Ask Customers About why theylike existing products & LeverageHe HeHe Hehe he
    29. 29. TIP!- Get feedback for creating SuccessfulProductsHe HeHe Hehe he
    30. 30. To End Political DebatesHe HeHe Hehe he
    31. 31. TIP! Effective Marketing CampaignDevelopment (Fan Generated Content)He HeHe Hehe he
    32. 32. INCENTIVISE / Reward Fans to‘Like’ Your PageHe HeHe Hehe he
    33. 33. INCENTIVISE TO CONNECT TOYOUR BRAND Before Like After LikeHe HeHe Hehe he
    34. 34. Run Contests, Promotions (+Go Viral!)He HeHe Hehe he
    35. 35. Photo Voting Contest Facebook Ads NEXTHe HeHe Hehe he
    36. 36. Integrate Facebook Plugins inyour websiteHe HeHe Hehe he
    37. 37. The interaction goes Viral!He HeHe Hehe he
    38. 38. Success Factor- Roadmap After Setup Completed1 Status Update per Reachday. No Offers or 300 Fans ReachSales Messages! 600- 800 Fans Week 2 Week 8Week 1 Week 6OfferStrategy N E X THe He Launch PhotoHe He Voting Contesthe he - 3rd party app
    39. 39. Developing Conversation Calendar + Creating & Posting regular status updates OCTOBER 2012Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat30 1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12 13Claim vanity RoadmapURL submission Customer Initiate collateral Approval design14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Share Prepare Status conversation updates once Prepare FB Ad Apply approved calendar conversation campaign to land tab apps calendar on the photo Apply approved approved voting contest collateral Initiate FB campaign Begin posting updates21 He 22 23 24 25 He 26 27 Email blast to Activate Ads Thank you Email 200 Fans winner He * Get ad approval database first of 200 Fans free He announcement 200 people Offer Photo contest offer to T on Facebook he begins database he
    40. 40. Get Your Business on FacebookTODAY!Thank YouHe HeHe Hehe he 40