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Why Smart Investors Should Avoid Traditional Real Estate Agents


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A comparison study between traditional agents and investment property specialists are done in this document and this also gives some reasons why Smart Investors Should Avoid Traditional Real Estate Agents.

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Why Smart Investors Should Avoid Traditional Real Estate Agents

  1. 1. Why Smart Investors Should Avoid Traditional Real Estate Agents While buying a primary residence and investing in real estate both involve the purchase of property, that’s where the similarities end. Buying a primary home and buying rental property are entirely different animals, and relying on traditional agents (trained to help buyers find their dream home) to help you find investment property is like going to a dentist for bronchitis. Many real estate investors who rely upon traditional real estate agents to find investment property for them end up with underperforming properties. This is for a few reasons: 1) The factors necessary to identify a solid real estate investment are entirely different than those involved in selecting a primary home, and most traditional agents are not investment property specialists. 2) Almost all traditional agents are transactional salespeople that have just one market to offer their clients. As a result, that local agent needs to “sell” the advantages of their local market at all times (even at disadvantageous points in the property cycle) and cannot offer real estate investors access to more advantageous markets. 3) Traditional real estate agents are usually limited to properties listed on the MLS. In many cases, the very best distressed or otherwise price-advantaged properties never make it to the MLS, as they are bought up by private real estate investment firms before ever being listed. Accordingly, traditional agents usually do not get access to the best investment properties. Maverick Investor Group is a licensed real estate brokerage that serves individual real estate investors exclusively. Maverick was founded by real estate investors for the express purpose of overcoming the hazards of working with traditional agents. Maverick is run by investment property specialists who identify the best real estate markets (which change over time) and monitor which markets are most advantageous for investors at different points in the property cycle. This is a dynamic process and it is predicated on long-term relationships with our clients that enable them to build wealth through real estate over time and across markets. Maverick provides our clients with access to private buying opportunities for properties that are not listed on the MLS and not available to the public. This is the good stuff that most individual investors cannot access. We enable our clients to buy turn-key properties that are either new or
  2. 2. fully renovated and already have tenants and local property management in place. This enables our clients to buy in the best real estate markets regardless of where they live and have your property professionally managed so you get the benefits of owning freehold real estate but you don’t have to be a landlord. Maverick Investor Group specializes in helping both foreign and domestic investors buy unlisted turnkey investment property in the most investor-advantaged markets. Our vision is to radically improve people’s lives through real estate. For more information visit " © Copyright Maverick Investor Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved