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How Smart Real Estate Investors Avoid Being a Landlord


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This article discuss about the factors you should know before investing to real estate business and the main focus is on how hiring a professional property management company can actually save money and time.

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How Smart Real Estate Investors Avoid Being a Landlord

  1. 1. How Smart Real Estate Investors Avoid Being a Landlord Investors in Apple don’t stop by the company’s plant to take out the trash or repair a leaky faucet, so why would real estate investors spend time unclogging toilets, taking care of repairs and dealing with late rental payments? Investments are supposed to work for you, not the other way around. That’s why even though you are buying real property (a hard asset, not a paper asset) you want to be sure you are acting as a “real estate investor” and not a “landlord.” Many people end up acting as landlords because they believe doing the work themselves will save them money. However, when you analyze the amount of time you put into doing the work yourself versus paying a professional property management company to do it for you, you quickly realize that you’re working for very low wages. Instead of spending time taking late night tenant calls and coordinating repairs, smart investors instead spend that time on high value activities, such as pursuing the next real estate investment or simply relaxing with their families and enjoying life. At Maverick Investor Group, our clients are investing in real estate for a reason....because it is a powerful vehicle that enables them to recapture their time (the most precious resource of all) and design their lifestyle. Maverick provides our clients the opportunity to buy “turn-key real estate”--new or fully-renovated rental property that already has tenants in place. These properties also come with a full service local property management option in place so our clients can avoid the time-consuming hassles of being a landlord. Buying turn-key real estate provides our clients with a number of advantages. For starters, when you buy a “performing property” that means that your revenue stream begins the day you close. This way, there is no initial vacancy period so you avoid losing income while waiting on a tenant to rent the property. Also, because a tenant is already in place, you know exactly how much rent the property is “actually” bringing in so you don’t have to “guesstimate” what you hope it will generate. Maverick helps our clients build portfolios of turn-key investment property over time and across markets. While there are fees for professional property management services, we help Maverick
  2. 2. clients factors these costs into their investment analysis when evaluating each opportunity. Having property management in place on each property (and avoiding the “landlord trap”) enables our clients can scale their real estate investing and build portfolios that generate steadily increasing streams of passive residual income. The current real estate expansion cycle is a unique historical moment to begin investing in real estate....or to accelerate your acquisitions. The market is aggressively rebounding from a massive over-correction and opportunities abound for smart real estate investors to snatch up undervalued properties that cash flow. Maverick not only provides market research to our clients, but also provides access to private buying opportunities for turn-key properties in investor-advantaged markets that are not available to the public. Maverick Investor Group is run by investment property specialists and serves individual real estate investors exclusively. Our vision is to radically improve peoples’ lives through real estate. We do this by helping both foreign and domestic investors build cash-flowing portfolios of turn- key real estate in investor-advantaged markets. Visit us today at