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1000 Facebook Fans in 72 Hours - LivingStyles - Case Study


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1000 Facebook Fans in 72 Hours - LivingStyles - Case Study

  1. 1. A Facebook Marketing Case Study – ForLivingStyles.Com.Au 1000 fans in under 72 in under 72 hours hours By Maverick Mav Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav
  2. 2. is an online private retail sales club specialising in top quality home furnishings for customers with a taste for the latest and best designs. Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav2
  3. 3. Gain Fans through Incentivisation Free Stickers Promo Objectives Upon establishing LivingStyles’ Facebook presence, it was essential to build a fan-base to appreciate the LivingStyles product range and appreciate the carefully curated page content, organically. Our objective was also to direct existing customers to engage with the brand on Facebook. And, generate News Stories onto their Friends’ newsfeeds. Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav3
  4. 4. The Strategy! The activity invited users to like the page and submit their details to us, in order to win 4 Fun Family Stickers, worth $20 total. Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav4
  5. 5. Implementation A newsletter was sent to all existing LivingStyles customers with announcing a ‘Fan Only’ Offer Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav5
  6. 6. Implementation Additionally, a specially designed pinned post was published on the page announcing the offer Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav6
  7. 7. Implementation A fan-gated application was created that required users to ‘Like’ the page in order to participate and claim the free stickers Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav7
  8. 8. Implementation Upon liking the page, users would proceed to a submission form requesting their details Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav8
  9. 9. Implementation These submitted details were then auto- forwarded to the Maverick Mav emailing system – which would then collate a list of these users Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav9
  10. 10. Implementation Once the details are submitted, user is sent an acknowledgement email including their coupon code. This coupon code could then be used to claim their free 4 stickers out of the 70 designs available on the website. Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav10
  11. 11. RESULTS – First 72 Hours Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav11
  12. 12. Ready to realize the full potential of Online & SocialThank You Media Marketing? Contact Us T: 1300 618 418 Facebook Business Apps: Copyright © 2012 Maverick Mav