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How and why to retire on cash flow properties

Benefits from traditional retirement planning and taking a look at the traditional approach to retirement planning and how there are other options available.

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How and why to retire on cash flow properties

  1. 1. how and why to retire onhow and why to retire on cash flow properties:cash flow properties: DISRUPTING conventionalDISRUPTING conventional wisdomwisdom
  2. 2. Who Really Benefits fromWho Really Benefits from Traditional “Retirement Planning”Traditional “Retirement Planning” Advice?Advice?  A very expensive mistake that many people make is failing to challenge the assumptions underlying traditional “retirement planning” advice pedaled by the financial planning industry. When strategies for retirement planning are packaged and presented to us by our financial advisor, we often take them as conventional wisdom and fail to question the interests that underly the advice being given to us. We presume it is in our interest because someone else in an ‘authority position’ told us it was. To ensure we do not become just another sheep, we need to start independently evaluating the advice we receive to determine whose interest it really serves.
  3. 3. A Closer Look at theA Closer Look at the Traditional Approach toTraditional Approach to Retirement PlanningRetirement Planning Let’s take a look at what the Traditional Approach tells us to do: •Work hard at your job •Save Money •Contribute to your employers 401k plan •Diversify your portfolio •Build up a “nest egg” so that you can retire at age 65 on less money than you make now •Believe this is the only way and do not deviate from the steps outlined above Most people approach retirement with this method, but few actually achieve it. And if you do achieve it, that means you worked your whole life only to retire to a downgraded lifestyle on less money than you make now. Not very inspiring....and yet, most people pursue it anyways.
  4. 4. The Traditional Approach isThe Traditional Approach is NotNot Designed ForDesigned For YourYour BenefitBenefit  Why is the Traditional Approach to retirement continually promoted to us? Well, let’s take a quick look…Bankers, financial planners and the huge companies for whom they work are incentivized to sell you particular financial products. These products are made to look as though they are for your benefit but take a closer look at some of these concepts. SAVING: Bankers are incentivized to convince you to “save” money because the more money a bank has (paying you a low interest rate), the more they can lend out to others (at a high interest rate) and make a profit on the margin. STOCKS, MUTUAL FUNDS and YOUR EMPLOYER’S 401K PLAN: Financial planners are sales people. Remember that. They typically get paid per trade or with an annual fee based on the amount of money under management. They are financially incentivized to get as much of your money under management as possible and to convince you to invest it in particular financial products. They usually make the same amount of money whether your portfolio does well or poorly so their incentivize is NOT to make YOU money, but simply to get you to save up and put more money under their management. THE “NEST EGG” PHILOSOPHY The idea of “building a nest egg” encourages you to give more and more money to these financial planners. This “nest egg” philosophy basically means amassing a finite sum of money before you retire, and then hoping you die before it runs out! Not very appealing to about you?
  5. 5. The Myth of Diversifying YourThe Myth of Diversifying Your PortfolioPortfolio  Nothing says “diversifying” better than limited options… Rarely will you see a financial planner suggest investing in multiple asset classes. When recommending that you “diversify your portfolio“ they’ll usually suggest that you chose between the various mutual funds and packages that their institution offers, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one that suggests that you buy deeded, freehold investment properties. Why is that, you wonder? Simple: Buying rental property doesn’t make your financial planner a commission.
  6. 6. There IS Another Way!There IS Another Way!  Now that you have an informed critique of the Traditional Approach, let’s take a look the other opportunities that your financial advisor does NOT want you to know about....
  7. 7. Investing in Real Estate to AccelerateInvesting in Real Estate to Accelerate Your Wealth Building VelocityYour Wealth Building Velocity Investing in real estate allows you to take control of your financial future because you directly own and control your own hard assets. Investment properties also enable you to rapidly accelerate your wealth building velocity when you buy the right real estate at the right price at the right time. Maverick Investor Group is a real estate investment company that helps you buy turnkey property in the best real estate markets, regardless of where you live.
  8. 8. Creating Passive Residual IncomeCreating Passive Residual Income  Converting your net worth into streams of passive residual income is the key to early retirement. Passive steams of income are the key to financing your lifestyle expenses with out actively having to work for that money (what some call ‘retirement’). Cash flow properties (where rental income exceeds all your expenses) produce passive residual income. Unlike the “nest egg” which is a finite sum of money that gets gradually depleted as you spend it, a stream of passive income continues flowing....and you can even pass it on to your heirs So, why focus on a nest egg, when you can have a goose that lays golden eggs?
  9. 9. Converting Passive ResidualConverting Passive Residual Income into TimeIncome into Time As your passive residual income increases, you can increasingly re-capture your you can play that extra round of golf on Tuesday afternoons, spend more time with your family, or whatever is important to you. The more passive residual income you have, the less active “work” you need to do to cover your expenses. And when it is enough to cover all your lifestyle expenses then you can ‘retire’ or declare yourself ‘financially free’.
  10. 10. Converting Time into anConverting Time into an Extraordinary LifestyleExtraordinary Lifestyle If you had the time to pursue your dreams--the activities and experiences that are most exciting and fulfilling to you--and you had the money to finance it would you design your lifestyle? Most people have their dreams beaten out of them, forced to conform to the dictates of a job (and other life obligations) that are less than inspiring. The job becomes the core identity and sense of when ‘retirement’ comes around, many people get depressed with idle time on their hands and loss of identity. Don’t let his happen to you. Re-connect with your passions now. What is inspiring and important to you? Figure out how much it will cost in time and money. Then design your dream lifestyle today!
  11. 11. It’s Up to You...It’s Up to You...  How do you want the remainder of your life to play out? Do you want to leave your financial future in someone else’s hands, work until you are 65 and then live off less money than you do now and hope you die before your ‘nest egg’ runs out?  Or ...  Do you want to take control of your own financial future, own and control your assets directly, retire on your terms, and have streams of passive residual income that can finance your dream lifestyle and then be passed on to your heirs?
  12. 12. Contact UsContact Us  Maverick Investor Group was founded by real estate investors for real estate investors.  It is run by investment property specialists that serve real estate investors exclusively.  Our vision is to radically improve peoples’ lives through real estate. We look forward to helping you meet your real estate investing goals!  Visit us today at
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