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Web Analytics Comparison -Sitecatalyst vs Google Analytics vs Webtrends


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A comparison i did some time ago-dated but still relevant

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Web Analytics Comparison -Sitecatalyst vs Google Analytics vs Webtrends

  1. 1. Sitecatalyst, Webtrends and Google AnalyticsA ComparisonAman SinghSeptember
  2. 2. The Web Analytics Adoption Curve
  3. 3. Forrester’s Web Analytics Ecospace
  4. 4. Consideration Factors For Web Analytics Vendor Selection July 2009 “The Forrester Wave™: Web Analytics, Q3 2009”
  5. 5. A comparisonEach tool scored across attributes
  6. 6. Data Collection
  7. 7. Ease of Implementation • Integration exists with CQ5 • For a simpler installation and with CQ5 Integration, the Code to paste and Java Script File can be extracted from the Admin UI in Sitecatalyst and copy pasted to CQ5 • This can be added to each page and the variables 8 required from within the CQ5 Interface • Integration exists with CQ5 • Very Simple, less than 2 Minutes for a simple installation • After giving terms and conditions you are given 7 tracking code • Final Stage where, depending upon whether its a simple site, a site across multiple domains, or mobile site you are given the code • No CQ5 Integration yet with WT10 yet • Tag Generator exists to automate tag creation • New Profiles can be created by applying filters 5
  8. 8. E Commerce Integration • Default Shopping Cart Variables available • Funnels Analysis • Custom Drop Out report Builder • Ability to capture additional custom Variables via evar/sprop/transaction id • Breakdown revenue by source, product, custom variable 8 • Set Variables with Integration with Third Party Shopping Carts 7 • E Commerce Section with data available in UI • Default Variables exist for E Commerce • Has a default set of variables for capturing revenue, product name, units sub total, tax etc 8 • Breakdown revenue by source, product, custom variable
  9. 9. Data Collection, Filtering and Sampling •JavaScript Tags SaaS •The product provides IP-based filtering plus custom filtering by any attribute using VISTA rules •No Sampling of data except in Discover •Tracks traditional Web pages, rich media, mobile devices and Apps •Social analytics helps integrate with 7 Facebook/Twitter at extra cost •Search Center Integrated with Facebook Ads • The product offers page tags, event tracking, AdWords integration, Social (Twitter /Facebook actions on site),eCommerce tracking and Mobile Apps Tracking • Sampling occurs when there are more than 200,000 visits 5 • Filtering not retroactive • No Off Site integration with Facebook Ads/Twitter or Facebook Monitoring or measurement • The product offers page tags, Web server log files, Apps, Mobile Devices • Leverages tags as well as multiple log file formats, sessions can be custom defined • Does not sample at all unless explicitly requested 8 • Filtering retroactive • Social Media Integration with Facebook/Twitter for both monitoring actions on site, Monitoring activity on external accounts and even Facebook ad data
  10. 10. Custom Variables  Clients may track up to 150 custom variables and 75 events  V15 will allow context variables, which essentially an unlimited number of context variables with no character limits (meaning that developers don’t need to worry about eVarX, propX, etc.) 9  5 Custom variables 3  Any Number allowed at no extra charge 8
  11. 11. Data Latency and Implementation Testing/Validation • Real Time-15 Min Delay • Digital Pulse-in house solution • Automated with Maxamine /Observepoint/WASP 9 • 24 Hours delayin data as per the SLA • 3rd Party tools –WASP/ Manual 3 • Lag time between data collection and availability of reporting data is about 15 minutes • Automated with 3rd party tools like Maxamine 9 /Observepoint/WASP
  12. 12. Historical Co relations and Back Processing • Datawarehouse lets a user get data retroactively when a metric/breakdown not enabled by default • If not enabled on, data gets delayed • ASI Segments can be used to create a filtered view of the data, but as a subset of an existing report 7 • New correlations can be viewed over any time period of data. • Filters can be applied on data moving forward, but no way to get data not captured retroactively 8 • Segments can be applied using custom reports • New reports can be applied by using filters • Any new correlation can be applied to historical data or to new data only at the users option • There is no limit to the number of correlations that 8 can be created nor an extra charge for new correlations created by the user.
  13. 13. Support Network/Blogs/Social • Omniture can be used to extract Facebook/Twitter data via the API and copied into an sprop/evar for co relation with site data • Social Analytics is a new service offering has been launched which allows Social Monitoring for Facebook and twitter 8 • Google Analytics has a Social Component that has been introduced that tracks Social Engagement on the site(Likes/Tweets) from within 3 • the site Can not be used to Monitor Campaigns • Webtrends10 has introduced Social Tracking and Monitoring in a big way • Sites, Facebook Pages, Facebook Apps, Androids Apps, BlackBerry Apps, iOS Apps,Windows Phone Apps., Other mobile apps in one place 9 • Custom Dashboards for Social Media Management, Monitoring and Reporting campaigns and Social Performance
  14. 14. Reporting And Analysis
  15. 15. Default/Custom Dashboard • Customizable Dashboards with the ability to add new metrics and reports • Shipped with a default dashboard • Add custom metrics and view dashboard by applying a segment on the fly • Customize the layout by dragging and dropping the widget 7 • Customize Multiple Dashboards for multiple analysis • Its widget-based and highly customizable. There are four types of widgets: Metric, Pie Chart, 7 • Timeline, and Table. Customize the layout by dragging and dropping the widgets • Dashboards available for Spaces, Space(Profile), page and campaigns 9 • Ability to add metrics and customize
  16. 16. Reporting Structure • Reporting Structure similar to current Omniture version • Ability to add new segments and apply existing segments to reports on the fly • Reports can be scheduled, bookmarked, added to dashboards and exported as csv, pdf, excel and word • Reports can have direct access permalinks that can be shared • Omniture provides vertical-specific reports, which are 8 set up based on industry and vertical best practices as part of its Fusion implementation methodology. • Simple Navigation Bucketed into 5 main Sections and a custom Reports • Each Section has a Summary landing page from which more reports can be accessed 7 • 4 Segments can be added to any report • Report Drilldown options available, but limited to a single dimension, except in table view • Industry benchmarking available • Reports Divided across Bookmarks, Overview and Dashboards, and detailed reports appear under Marketing, Commerce and Content in v9 • V10 has a new interface • Reports can be scheduled, exported and Bookmarked • Report Display can be edited to show/hide graphs and 8 tables • Custom report creation is limited to 200 reports • Industry Specific reports available
  17. 17. Report Sharing/Saving/Distribution • Ability to Share reports, Save reportlets and add to dashboards and share as CSV, Word, PDF or Excel • Reports can be scheduled to delivered at pre determined granularity 8 • Ability to Share reports, Save reportlets and add to dashboards and share as CSV, Word, PDF or Excel • Reports can be scheduled to delivered at pre 7 determined granularity • Ability to Share reports, Save reportlets and add to dashboards and share as CSV, Word, PDF or 7 Excel
  18. 18. Campaign Attribution • Last and First Touch attribution available as default • Every Touch can be customized via a simple code change • Channel manager rules allow for extensive customization • The tool also allows users to import offline data for true multicampaign impact analysis. 9 • Multiple channels enabled by default in Late August • Default template available which can be edited 7 • The product offers attribution across multiple channels, provided that offline campaign data has been uploaded via its lookup table interface • Channel Attribution not available as native in Webtrends 6 • Required custom set up • Will require clean up and some excel analysis to make sense of the data
  19. 19. n-Dimensional Segmentation for ad hoc queries • Omniture v15 promises to have the ability to have all metrics available • Forgiving when it comes to breakdowns that have not been made available • Discover has the ability to have any segmentation for any metric available on the fly • Any type of variable or data stored (i.e., classification data, appended data, cross-session data) can be used 9 to create a segment. • Has pre built segments and can have upto 100 segments • Pre built variables upto two dimensions • Allows limited breakdown for pre fixed metrics • Custom Reports need to be built for multiple segmentation 7 • • Segments can be shared using permalinks Pivoting and Secondary Dimension shows cross tabular view • Can be used on historical data • Report Drill down can be used to determine more detailed dimensions for a report • Any combination of parameter values and/or fields appended to the data (via lookup table) can be used to identify segments. • Any segment can be created for one-time/temporary or 7 persistent use, and in either case, it can be used immediately. • Segments can not be applied to historical data • Segments can be shared
  20. 20. n-Dimensional Segmentation for ad hoc queries-Contd. • Omnitures Web analytics capabilities are built around providing robust ad hoc analysis. Capabilities include custom correlations and drill-throughs, ad hoc data queries and correlations, and unlimited drilldown by dimension to individual transactions and data elements. In addition, Omniture also provides reporting APIs that allow programmatic access to all data and metrics for 9 analysis by other tools. • Offers ad hoc analysis by accessing any variable within Google Analytics and simply dragging and dropping it into an ad hoc, custom-made report • Users have access to dozens of dimensions (rows) and metrics (rows) to create reports pivoting and secondary dimensions that allow inline 7 cross-tabular analysis of data to do in-depth, on-the-fly analysis. • The standard Webtrends analytics UI permits ad hoc queries, drilldown to up to 20 levels of dimension data (consisting of standard, custom, or segment-based dimensions), drill across to related reports ad hoc filtering based on dimensional and/or metric values, ad 7 hoc searches, and visualized drilldowns • The Visitor Intelligence UI (available for an additional fee) provides advanced multidimensional OLAP analysis,
  21. 21. Data Visualization • Ability to change view from Line to Scatter, Bubble, Pie, Bar as applicable and required • API exists that can be used to extract data and create custom reports/view • Charts and graphs can be broken down by day Month Week Quarter and year • Comparative time period View Available 7 • Motion Charts available • API exists that can be used to extract data • Multiple tools via app library available for various options 8 • WT10 has a visually rich interface • Search term word clouds, Geo-visualization maps Heatmaps in reports, Click to drill down further Intelligent and campaign discovery • Webtrends custom dashboards and scorecards 9 compile the data and metrics from multiple sources distributed in a format as required , whether via web or excel via SmartReports
  22. 22. Click Overlay • Exists in Omniture as click overlay • Available via a Browser Plugin • May Requires custom tagging in certain instaces 7 • Google as a Click overlay feature • In beta, constantly updated • Buggy as does not work sometimes and is dependant on URL, so may not work in case of static URL serving different pages 5 • SmartView overlay exists for Webtrends • Gives Additional information like next flow from the same Interface 9
  23. 23. Path Scenario/Funnel Analysis and Conversion/Goal Tracking • Omniture provides path, funnel and custom flow builder report • Path Finder and Full Page Analysis for each page • Conversion Events can be used to build funnels 9 • Conversion Can be Page URL, Time Spent or or Goal based funnels can be created • Segments cant be applied to Funnels 5 • Custom Funnels cant be built unless Goals are pre defined • Padi Code enables URL based funnels –External Product • 5-Point Scenario Analysis provides the unique ability to view the entire scenario process in an easy-to-understand funnel-like format. 8 • Visual Path Analysis -Transform complex path analysis into easy to interpret visual diagrams
  24. 24. Calendar Events and Alerts • Calendar Events can be added for tracking historical trends • Alerts can be set up to inform of any outages, rise or fall in traffic or sales 8 • New feature allows for calendar events to be appended • They can be shared amontg users 8 8 • Has an alert set up to email, sms or Twitter DM
  25. 25. Integration
  26. 26. Data Import/Export • Through Genesis Integration exists with various partners including salesforce, eloqua etc • The Data Insertion API allows Web analytics data to be inserted programmatically for reporting within the SiteCatalyst interface, SAINT API allows for additional data dimensions to be imported • Export data with multiple methods including: APIs, scheduled raw data feeds and scheduled report 9 delivery.. • The product allows import of AdWords and Adsense click, impression, and cost data that can be co related to Transactions Purchase cost etc 5 • Date can be exported via API and Tools from the App gallery • The product allows data to be imported via FTP or Web service API calls with any join key  Export data or gain access via Ad hoc excel extracts, Scheduled data feeds sent in file format or in XML, 8 ODBC driver, SOAP-based Web services, REST- based Web services, Direct database access via any BI tool, ETL for S/W Install
  27. 27. Campaign Management • Search Centre Allows for campaign Management for Search Engines and Now Facebook 7 • No Direct integration, have to access via Adwords UI, No integration with Yahoo/Bing/Yandex/Baidu 3 • Webtrends Search provides similar features as searchcenter for Automating bidding and other 8 • optimization Also Offers Dynamic Landing page generation
  28. 28. Service and Support
  29. 29. Clientcare/Tech Support • Accessible 24X7 Via Email/Chat/Twitter, Phone or Online community (TheLink) • Technical support is offered in multiple languages • Omniture Training offered globally • Escalate to Account Manager if query not returned • Omniture includes implementation services applying Fusion Methodology for all SiteCatalyst customers to ensure correct measuring and tracking of key 8 performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important to their business. • No Support from Google except for Adwords clients • Hire a Authorized Partner from network for questions • Videos, Partner resources for Support 4 • Live support is provided 24x7x365 as standard • Worldwide technical support is provided via a centralized model based out of one support center in Portland, Ore. 8 (home office). • Webtrends operates multiple shifts to provide direct support to the super regions of the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. This is done with a support staff of 44*.
  30. 30. Cost, Company, Innovation and Installed Base
  31. 31. Cost, Company, Innovation and Installed Base • The SiteCatalyst product is priced on a subscription basis, with a tiered pricing structure based on Web server calls. • Small-traffic site — $5,000 to $10,000, list, per year. Medium-traffic site — $120,000 to $240,000, list, per year.Large-traffic site — $240,000 and higher, list, per year. • Omniture Consulting Services Extra • Discover/Searchcenter at additional cost • Adobe Acquired –changes include integration with day Software(Cq5) ,Social Analytics, Searchcenter revamp and Sitecatalyst v15 architecture 7 update • Free • Cost of Implementation and Maintenance via partners • Google Owned, steady addition of features including custom variables, 5 multichannel attribution, Custom Dashboard, Event based Funnels • Webtrends offers a tiered pricing structure based on server calls per month. Fees are as follows: * Small-traffic site —start at about $5,000 per year. Medium-traffic site — $50,000 and $120,000. A larger site starting at approximately $125,000, depending on the amount of traffic and reporting needs. • On premise Costs different 8 • • Consulting Costs additional rd 3 largest customer base after Omniture and Coremetrics with 7,000+ customer base • Webtrendsv10 including social integration and a new way to present data
  32. 32. Summary
  33. 33. Overall Score • The Site Catalyst Product has accompanying products like Search Center, Discover, Test and Target, Genesis, Digital Pulse and now Social Analytics which make it the most comprehensive set of tools for success • The Omniture client care support and consulting services make the product • V15 promises huge improvement in the back end architecture 7.9 • The fact that the cost of ownership is free is misunderstood as the cost of implementation and maintenance is equivalent for a complex custom implementation • Offers Website Optimizer which is a free tool, integration with adwords and Google Admin Tool 6 • Third party Products can be used for Behavioral Targeting which integrate with Google Analytics, but that would require in house technical expertise • Webtrendsv10 including social integration and the concept of spaces as a new way to present data 7.85
  34. 34. Feature Omniture Google Analytics WebtrendsExcel Reporting ToolAPITag Buildern Dimensional SegmentationCustom MetricsAdditional Variables 225 5 UnlimitedClick OverlayCampaign AttributionGeographic ReportingOn-site AdvertisingBI Integration (ODBC access)Pre-defined SegmentsCustom Audience SegmentationCMS (CQ5) IntegrationData ImportData ExportMobile SupportiOS/AndroidFacebook IntegrationTwitter IntegrationAdwords/Yahoo/Bing/Baidu/Facebook adsIntegrationCustom ReportsCustom MetricsCampaign AttributionReport Sharing/Saving/DistributionClient CareCost High Low MediumPer Module Access Permissions
  35. 35. Report Omniture Google Analytics WebtrendsOnsite Advertising ReportsReferrer and Domain ReportsSearch Engine ReportsVisitors ReportsGeography ReportsOnsite Search ReportsPages and Files ReportsNavigation and Path ReportsContent AnalysisParameter Analysis ReportsBrowser and Systems ReportsMobile/VideoCampaign ReportsCampaign Segment ReportsEmail Campaign ReportsCustom Content AnalysisCustom Campaign ReportsMerchandising ReportsProduct Campaign ReportsFacebook App reportsFacebook pagePerformance DashboardVisual Path and Content AnalysisBasic Search Engine ReportingCampaign Performance Dashboard
  36. 36. What does it mean for Your Company
  37. 37.  The real cost of Analytics is  Tools- Cost of Ownership  Process-Alignment with UX, Marketing, Technology Teams for implementation, testing, reporting and optimization  People-Training, Getting teams aligned with roles and responsibilities vis-a-vis a new tool Omniture’s primary advantage in addition to tool features is a fusion document describing best practices For a new tool training, getting up-to speed and value will take 3-6 months A new tool is not the solution, a web analytics process is Optimization via testing and targeting needs to take precedence as action items Evaluate not just web analytics but web optimization (testing and targeting offering from vendor as well), and other tools being used/plan to use Google Analytics has a limited set of custom variables slots(5) which can be used per profile which is the biggest limitation
  38. 38. Fin