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Mavee Mavee


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Mavee Mavee

  1. 1. Standard Competence:ListeningUnderstanding simple instructions and information both in action and some language in the context of the learner.SpeakingExpressing a very simple instruction and information in the context of the learners.Reading Understanding a short functional text and simple descriptive picture of the context around the learner.Writing Writing a simple short functional text in the context around the young learners.
  2. 2. Basic Competence:ListeningResponding simple instructions are grateful to the action in the activities in and outside schoolSpeakingConversation to be thankful that accompany speech acts involve: giving examples, to do something, gesturing, and provide guidanceReadingTo read aloud a simple short functional text with the exact pronunciation and intonation and gratefulWritingWriting a simple short functional text to appreciate.
  3. 3. Indicators :- Indentify a people activity at school and tell it orally- Play a dialogue in theme of activity at school- Read a text with fluently and clearly- Find the information in the text and answer the questions- Write a short paragraph about the situation in school
  4. 4. Read aloud the text and find all things which usually can findat school! Cleaning DaySD 1 Bajera is a big school. It has got six classrooms. Oneteacher’s room, one library, one laboratory, one hall and alarge school yard. The students usually have class in theclassroom. There are twenty five students in each classroom.The hall is very large. The students usually dance in the hall.The yard is looks beautiful. There are some trees in front ofthe classrooms and gardens near the wall. You can see manyflowers in the garden. The flowers are red, white, and yellow.At the moment the students are working. The boys areworking in the school yard, an the girl are in the classroom,they are cleaning the blackboard, sweeping the floor, andputting books in the cupboard.
  5. 5. Observe the text, find and correct the wrong word in thefollowing text! The School YardThis is a school room. It are in front of the market building.There are one street in front if the school building . Thegardens look ugly . There are many red shirts on the gardens.It are also some trees in the school yard. The trees are nearthe river.The students are working in the kitchen. Two doctors aresweeping the yard. She are holding brooms. Four students ishelping them. She is holding a dust glass. She is picking up theflowers on the yard.Two boys are playing in the garden. One boy is watering thecar, the other boy is cutting the tree. He is cutting it with aspade.
  6. 6. Listen to the speaker and write it on your note!
  7. 7. Listen and repeat what the teacher says !3.Blackboard4.Table5.Chair6.Library7.Books8.Pen9.Classroom10.Teacher11.Student12.School Garden
  8. 8. Vocabularies : table, chair, map,calendar, desk, ruler, wall, door,window, etcPreposition : in, on, at, in front.Adjectives : clean, dirty, small,good, wide, etc
  9. 9. Read the text and fill the blank with thecorrect word! My ClassroomMy classroom is big and clean. There are15 desk and 30 chairs for students. Thereare also a table and a (1…..) for theteacher. A calendar is on the table. Awhiteboard is in (2…..) of the classroom.There is a big cup board and many booksin it. Some pictures are on the wall. A flagis on the corner. The dustbin and thebroom are near the door. My (3…..) isclean. We always clean it every day. I reallylike my classroom.
  10. 10. My ClassroomAndy : hi, Bob, can you help me to arrange the tables and the chairs?Bobby : yes, of course. But wait, can you see the month in the calendar?Andy : January, whats wrong with that?Bobby : are you forget? We have a final examination on this month.Andy : yeah, I know that, but now we must clean the classroom before the first lesson begin.Bobby : okay, I will help you now.Andy : please open the window before you arrange the chairs and tables, I will hook up the new map beside the cupboard in front of the class first.Bobby : Okay
  12. 12. Questions1.My classroom is big and clean. There are 15 desk and30 chairs for students. There are also a table and achair for the teacher. A calendar is on the table. Awhiteboard is in front of the classroom. There is a bigcup board and many books in it. Some pictures areon the wall. A flag is on the corner. The dustbin andthe broom are near the door. My classroom is clean.We always clean it every day. I really like myclassroom.Where is the flag????
  13. 13. Questions2. Rina is read a book in?
  14. 14. Questions3. Listen to the speaker, what is thespeaker says?
  15. 15. Questions6.Fill the blank with the correct word! I want to (…) on the blackboard.
  16. 16. Questions5. Listen to the speaker !
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