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A brief intro about CreaTiVù, a web application for web and IPTV broadcasting.

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Creativu Cebit Crs4

  1. 1. A TV distribution systemMauro Mereu
  2. 2. The original Idea: exploituser generated content
  3. 3. Everyone can now take a video or a movie with several different devices
  4. 4. This videos can end up into a video library on the internet
  5. 5. For example on YouTube
  6. 6. Videos can also be put on air by web or traditional TVs, or both, like CurrentTV
  7. 7. Context: webKeywords: usergenerated content
  8. 8. Another context: digital signage
  9. 9. Sometimes in boring airports...
  10. 10. ...there are some displays that give different kind of information, like videos, texts and so on.
  11. 11. Same kind of displays can be found in public libraries...
  12. 12. ...or even in supermarkets, for advertising purposes.
  13. 13. Keywords:Automatic Schedule, Spatial Layout
  14. 14. Another context: Home TV
  15. 15. If your TV was kidnapped by your children...
  16. 16. ... you want to take back your tv remote control and decide what to watch, tv shows, internetcontent and so on, with a selfmade tv schedule.
  17. 17. Keywords:Personal Schedule, Parental Control
  18. 18. With CreaTiVù you can do all these thingsCreaTiVù is a web application able to distributevideo contents through different platformsBuild custom Channels with spatial layout
  19. 19. Using CreaTiVù you can build TV channels andput them on air on different platforms like:● Web● IPTV● DVB● ...
  20. 20. Basic concepts: Clips Format
  21. 21. Basic concepts10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 19:00 20:00 Schedule Format
  22. 22. Basic conceptsDisplaysLayout
  23. 23. Basic concepts DVBChannel ipTV Layouts Channel Web Videos Formats Schedule
  24. 24. Steps to build a channel: 1. Upload videos and edit metadata, validate etc.
  25. 25. Steps to build a channel: 2. Make a Format: time slots filled with videos, statically or using a set of rules
  26. 26. Steps to build a channel: 3. Build a schedule based on former created formats
  27. 27. Steps to build a channel: 4. Make a layout: set on the main area the video layer and some other layers (image, text, rss)
  28. 28. Steps to build a channel: 5. Put all together: platforms, schedule, layout
  29. 29. Control room CreaTiVù is on air... Prova delle trasmissioni
  30. 30. The fast way: Wizard with Smart Schedule
  31. 31. Client Display Prova delle trasmissioni
  32. 32. Client Displays Prova delle trasmissioni
  33. 33. Client Displays Prova delle trasmissioni
  34. 34. Client Displays Prova delle trasmissioni
  35. 35. Architecture Client Client Client ClientFrontend Browser Web IPTV DVB-T ....Backend Web app Streaming server DB Media File engine Store
  36. 36. TechnologiesWeb App● Server side: Django (● Client side: ExtJS ( Engine● MediaDART ( Server● Wowza ( Clients● Adobe AIR custom player (cross platform)
  37. 37. CreaTiVù will be released underthe GPL 3.0 public license.More info at: