Vanzura observation


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Vanzura observation

  1. 1. Crash Course on CreativityObservation Lab – Marek VanzuraBefore you enter the store:Does the store draw you in? If so, how?Bookstore – Absolutely. I really like books, thus many of them behind the shop window is prettystrong attractor.Florists – Yes. The green color all over the shop window is very catchy.Clothing store – Not much.Fitness store – At a first sight no. I almost missed it.Pharmacy – No way. The bed smell of pharmacy and sterile white color everywhere is not niceattractor.Model shop – Yes. Many airplane models remind me something of my childhood.Is the door open or closed?Bookstore – The door is closed.Florists – The door is open.Clothing store – The door is open, respectively there are no doors at all.Fitness store – The door is slightly open, perhaps the last costumer was in hurry and closed itwrong.Pharmacy – The door is closed but there are automatic doors which open when anyone pass them.Model shop – The door is closed.How does this make you feel?Bookstore – I like it, because there is very busy street around it.Florists – It makes me happy because I can smell the flowers.Clothing store – I feel like the entrance into the shop will eat me.Fitness store – First thought was something like previous costumer was in hurry, but on secondthought I became a little bit afraid – is the seller angry or rude and repulses costumers?Pharmacy – I like hi tech.Model shop – The shop is very small and closed door makes it more friendly.How big is the sign lettering and in what font?Bookstore – The sign is approximately one meter high and five meters in length. It is pretty big butit catches attention. The font looks like some letters from old books. Thats nice.Florists – The sign is small and in very boring font. Nothing special.Clothing store – The sign is all over the entrance, so about four meters in lenght. And font is thesame for this shop all around the world.Fitness store – There is sheet above the entrance with some strange font. It looks queer.Pharmacy – There is a big sign of medicine and very ordinarily written Pharmacy.Model shop – Very stylistic sign with silhouettes of planes.What does it tell you about the store?Bookstore – It tells me something like we sell books which are very ancient.Florists – It seems to me like some family shop.Clothing store – There were very professional man who designed this logo.Fitness store – It seems to me like they firstly sell and then make the other things.Pharmacy – There is a pharmacy. We do not care how we look, we just sell medicaments.Model shop – This seems to me like shop which is operated by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.
  2. 2. Environment:What is the color scheme of the store? How does this affect you?Bookstore – Wooden bookshelves make everything brown. But together with colourful books createa real symphony of colors inserted into rigid brown frames.Florists – The only impression here is the green. Flowers everywhere. And some occasionalcolourful blossoms. I like it very much.Clothing store – There are colorful clothes in the shelves and on desks. But differently shapedcolours due to different types of clothes. It is very catchy but makes me a little bit lost here.Fitness store – The store is all white and main colors are products. I see it like a shop withoutartistic intentions.Pharmacy – Everything here is white or chromatic or from glass. This looks very sterile.Model shop – The main part of this shop are boxes of plastic models. Thus I can see cars, ariplanes,ships everywhere.What type of floor does the store have? How does this effect the environment?Bookstore – There is a carpet. It makes steps much more quieter. And I can fell the warm from it.Florists – There is a linoleum. I think this is very good for cleaning because some loam may dropfrom flowers.Clothing store – There is partly linoleum and partly carpet. It is like border or something.Fitness store – There are tiles. The store is not big, so tiles look here nicely.Pharmacy – There is linoleum. I think that reason is the same as in the case of florists – easycleaning which is important in medical environments.Model shop – It looks like wooden floor, like parquets. They are very used but harmonize withwooden model of ship.How high is the ceiling? How does this feel?Bookstore – It is nearly two and half meters high. I feel it very friendly.Florists – The shop itself is very small and the ceiling is about two meters high.Clothing store – Ceiling is about three and half meters high. This is nice, I think that nobody mayfeel here claustrophobic.Fitness store – About three meters high ceiling. I am feeling here very well.Pharmacy – Ceiling is more than three meters high. But it is strange feeling because everything hereis in the same color – white.Model shop – About two and half meters high ceiling. Very nice.How brightly lit is the store? How does this affect you?Bookstore – There is primarily artificial light made by tungstens. Brightness is accurate. I can readeverything without any problem.Florists – There is a combination of natural light and artificial light. And they mix with green leavesof flowers.Clothing store – Purely artificial light. It is logical because the store is in a middle of a hugebuilding.Fitness store – There is a very small window, thus the main source of light is a tungsten. It has verynice temperature of light so it is very nice.Pharmacy – Very strong lights with unpleasant temperature of light. Maybe it kills microbes.Model shop – Some light comes from a window. And there is not any other light turned on. So thereis a little bit shadow.How loud is the environment?Bookstore – Very quiet. There is calm and nobody talks loudly. And noise from the outside isattenuated by doors.Florists – There is calm.
  3. 3. Clothing store – Very high level of noise. I do not feel here comfortable.Fitness store – Very quiet place.Pharmacy – Some distractions from the outside because there is a higway on a street.Model shop – Quiet.What is causing the noise?Bookstore – There is no noise because everyone is quiet and door works well and absorbseverything from the outside.Florists – There is no noise.Clothing store – Many things. A very loud radio here, a lot of costumers and people outside theshop who pass it.Fitness store – Nothing, there is no noise.Pharmacy – Traffic on a busy highway.Model shop – Nothing.Is there music playing? If so, does it fit the environment?Bookstore – Yes, there is music but it is so quiet that it is not almost audible. It fits very well withthe shop.Florists – No, absolutely without music.Clothing store – Yes, there is a music. And it is very annoying because it is pretty loud. On the otherhand it fits with progressive lives of young customers.Fitness store – Yes, some ordinary radio is playing here. Just like a radio in a car. I can listen tosongs and news.Pharmacy – No. I think that music here would be inappropriate.Model shop – Yes. Some radio station is playing here.Is the store warm or cold?Bookstore – Warm. Outside is almost winter but inside is very friendly temperature.Florists – Rather cold. It depends on open door. But it is probably good for flowers.Clothing store – Very warmth.Fitness store – I think that there is the best temperature of all shops from this list.Pharmacy – Rather warmth.Model shop – Similar to Bookstore. I like this temperature.Is the store crowded with merchandise or is it sparse?Bookstore – Very crowded with merchandise. All bookshelves are full of books.Florists – It is crowded but I can see some places empty with missing plants.Clothing store – Very crowded, clothes are everywhere. It is like clothes apocalypse.Fitness store – I could imagine more merchandise here.Pharmacy – Everywhere are medicaments, so it is crowded.Model shop – A lot of boxes of plastic models tell me that this is a crowded place.Does the store have a distinctive smell?Bookstore – Well, yes, it does. The smell of books and paper.Florists – Absolutely! The smell of flowers and loam is everwhere. It is magical.Clothing store – Yes, there is a distinctive smell of clothes.Fitness store – I do not think so. Nothing special or extraordinary I can smell here.Pharmacy – Yes. The smell of sterile environment.Model shop – I would expect special smell of glue but there is none.Where is the cash register located?Bookstore – There are many cash desks. Main one is located very near to entrance and exit.
  4. 4. Florists – On the opposite side of entrance.Clothing store – There are two cash desks. Each one on the other side of entrance door, so first onthe left and second on the right.Fitness store – Just one cash desk opposite to the entrance.Pharmacy – Three cash desks on the left hand side of a hall.Model shop – This shop is very small and cash desk is almost everywhere.How visible is the store security?Bookstore – Very. A guard walks here and some security cameras are located in corners of rooms.Florists – I cannot see any security camera. It means that there is none or it is very well hidden.Clothing store – Two guys here stay near the entry door. And a lot of security cameras I can see.Fitness store – I cannot see security cameras but the shop assistant looks like bulldog.Pharmacy – Just a few security cameras above the entrance.Model shop – I cannot find any security camera.How long do you want to stay in this store?Bookstore – I am fascinating by books, so I would like to stay here for an hour or more.Florists – It is very small shop, so I can see everything in just few minutes.Clothing store – This shop is big but I do not like it here, so I want to leave as soon as possible.Fitness store – There is not much stuff to look at, so I can leave it in few minutes.Pharmacy – I want to leave as soon as possible.Model shop – So many boxes here take my attention for a very long time despite the small size ofthis shop.Does the environment influence the perceived value of the merchandise?Bookstore – I would say yes. Everything looks more sumptuously.Florists – I do not think so.Clothing store – Well, yes. Together with loud music clothes seem much more cool.Fitness store – No, I do not see any influence of environment on the products here.Pharmacy – I do not think so because visits here are not for fun, but just for known products andthen environment should has no influence.Model shop – Maybe. A lot of models all around may motivate someone to buy something.Personnel:How long does it take before a sales person initiates contact?Bookstore – Relatively very long because if I do not ask seller he does not offer me help.Florists – I got sellers attention right I enter the shop. It is small and stuff here very friendly.Clothing store – From five to ten minutes. I can firstly go around and watch products and after theseminutes someone come to me and offer me a help.Fitness store – Just after entry to the shop.Pharmacy – There are queues, so they notice me when I approach desk.Model shop – Just after entry to the shop.Does the salesperson have a script to follow with each customer?Bookstore – Yes, they have plan of bookshelves in their heads and show me where I can find bookwhich I want.Florists – I do not think so. The seller just sells flowers. There is no need for some procedure.Clothing store – Yes, their words are pretty same.Fitness store – No, he just asks me what I need and then reply. I do not think that this is a script.Pharmacy – Yes, when they describe how to use something and so on, they use scripts.Model shop – No, he doesnt. He act spontaneously.
  5. 5. Does the salesperson treat different customers differently?Bookstore – No. The same acts for everyone.Florists – In a way. Reactions depends on needs of customers.Clothing store – They try to act the same way with everyone but they are not very good. Theyfavorize people on what they think about them.Fitness store – No, he doesnt.Pharmacy – No, they are professionals. The same procedure for everyone.Model shop – Yes. The seller is listening to everybodys needs and then reply on actual basis.What is the ratio of salespeople to customers?Bookstore – It is somewhere around 1 : 5 (it means one salesman to 5 customers).Florists – It is mainly 1 : 1, ocassionally 1 : 2-3.Clothing store – It is somewhere around 1 : 6.Fitness store – It is mainly 1 : 1, ocassionally 1 : 2.Pharmacy – It is somewhere around 1 : 7.Model shop – It is mainly 1 : 1, ocassionally 1 : 3.What age and gender are the employees?Bookstore – Age is from 20 to 45 and there are half men and half women.Florists – Age is about 35 and gender is woman.Clothing store – Age is from 18 to 30 and all are women.Fitness store – Age is about 28 and there is only man.Pharmacy – Age is from 30 to 50 and all of them were women.Model shop – Age is about 50 and there is just one man.Are the salespeople using the store products?Bookstore – I cannot say, I didnt see anyone who was reading in his working hours. But I think thatall of them read books.Florists – I do not know, but probably she has her flowers at home as well.Clothing store – Yes, they wear some part from their collection.Fitness store – I think so, because salesman looks like he uses product which he sells.Pharmacy – I think yes, because almost everyone uses some medicaments.Model shop – Yes, he is very talented modeller.Do the salespeople have a uniform?Bookstore – Yes, they wear uniform.Florists – No, she doesnt.Clothing store – In part, they all wear the same part of their regular collection, so everyone may buyit too.Fitness store – No, he doesnt.Pharmacy – Yes, they wear uniform.Model shop – No, he doesnt.Do the salespeople match the stores image?Bookstore – I think yes, because they all look very serious.Florists – Yes, the seller is very happy and nice person and this fits very well with flourishingflowers.Clothing store – I think yes, they try to look very cool and spontaneous, so they promote theirproducts.Fitness store – Well, yes. The seller is a bodybuilder so he is the right man on the right place.Pharmacy – I think that we cannot speak about something like image in a case of pharmacies. It ispharmacy. It doesnt try to look differently or make its own image.
  6. 6. Model shop – I do not think so. He just sells what he loves.Products:What is the first product that you notice?Bookstore – Books. And they were also the last product I noticed.Florists – Plants. A plant with a beautiful red blossom.Clothing store – T-shirts right in front of the entrance.Fitness store – Huge boxes of proteins.Pharmacy – Small boxes of medicaments on shelves.Model shop – Big wooden ship (but in fact it was not product, it was decoration).Is there a central display table with featured products?Bookstore – Yes, there is a table with bestsellers and with the newest books.Florists – No, shop is small and there is no place for it.Clothing store – Yes, many tables with the newest collections and also with products which are forspecial price.Fitness store – No, nothing is more important than anything else.Pharmacy – No, everything is on shelves with no importance over the others.Model shop – No, there is no central display.Where are items that are “for sale” located in the store?Bookstore – Very near to entrance and exit.Florists – I do not see any special place.Clothing store – Items for sale are placed on special tables with huge marks over them.Fitness store – There are not special places.Pharmacy – There are not special places.Model shop – On the side of cash desk.How are the products arranged? By function? By price? By color?Bookstore – Books are arranged by their themes and alphabetically. So autobiographies together,science-fictions together, cookbooks together and so on.Florists – I cannot see any order in arrangement of products.Clothing store – Clothes are arranged by their functions or types and also by producents (firms whocreated them).Fitness store – Products are arranged by types and ingredients which they contain.Pharmacy – There is some mysterious scheme. I do not know.Model shop – Products are arranged by their types, so cars together, airplanes together etc.Are there free samples or demonstrations?Bookstore – I can take any of books and read some part of it.Florists – No, but everything is shown here.Clothing store – All sortiment may be tried.Fitness store – No, there is none of these.Pharmacy – No, I can try nothing.Model shop – There are demonstrations in a sense that I can see some complete models.What products are at eye level?Bookstore – Just books. And with no special priority.Florists – It is interesting, there are cactuses at eye level. The seller is probably some kind of ajoker.Clothing store – There hang parts of a new collection at eye level.Fitness store – There are protein bars at eye level.
  7. 7. Pharmacy – Some drugs. I do not understand names and all look the same.Model shop – Boxes with models of tanks.What items in the store are in the least accessible locations?Bookstore – Everything is accesible with the same degree.Florists – The least accesible are the most exotic and thus the most expensive flowers.Clothing store – The least accesible are the most expensive clothes, in locked boxes.Fitness store – There is everything accessible with the same degree.Pharmacy – Everything is accessible with the same degree, customers have to ask sellers.Model shop – The least accessible are the oldest models on the top shelf.Where are the most and least expensive products located?Bookstore – The cheapest books have special desk. The most expensive products do not have somespecial place.Florists – The most expensive flowers are behind the seller. The other are placed elsewhere.Clothing store – The most expensive clothes are locked in some special lockers and customers haveto ask seller for opening them. Items on sale have special desk.Fitness store – There is no order for cheap and expensive items.Pharmacy – There are not privileged places for something.Model shop – There are no special places for the most or the least expensive products.Are the prices of the products easy to find?Bookstore – Well, prices are written on backs of books, so after removing book from bookshelf it iseasy to find out a price.Florists – Yes, there are labels with prices.Clothing store – Yes, prices are on labels hanging from clothes and also on special tables nearproducts.Fitness store – Yes, there are labels on products.Pharmacy – No, there are not labels, customers have to ask seller.Model shop – Not much, on some places yes, on another no.Are there impulse items near the cash register?Bookstore – Yes, for example bookmarks and postcards.Florists – Yes, some ceramic products.Clothing store – No, I do not think so, just regular sortiment.Fitness store – Yes, some magazines.Pharmacy – No, there are none.Model shop – No, there are none.Customers:Are most customers alone or with someone else? What is the relationship?Bookstore – Customers are mostly in pairs. They look like man and wife or boyfriend andgirlfriend.Florists – Customers come here alone.Clothing store – Customers are mostly in pairs, they look like friends.Fitness store – Customers come here alone.Pharmacy – Customers come here alone, very occasionally in pairs. In this case they look likeparent with a kid.Model shop – Customers come here alone.What is the average age and gender of the customers?Bookstore – Average age of customers is perhaps around 27. They are mostly women.
  8. 8. Florists – Average age of customers is around 40. They are only women.Clothing store – Average age of customers is around 20. They are mostly women.Fitness store – Average age of customers is around 25. There were only men.Pharmacy – Average age of customers is around 42. They are half men and half women.Model shop – Average age of costumers is around 35. There were just men.When a customer enters the store, do they tend to walk in the same path or direction?Bookstore – Yes, because there is just one entry corridor where people can go.Florists – Well, yes, because there are not possibilities to go somewhere else because of the size ofshop.Clothing store – No, almost everyone walks different pathways.Fitness store – Yes and no. There are two possible pathways. And customers choose one of them, sothey walk differently but in the same pathways.Pharmacy – Yes, because there are painted lines where they have to go.Model shop – Not exactly. The shop is very small, but almost everyone is catched by differentobjects inside, so the pathways differ.How long do customers stay in the store, on average?Bookstore – Average time of stay is about 15 minutes.Florists – Very short stays here, about 2 minutes.Clothing store – Very long stays, nearly about 30 minutes.Fitness store – Short stays, about 3 minutes.Pharmacy – Relatively long stays due to long queues. Approximately 18 minutes.Model shop – Short stays, about 5 minutes long.Do customer touch the products? Is this encouraged?Bookstore – Yes, customers take books and browse them. It is encouraged.Florists – No, customers dont touch plants. But it is not forbidden.Clothing store – Yes, customers touch products. It is encouraged.Fitness store – No, there is no need to touch products. But it is not forbidden.Pharmacy – No, customers just get what they want but do not touch something before they buy it.Model shop – Yes, customers very often closely look at products.Do most customers appear to be on a mission or are they browsing?Bookstore – Customers mostly seem like they have some free time and came spend it here.Florists – Customers were mostly on a mission. They came with concrete goals.Clothing store – It is hard to say. It looks like half of them are just browsing and the other half islooking for something concrete.Fitness store – Customers here are looking for something concrete.Pharmacy – Well, mostly are customers looking for something concrete but sometimes they askseller for advice and tips.Model shop – Customers look like they are just browsing.What percent of customers purchase products in the store?Bookstore – Approximately 25 %.Florists – Approximately 90 %.Clothing store – Approximately 45 %.Fitness store – Approximately 95 %.Pharmacy – Almost 100 %.Model shop – Approximately 30 %.