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Living organizations, particular software @ do IT Better Parma

Siamo così abituati ad organizzazioni basate sul tradizionale organigramma che diamo per scontato che sia l'unica opzione.

Un approccio differente è possibile?

Quando sono entrato in Particular, era un'organizzazione tradizionale, sebbene distribuita. Avevamo manager e una gerarchia. Un anno dopo la decisione di rivoluzionare tutto. La miglior decisione di sempre. Intraprenderemo un viaggio che ci permetterà di scoprire che un modello organizzativo diverso è possibile, che un processo decisionale dall'alto verso il basso non è l'unica opzione e che possiamo organizzare la vita lavorativa intorno a quella privata in funzione di un ottimo life-work balance.

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Living organizations, particular software @ do IT Better Parma

  1. 1. Living Organizations Particular Software Mauro Servienti |@mauroservienti
  2. 2. a long time ago in a company far far away… mauroservienti
  3. 3. Fast forward, now! mauroservienti
  4. 4. Where you want 100% Remote mauroservienti
  5. 5. When you want Free working hours mauroservienti
  6. 6. How you want Your life first mauroservienti
  7. 7. How much you want Unlimited vacation mauroservienti
  8. 8. On what you want Pick your favorite tasks mauroservienti
  9. 9. Hold on! mauroservienti
  10. 10. Who are we? • 4 products • Support (24/7, SLAs up to 1h) mauroservienti
  11. 11. dispersed across 17 time zones mauroservienti
  12. 12. We were a traditional organization In retrospective we realized that… mauroservienti
  13. 13. Wrong decisions were made in isolation, by singletons. mauroservienti
  14. 14. People “adapt” to laws and regulations mauroservienti
  15. 15. Metrics push people to cheat the system mauroservienti
  16. 16. Change won’t stop! mauroservienti
  17. 17. Organizations are not Org Charts mauroservienti
  18. 18. Mission mauroservienti
  19. 19. Strategy is the practice of constantly (re)discovering the critical factors of an environment, and then designing the actions necessary to deal with those factors to deliver on the mission. mauroservienti
  20. 20. We are not cogs mauroservienti
  21. 21. Skills • to get something done a role is not needed • Skills, knowledge, experience, and passion are key to success mauroservienti
  22. 22. No Departments. No Roles. mauroservienti
  23. 23. mauroservienti
  24. 24. manager is dead long live management mauroservienti
  25. 25. Management is the practice of coordinating the people and resources of the organization to effectively execute the strategy, at the same time as improving on that execution. mauroservienti
  26. 26. culture eats strategy for breakfast mauroservienti
  27. 27. Values mauroservienti
  28. 28. reboot mauroservienti
  29. 29. Identified 5 strategies Each one with a purpose aligned with the mission mauroservienti
  30. 30. squads • 4/5 people • Diverse skillset • Long living body • First come first served mauroservienti
  31. 31. squads own the process mauroservienti
  32. 32. triage is it a problem? mauroservienti
  33. 33. prioritization mauroservienti
  34. 34. “chop” the problem mauroservienti
  35. 35. fail small learn big mauroservienti
  36. 36. task force recruitment announcement mauroservienti
  37. 37. task force • Diverse skillset • Different time zones • Facilitator • Reviewer(s) • Shared responsibility mauroservienti
  38. 38. RFC mauroservienti
  39. 39. retrospective mauroservienti
  40. 40. is the problem addressed? mauroservienti
  41. 41. how can you design something like this? mauroservienti
  42. 42. You don’t, and at the same time you do. mauroservienti
  43. 43. process and not results remove luck from the equation mauroservienti
  44. 44. What about trust? •Pair “everything” •Reviews •Coaching •Mentoring •Feedback mauroservienti
  45. 45. Diversity Change and innovation are the result of (positive) conflicts mauroservienti
  46. 46. Action items • Delegate to a group and be their coach • Invite to a meeting someone unexpected mauroservienti
  47. 47. mauroservienti