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Towards greater sentosa experience


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Published in: Travel
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Towards greater sentosa experience

  1. 1. Strategic Intent: Elevate & Establish the Sentosa Brand by dominating consumer mindshare & preference, domestically & internationally whilst continually weaving into the new evolving fabric of Singapore Branding Marketing Strategic Thrusts Strategic Thrusts Corporate Cluster Island Domestic International
  2. 2. 3 Strategic Thrusts Managing Sentosa’s Brand Evolution Sentosa SentosaHarbourFront Precinct Consumer Brand Sentosa Corporate Brand
  3. 3. The Final Twin Thrusts Sentosa & Sentosa HarbourFront Sentosa PrecinctCorporate Brand collectively referred to as SENTOSA
  4. 4. Shifting Beyond Geographic Boundaries (positioned to encompass the district) "Singapores Playground?" Sentosa/Vivo/St. James/S. Isles/Mt. Faber/Southern IslandsSetting stage for Singapore’s Leisure District “Discover Your Sentosa” Singapore’s Island Resort “Take a New Look”
  5. 5. Developing & Managing Ambassador’s Perceptions High Awarness & Recall Low PreferenceRelationship is with Beach & Nature, not Sentosa(Beach & Nature also happen to be two unique offerings not duplicated by Resort’s World) There needs to be a greater sense of affiliation to Sentosa
  6. 6. Providing The Experience Is Key Move towards “Emotional” Less on tangible products (Hearts & Minds) Engaging & ConnectingFostering emotional bonds thereby building loyalty Shifting away from traditional messaging and movement towards experiential
  7. 7. Easily relatable and more personal to consumers Effectively carries forth various messages given its individualised impressions “It’s like it’s talking to me” “It’s more about my experience, it’s personal”
  8. 8. Current Sentosa Brand Before Cluster Overlay Nature Imbiah Nature Attraction Trial CURRENT Sentosa Resort’s SENTOSAAttractions World Beach Siloso Palawan Tanjung Beach & Nature being two attributes difficult to duplicate in any other environment
  9. 9. Branding & Marketing Maurice Williams maurice_wil liams@sent sg DID: 6279 9302 Head Of Department Joyce Tan Anna Ng joyce_tan@ anna_ng@ Zachery Cordelia Lee Pauline Tan Rajendran DID: 6279 1130 DID: 6279 1122 cordelia_lee@ pauline@ Manager Manager Channel Branding DID: 6279 1788 DID: 6279 9310 DID: 6279 9337 Development Manager Assistant Manager Manager Consumer & Marketing Services Marketing Domestic & Corporate Event Marketing International Joyce Leong Elaine Quek Genevieve Lim Jennifer Woo Elsin Seow Mas Tuty Suliani joyce_leong@ elaine_quek@ Yek Lay Kheng jennifer_woo@ elsin_seow@ Sa mas_tuty@ DID: 6279 1725 yek_lay_kheng@ sarah_tan@ DID: 6279 1149 DID: 6279 9312 Executive DID: 6279 1743 DID: 6279 1181 Gen DID: 6279 1722 Executive Executive Channel Development DID: 6279 1722 Executive Officer Executive Branding Channel Development Executive Marketing Marketing Even Marketing Domestic & International Marketing ServicesConsumer & Corporate Domestic & International Farah’Ain Niza farah_ain@ Siti Mas Ayu siti_mas_ayu@ DID: 6279 9323 Coordinator DID: 6279 9319 Branding Co-Ordinator Marketing Services Consumer & Corporate