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The best investment you'll ever make


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Preliminary findings from the Feasibility Study commissioned by the College of the Rockies, The Early Childhood Development coalition, and the Giving Tree Child Care Society on Child Care in Golden, BC. Focus group was attended by over 30 interested and concerned community members from educators, school board administration, council and school board candidates, and parents, as well as members of the Early Learning and Care community.

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The best investment you'll ever make

  1. 1. The best investment you’ll ever make Early Learning and Care in Golden, BC November 2011
  2. 2. What excitement does thisafternoon hold?• Introduction• Introduce the concept that Early Learning and Care is an economic determinant in a community.• Highlight the impact of Early Learning to children’s life long development and success.• Tell you what the parents in Golden have said.• Q&A• Brainstorming, Scenario building and Discussion• Formal session concludes. Informal networking and Q&A to follow.
  3. 3. Today’s guidelines• Respect for the roles that everyone plays in this room and in our community (if they are not represented in this room today).• Keep comments forward thinking• Parking lot• Mindful of the time• Share the floor• If you need to stretch, use the washroom, or get a snack or during, feel free. We won’t have any structured breaks in our short session today• Not a debate• Use the Ladder of Inference to your benefit.
  4. 4. Who’s behind this?
  5. 5. Why are you all here today?• Learn about child care in Golden• Hear about this Feasibility Study• Ask questions to clarify your understanding of the issue• Have a discussion and start to consider how the community can come together to strengthen the options that parents will have for early learning and care of their children 0 – 5.• To make a difference
  6. 6. Icebreaker: Describe this object
  7. 7. Feasibility study for Infant/Toddlerand/or group daycare in Golden, BC Objectives
  8. 8. Objective #1Conduct the research to determine the feasibilityand viability of such a facility – approach thestudy anew. Provide data and research that looks atwhat’s happening in our local area, but also what ishappenings in other similar regions with likedemographics/psychographics and economicpressures.
  9. 9. fea·si·bil·i·ty fēzəˈbilitēfeasibility - the quality of beingdoableFeasibility Study:An analysis and evaluation of a proposed project todetermine if it (1) is technically feasible, (2) isfeasible within the estimated cost and (3) will beviable. Feasibility studies are almost alwaysconducted where large sums are at stake.
  10. 10. vi·a·ble ˈvīəbəlCapable of working successfully;Able to break even or make a profit.―The proposed investment waseconomically viable".
  11. 11. Objective #2Look at specific types of models that could sustaina facility in a small rural BC community – bestpractices. Look at the overall social/environmentaland economic (the triple bottom-line)issues facingthe Golden and Area A area and using globalresearch, look at how a unique model(s) couldsustain such a facility.
  12. 12. Objective #3Review the value of linking various training andeducation models with the childcare centre.College of the Rockies is very interested insupporting our community to help sustain a childcare facility, however, the facility must be tied toeducation and training.
  13. 13. We have an opportunity here
  14. 14. We have an opportunity here
  15. 15. It’s all about vision…―[We] envision a caring community thatacknowledges, values and supports the sharedresponsibility of investing in our children so that theymay live, learn, play and dream in safe and healthysurroundings‖
  16. 16. …and a vibrant communityMayor Aman Virk defined a vibrant communityas one with families; one in which families canbe seen walking down the street, participating incommunity activities.Interview with Aman Virk by Laurie Dalzell, Town Office, February 4, 2009.
  17. 17. Collaboration…• Business• Town of Golden• Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy• Golden Area Initiatives• Community Support workers• Interior Health Authority• Ministry of Children and Families• College of the Rockies• Okanagan Regional Library• Parents• Giving Tree Child Care Society• Golden Employment Services• Columbia Valley Credit Union• Public Health• School District #6 Administration and School Board• Early Childhood Development Coalition• Golden Family Centre• Community Resource Society• Golden Women’s Centre
  18. 18. …and our children
  19. 19. Golden’s community of EarlyLearning and Care• Parents• Early Childhood Development Coalition• Giving Tree Child Care Society• Child Care Resource and Referral• Mother Goose Program• Skills Upgrading for Parents at COTR• Strong Start (at APES)• 7 Licensed Family Child Care locations• 2 licensed Preschools (Giant Steps and Little Chimps)• 5 Registered Licensed Not Required (LNR)• Bubbling Babies (Public Health)• Wee Care Drop In• Parson Kids Club• GCRS Afterschool Care Program at APES
  20. 20. Early Development Instrument
  21. 21. Vulnerability as measured by the EDI45403530 Windermere25 Kimberly Golden20 SD6 overall15 Revelstoke10 5 0 Physical Social Emotional Language Communication One or more
  22. 22. So what?15 x 15:A ComprehensivePolicy Framework forEarly Human CapitalInvestment in BC
  23. 23. New paradigm of economic development
  24. 24. Description of current care options• Licensed family care• Registered License Not Required• Licensed Pre school• Family members• Trade with friends• Paid private babysitters
  25. 25. LNR• 2 children or a sibling group other than the care giver’s own children. If it is a Registered LNR that means that the caregiver is registered with the Child Care Referral Service.
  26. 26. Licensed family care• This is the only ―day care‖ option that parents have in Golden.• Home based care• Rigorous licensing process• The women that run these business truly care about our children and about the parents whom they serve.• They hold various levels of certification
  27. 27. Numbers puzzle• 1 under 1• 2 under 2• 3 under 3• 4 under 4
  28. 28. Current full-time capacity with Licensed Care in Golden• 7 infants If there are 0 infants• 7-12 – 23 mo. (currently the• 7-24 -35 mo. case), then,• 7-36 – 47 mo. 21 - 12 – 35 month• 21- 4 and older 7 – 36 – 47 month old 21 – 4 – 12 year olds
  29. 29. To fill the family home daycare is like doing a tile puzzle
  30. 30. Survey says…Three surveys created:• Parents• Employers• Family home child care providers
  31. 31. Survey data: • 118 households • 173 children 0 – 14 • 24 employers represented and business • 107 preschool aged— owners 22% of the total • 5 of the 7 family population of LHA18 home child care • 21 Future parents providers represented
  32. 32. What type of child care peopleaccess now
  33. 33. Current working situation
  34. 34. What she said…“Would love to work if I could find childcare at anaffordable rate, for all 3 in the same place, for thehours I require - flexibility being key”“Being new to Golden and looking for work opportunities is challengingwith limited care options. Im hesitant to seek out work if I cant coverthe hours for child care.”“I work full-time and thensome, my childcare provider isextremely flexible andaccommodating.”
  35. 35. How much and what type is needed?
  36. 36. “I still need the same amount of childcare, but now that my daughter is in fullday school, there is not so much planning orstress around finding day care.”“The hardest need to fill is on the spot childcare sothat I can attend a job interview”“I was previously unemployed after maternityleave, since I was unable to find daycare to return towork. Now I am trying to return to the workforce fulltime again.”
  37. 37. Future Parents get out their crystalball…
  38. 38. Having choices… 90%
  39. 39. Employer SurveysThere is truly a lack of child care optionsfor our staff“Child care has always been a challenge for workingfamilies in Golden - cost and availability are the twomajor barriers to access. Staffing (licensed to practiceECEs) - hard to find.”“Our business runs from noon until after midnight. With childcare options always stopping at 5:00pm the only option for ourstaff who work nights are to rely on family members orpartners. We have had one employee quit when thisarrangement put too much strain on her relationship with herhusband.”
  40. 40. Observations up to this point?• Questions about what we’ve covered so far?• Any thing that stands out?
  41. 41. Large group Q&A
  42. 42. Small group discussion topics• Ways to enhance meaningful communication and action on this topic.• What resources can we pool and how can we do it to make a facility available that has an early learning and care element to it (group child care)?• Why is this an important topic for community economic development?• How is your organization impacted by the availability (or lack of availability) of early learning and care options?
  43. 43. Regroup and Share
  44. 44. Commitments not campaignpromises.
  45. 45. Questions? Comments?• Thank you for participating today.• The final report is due by December 16. We will be holding a community presentation around that date the we look forward to seeing you all at.• If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me or someone on the oversight committee:•; 530.544.3302• Karen Cathcart, Joanne McCullough, Rhonda Smith