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Social media pack 2014


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Social media pack 2014

  1. 1. Why be social? The world of online marketing has been rapidly changing over the last few years. Social platforms not only offer you the opportunity to show the world your great content, but also offers and products in order to actively create an intimacy with clients. Social platforms offer a unique opportunity to reach your audience wherever they are and at any given time. They also create the perfect environment to surround your company’s image and organically grow your brand.
  2. 2. What we do We help manage and utilise your social platforms to help increase your brand awareness and brand presence online. We specialise in creating interesting and engaging content to encourage and increase interaction with your fans and followers, build relationships with your current and potential customer base and ultimately boost your reach through positive, social word of mouth. Next to this, we manage your online reputation. That is, we aim to increase your company’s reputation in the mind of the consumer, while also managing negative comment that could potentially harm it.
  3. 3. Services We provide social media management for the most popular social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We offer a service that allows brands to have complete control over all their content while we do the leg work.
  4. 4. Twitter Follower acquisition is our first point of call and a substantial increase in new and relevant followers is guaranteed. Design of new background to optimise engagement on arrival of potential fans.
  5. 5. Facebook Fan acquisition through competitions run across platforms to increase likes Content designed to start conversations and encourage likes and shares. All content approved by you before going live. Design of new cover photo to optimise engagement on arrival of potential fans.
  6. 6. Instagram Content is created by us, ensuring postings at relevant times using hashtags. You will have access to our in house team of photographers. Use of instagram images across your other social networks - more people are likely to click on links with picture or video content included.
  7. 7. As well as helping clients grow their social media platforms, we help create content to post out across these platforms. Our in-house teams of writers, videographers and animators create engaging content for brands to use as they desire. Content Creation We create video content for companies and have helped countless brands develop editorial content for web, print and social media platforms.
  8. 8. Reporting Monthly reporting to show interaction and growth including statistics on numbers of new followers, retweets, favorites and interactions as well as the reach of the campaign. Recommendations/suggestions to help the account grow.
  9. 9. We enjoy looking after social platforms for these clients: FOOD Food is the cornerstone of society, the heart of family and the symbol of sociable, collective enjoyment. Not only does it serve as the basis for relationships, it also enhances them. Food is a meeting point – a cultural exchange and the centre around which people gather, communicate and share.
  10. 10. Technology is all about the future and with the technological landscape changing daily, it has endless, extremely shareable content. It's a subject with much conversation, as well as controversy, that has the potential to showcase your brand as cutting edge. TECHNOLOGY
  11. 11. FASHION Fashion is all about personality. People love to share their own style tips and latest buys, as well as keeping up to date with the latest trends and news. It's universal to everyone and offers the chance to interact with people in a fun way on a regular basis, cementing your brand in their daily lives.
  12. 12. ENTERTAINMENT People love to talk about their own interests. Entertainment is fun and as a result, it’s something everyone likes to get involved with. It's an opportunity for passion both from the consumer and the brand.
  13. 13. Social travel is a mix of fun, customer service, beaches and sun cream. There's nothing more fun than being knowledgeable about destinations and ways to make the most out of the precious leisure time we get. Travel provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with people on a personal level about one of their favourite subjects; a chance for unique engagement with every individual. Planning that perfect get-away is a time when people are at their most excited and relaxed. TRAVEL
  14. 14. HEALTH AND BEAUTY / FITNESS Fitness enthusiasts are exactly what it says on the tin. it's a subject that not only has masses of media coverage, but is also top of the bill politically.
  15. 15. Thai Square Group Twitter Case Study Objective To enhance the online presence of the client and increase the followers on the account. At the campaign start, there were 132 followers on the account. Summary In the first month we grew the account to over 1581 followers. The growth of interaction and activity has improved vastly with numerous retweets, favourites, mentions and direct messages including: Results An average of 15 interactions per week over the months, 21 being the highest number in week two. An average of 6 retweets per week and the highest number being 11. An estimated reach in the last week of the campaign of 21,198 different accounts. An estimated exposure in the last week of the campaign of 67,449 impressions - the total number of times tweets were delivered to timelines (including repeats)
  16. 16. Objective To enhance the brand awareness of the client amongst a young audience whilst keeping to the brand’s personality and using a clear brand voice. To create content to specifically raise awareness amongst people. Summary We came up with a series of messages, aimed to engage the current audience and encourage retweets. The brand has a lot of celebrity endorsement which we used to our advantage. Our first tweet was retweeted to over 10,000 people. Results By the end of the campaign, Aerosoul had noticed an increase of enquiries about specific products. We also ran competitions for Aerosoul across his Twitter platform and our website, with which, we supplied Aerosoul with email data of people interested in their products to use for future marketing use. Aerosoul Twitter Case Study
  17. 17. Aerosoul Twitter Case Study On this diagram you can see the growth of the number of followers, month on month since we started working with the company.
  18. 18. South London Krav Maga Case Study Objective Improve the following and engagement with users by increasing brand awareness and reach out to a wider audience particularly focussing on people in the local area, aged between 25 and 35. Summary Interaction increased every week with the peak number being 18 in the last week of the campaign. On average the account had 13 favourites a week with the highest number being 27 favorites in week three. Results By the end of the first month, the account increased by over 1000 new followers. The interaction, mentions, retweets and conversations started had also increased significantly. The estimated reach of the tweets across the month (According to was 128,366.
  19. 19. South London Krav Maga Case Study On this diagram, you can see the monthly growth in the number of retweets since launching the campaign.
  20. 20. Aerosoul Facebook Case Study Objective The aim of the campaign was to enhance the brand awareness and increase page likes To increase engagement and interaction with current followers. Summary We ran a competition where the client was willing to give away £100 worth of clothing to one winner. To create engagement people had to like the Facebook page and share the competition image. Results By the end of the campaign, Aerosoul got over 200 shares and experienced an increase in likes from 2833 to 3007 in just one day.
  21. 21. Ta-Maki Sushi Facebook Case Study Objective The main purpose of the Facebook campaign was to increase brand awareness online, improving the relationship between the company and its current customers. Summary In August we posted a picture on Facebook, giving people a chance to win £300 worth of sushi-experience by liking & sharing the page. The same message was posted on Twitter on an almost daily basis. We managed not only to improve the brand image, but also attract new followers. Results There were 1014 unique visitors to Ta-Maki Sushi Facebook page during the campaign and 650 people signed up, representing 78% of the visitors. Thanks to this action, the company's page gained 503 new fans and in period of just a month, the company gained over 750 likes in total, in just a month.
  22. 22. Airholidays Facebook Case Study Objective Build a new fan base on a new branded Facebook page after rebranding from Hot-Holidays to Airholidays. Create a page where users actively engage in the content. Summary The reach of the posts grew significantly and a platform was built where the users engage frequently with the content we post out, as well as asking questions about the services offered. Results In just over 6 weeks the page had grown from nothing to over 2000 likes. The engagement is quite impressive with people reacting to the general content as well as getting a great response from the competition feature.
  23. 23. Airholidays Facebook Case Study Examples of some of the interaction across the account as well as the impact on reach and virality of the content.
  24. 24. "We have seen our Twitter being so active lately, thank you and your team for that effort." - @MilkTeaPearlUK 'Guestlist’s targeted and bespoke service gave me a genuine following which I would otherwise have struggled with, they took time to get to know my product and relate to the people interested in it. The service has delivered on every promise and I am more than satisfied with the outcome. I will continue to use them for future endeavours' - @Hijack_d “I was skeptical about how effective this would actually be - happy to say they proved me wrong! Very friendly and thoughtful team who took the time to understand my business and what I wanted... I’ve seen how much work goes into it and I do think it is value for money... I will be rebooking.” - @AerosoulLimited “Loved your work on Twitter and Facebook. Already getting positive feedback” Testimonials
  25. 25. How we work - Getting started on your account
  26. 26. Contact Us For more information regarding pricing or to set up a consultation to discuss your needs, please email 0203 581 7676 For more information regarding advertising opportunities across the Guestlist platforms please contact Nelly Haycock: 07597 114 048