Pre-courses in Physics. Innovative teaching


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09/06/2017 - Presentation on pre-courses in Physics at Politecnico for a meeting with a delegation of ETH

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Pre-courses in Physics. Innovative teaching

  1. 1. Pre-courses in Physics. Innovative teaching Maurizio Zani Meeting with ETH, Milano 09/06/2017 Teaching lab. (ST2)
  2. 2. 2/26Maurizio Zani Outlook MOOCs Pre-courses Quiz Team makes the difference!
  3. 3. 3/26Maurizio Zani Quiz Pre-courses MOOCs of experimental physics Pre-courses Quiz MOOCs
  4. 4. 4/26Maurizio Zani MOOCs of experimental physics: tools lessons exercise quiz insights interviews forum role games cards case studies subtitles keywords forms simulations comics
  5. 5. 5/26Maurizio Zani MOOCs of experimental physics: ciak... action • team • topics • structure • storyboard • shooting • post-editing • validation • quiz 450 h result 170 video 150 quiz 1 director team 8 teacher/tutor 7 staff action start to work! Team makes the difference!
  6. 6. 6/26Maurizio Zani MOOCs of experimental physics: structure and certificate quiz quiz quiz quiz week week week week lessons exercise insights ... lessons experiments simulations ... interview casestudies rolegames ... lessons summary forum ... final quiz quiz > 60%
  7. 7. 7/26Maurizio Zani Fisica 2Fisica 1 MOOCs of experimental physics: topics Mechanics (3 weeks) • kinematics of the material point and examples of motions • dynamics of the material point and examples of motions • work, energy, bumps and universal gravitation Thermodynamics (2 weeks) • kinematics and dynamics of ideal liquids • temperature, ideal gas, heat, thermal machines and entropy Electromagnetism (2 weeks) • electric field, conductors, capacitors and dielectric materials • electrical current, magnetic field and magnetic materials Optics (1 week) • electromagnetic waves, geometrical optics and wave optics Hints of modern physics (1 week) 2 courses ≈ 16 000 enrolled based on (≈ 43 000 enrolled)
  8. 8. 8/26Maurizio Zani MOOCs of experimental physics: lessons, exercise...
  9. 9. 9/26Maurizio Zani MOOCs of experimental physics: insights, simulations, quiz, forum...
  10. 10. 10/26Maurizio Zani MOOCs Pre-courses Pre-courses in physics Pre-courses Quiz MOOCs
  11. 11. 11/26Maurizio Zani Pre-courses in physics: structure Fisica 2 Fisica 1 MOOCs Lessons Mechanics Thermodynamics Electromagnetism 12 h 8 h 12 h 12 quiz 8 quiz 12 quiz 16 quiz 16 quiz Quiz 2+1 w 3+2 w
  12. 12. 12/26Maurizio Zani Pre-courses in physics: registration
  13. 13. 13/26Maurizio Zani Pre-courses in physics: evaluation
  14. 14. 14/26Maurizio Zani Schools Students Freshmen (bachelor) In pre‐courses Architecture 9 915 (23%) 1 201 (16%) 43 (4%) Design 4 226 (10%) 755 (10%) 7 (1%) Engineering 29 011 (67%) 5 568 (74%) 1 097 (95%) total 43 152 7 524 1 147 Pre-courses in physics: students@polimi 2016-2017: 5 teams in Milan + 1 team in Lecco 2017-2018: 8 teams in Milan + 1 team in Lecco 20% freshmen (bachelor) in engineering Team makes the difference!
  15. 15. 15/26Maurizio Zani Quiz Pre-courses Quiz on-line in real-time Pre-courses Quiz MOOCs
  16. 16. 16/26Maurizio Zani Quiz on-line in real-time: introduction Goal • for teacher: check of the classroom status • for student: check of the comprehension (more than knowledge) • “stimulus” to study the topics Method • on-line (suitable for a large number of students) • real-time (using smartphone as a clicker) Implementation • fast (max. 2 min), with no particular calculus • anonymous (but logging in with the personal code) • without credits (but self-assessment, final score on the smartphone) • no discussion after the quiz (to separate “quiz effect” from “tutor effect”)
  17. 17. 17/26Maurizio Zani Quiz on-line in real-time: Socrative account: 1 pro + 10 free
  18. 18. 18/26Maurizio Zani Quiz on-line in real-time: create quiz
  19. 19. 19/26Maurizio Zani Quiz on-line in real-time: create quiz
  20. 20. 20/26Maurizio Zani Quiz on-line in real-time: create quiz (multiple choice)
  21. 21. 21/26Maurizio Zani Quiz on-line in real-time: launch quiz
  22. 22. 22/26Maurizio Zani Quiz on-line in real-time: launch quiz (teacher paced)
  23. 23. 23/26Maurizio Zani Quiz on-line in real-time: instructions For the teacher Connect to Mode => Teacher paced • Disable Names: NO • Randomize Answer Order: YES • Hide Question Feedback: YES • Hide Final Score: NO For the student Connect to & follow instructions on the smartphone • insert room code: ZANI • insert your personal code (only for statistical purposes, quiz is anonymous) Note: the answer must be individual (do not suggest!), there’re no credits (but every-one can self-assess) Enjoy!
  24. 24. 24/26Maurizio Zani Conclusion Pre-courses Quiz MOOCs • 2 courses • 170 video • 150 quiz • ≈ 16 000 enrolled • 120 quiz • 6 → 9 teams • ≈ 1 100 enrolled
  25. 25. 25/26Maurizio Zani Abstract for ICEM 20-22/09/2017 Naples (Italy) Getting started with Physics: integrating MOOCs in preliminary undergraduate education Juliana Raffaghelli, Patrizia Ghislandi, Susanna Sancassani, Maurizio Zani [...] In this paper, the authors introduce a research on the design, implementation and evaluation of an undergraduates programme aimed at supporting students in achieving the basics of Physics, as crucial baseline for further undergraduate studies in Sciences and Engineering. The authors introduce the blended approach, based on a number of MOOCs delivered through POK (PoliMi Open Knowledge,, the MOOCs portal of Politecnico di Milano; as well as face-to-face activities that included intensive technology enhanced learning, like feed-back based on clickers. The authors explain the process of implementation of the approach and its impact as perceived by students. The several elements of the approach (the tutors’ pedagogy, the adoption of clickers, the diversity amongst learning groups) are compared against the importance of the MOOC within and for the overall experience. Finally, it is discussed how MOOCs can impact Physics at preliminary undergraduate level, focusing how quality higher education can be achieved in this area. MOOCs Pre-courses Quiz
  26. 26. 26/26Maurizio Zani Thanks to teachers, tutors, staff: Daniele Albricci, Barbara Balossi, Federico Bottegoni, Matteo Bozzi, Federica Brambilla, Gianlorenzo Bussetti, Davide Contini, Laura Di Sieno, Gianfranco Elia, Immacolata Genco, Patrizia Ghislandi**, Paolo Gondoni, Cristian Manzoni, Andrea Parisi, Andrea Pini, Dario Polli, Juliana Raffaghelli*, Marco Re, Rebecca Re, Susanna Sancassani, Cristina Varisco, Caterina Vozzi Thanks for your attention! Team makes the difference! MOOCsPre-courses Pedagogy Politecnico di Milano Università di Firenze* Università di Trento**