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Making a “Real” Real estate investment


Published on -Why Deeded Property is much more Advantageous than Securitized Real Estate Investments.

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Making a “Real” Real estate investment

  1. 1. Making a “Real” Real Estate Investment: Why Deeded Property is much more Advantageous than Securitized Real Estate Investments © Maverick Investor Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. OVERVIEW The resurgence of the housing market is creating a unique opportunity for buying rental property at the beginning of a growth cycle. While traditional financial advisors will likely try to steer you into buying real-estate-backed securities (such as REITs), be sure you don‟t fall into that trap! Buying securities benefits your broker but you are the one that loses the tax benefits and other advantages of owning deeded, freehold real property. Maverick Investor Group helps investors buy turnkey property in the best real estate markets, so you can own hard assets outright, remain in control, and reap the full benefits of owning residential investment property. © Maverick Investor Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Don‟t Gamble on Securitized Real Estate Investments If you want to take advantage of the real estate market, traditional financial advisors may try to convince you to buy either Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) or stock in a home building companies. Both are securitized paper assets that you do not directly control. © Maverick Investor Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Who Really Benefits When You Buy Securitized Real Estate Your financial planner or stock broker make a commission from Investments? buy. the securitized assets they convince you to They do NOT, however, make a commission when you buy deeded freehold real property. And, such a purchase would also take money away from what your financial planer currently has under management. Hence, they usually try to talk you out of buying freehold real estate at all costs. Do you see the financial incentive structure at play here? © Maverick Investor Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Benefits of Owning Freehold Rental Passive Residual Controlling Hard Tax Benefits Properties If you buyIncome rent right, the from your property should cover your monthly expenses (taxes, insurance, property management, etc.) and then have a stream of „cash flow‟ on top of that which flows to you every month. Residential Investment Property is one of the most tax-advantaged assets in the U.S. The government provides extraordinary tax benefits to incentivize you to purchase this asset. Those same benefits are NOT available with securities. When you give your money Assets to someone else to invest, you run the risk of it disappearing (either at the hands of an amateur or a crook). Owning hard assets outright puts you in control. It is pretty hard for a house to disappear overnight. © Maverick Investor Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Hedge Against Inflation One of the main reasons so many wealthy people hold a large portion of their wealth in freehold investment property is because it is one of the only assets that is indexed to inflation. Home prices rise with inflation, as do rents (which you typically raise each year with the lease renewal). This is one of the few assets that has the ability to not only be profitable, but also to protect your wealth from inflation. © Maverick Investor Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Finding the Right The truth is that MOST properties are NOT a Property in U.S. real good investment. When investing estate, it is important to find properties that are: • In the right market, based on economic indicators as well as position in the property cycle. • In a desirable area so you have rental demand as well as an exit strategy when you want to sell. • Producing cash flow from day 1, so you are not the one holding the property without rent while it is renovated, leased, etc. © Maverick Investor Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. How Maverick Can Help Maverick Investor Group helps you buy performing properties in the best real estate markets regardless of where you live. We do that by: - Using nationwide data to find the very best real estate investment opportunities. - Providing you private access to unlisted turn-key real estate--new or fully-renovated properties with tenants and local property management in place. - Introducing you to home inspectors, accountants, attorneys and other professionals that can add value and further help you to meet your real estate investing goals. © Maverick Investor Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. About Maverick Investor Group Maverick Investor Group was founded by real estate investors for real estate investors. We provide private access to performing off-market properties in the best real estate markets. Maverick helps our clients control their own financial future by building portfolios of cash-flowing investment properties over time and across markets. To learn more, visit © Maverick Investor Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.