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How to Develop the Right Tax Strategy and Asset Protection Plan for Your Real Estate Investments


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Finding the right tax and legal advisors is important for real estate investors in order to maximize their tax benefits and protect their assets.

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How to Develop the Right Tax Strategy and Asset Protection Plan for Your Real Estate Investments

  1. 1. How to Develop the Right Tax Strategy and Asset Protection Plan for Your Real Estate Investments Failing to develop a pre-emptive tax strategy and asset protection plan can take a huge chunk out of your real estate investment income. As you begin your real estate investing journey, it is imperative to consult with tax and legal professionals to ensure you are maximizing your tax benefits and minimizing your legal liabilities. Doing this properly can dramatically accelerate your wealth building velocity. Maverick Investor Group helps connect our real estate investor clients with the tax and legal professionals who can help them not just make, but keep, as much money as legally possible. Introducing our clients to top industry experts who specialize in serving real estate investors in the asset protection and tax strategy arenas is part of the many services we provide to the Maverick community. Tax and legal advisers who specialize in serving real estate investors can help you: • Form the right entity structures for holding your investment properties both to maximize tax benefits and reduce legal liability. • Select the right state to form the entity. U.S. states have very different laws and some states are much more advantageous than others. Knowing where to form an entity can be as important as knowing how to form the entity. • Ensure you are maximizing all of your tax benefits, such as depreciation, and taking all of your deductions the right way so that you keep as much money as legally possible. • Prepare tax documents annually and ensure they are filed properly. If you’re a Non-U.S. Resident, the need for proper tax planning when investing in U.S. real estate is essential. U.S. law can require foreign real estate investors to pay up to 10% of their gross sale price on properties and a whopping 30% of gross rental receipts in taxes. The right
  2. 2. legal and tax professionals can help you reduce this tax liability substantially, set up the right entity, submit the proper filings, and more. By working with Maverick Investor Group, U.S. and foreign real estate investors can gain access to qualified, experienced tax and legal experts who will work to lower your exposure to legal liability and maximize your tax benefits. This is just one of the many services Maverick provides to our clients to help you get the most out of your real estate investments. About Maverick Investor Group Maverick Investor Group specializes in helping real estate investors buy performing rental properties in the best real estate markets. We leverage the collective buying power of our community to get you access to off-market properties that are not available through traditional real estate agents and not available to the general public. For more information visit us at: Or Call: 702-940-6568