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Sentosa island and sentosa brand


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Sentosa island and sentosa brand

  1. 1. Sentosa Brand and Sentosa Island Brand
  2. 2. Sentosa Brand Evolution Positioning Communication Challenge Take a new lookSingapore’s Island Resort & Discover more Discover your SentosaSingapore’s Leisure District Invitation Come PlayAsia’s Premium Leisure Asia’s Premium Playground Destination Aspiration Build on this Make message ‘bigger’ to reflect new additions to Sentosa
  3. 3. Sentosa: New Brand Challenges1. Geography From a geographic perspective Sentosa is growing. This needs to be Educate and change communicated along with re- consumers perceptions educating the public who have pre- and habits conceived ideas on what constitutes Sentosa2. Marriage! Sentosa Island and Sentosa Harbour Find a common strategic platform that unify them Front have strong, distinguished and whilst also allowing them complimentary identities to have their own identity
  4. 4. Sentosa Geographic Segmentation to Theme Segmentation Island: Resort life Harbour Front: Urban Life• Sentosa Island • Vivo City – Beach-life (sun and sand, events and parties) • St James Power Station – Sport & Leisure (golf, watersport, • Singapore Cable Car karting/luge, spa) • Harbour Front Cruise Centre – Nature & Heritage (trails, heritage • Mount Faber sites) • Foot Hills – Attractions (monuments, sites, theme park)• Resort World• Sentosa Cove• Southern Islands
  5. 5. Unifying Sentosa Island and SentosaThe Sentosa ‘Mother Brand’ DNA forms the foundation for both Sentosa Island and Sentosa and unifies the communications PERSONALITY VALUES Vivacious Diversity Generous Freedom Welcoming Community spirit E BELIEFS Accessibility Quality PURE PLEASURE Choice
  6. 6. The Brand Essence: Pure Pleasure In 2002 Sentosa Island developed its brand essence around Pleasure PURE Simple Naïve Original PLEASURE A fundamental feeling A source of happiness An activity that affords enjoyment
  7. 7. The Positioning: Asia’s Riviera ASIA A Destination‘Bigger than Singapore’talks to our international audience Riviera Premium Sophisticated Glamorous
  8. 8. Sentosa ‘Mother Brand’ DNA Platform Sentosa ‘Mother Brand’ must work with an internationalaudience whilst unifying all Sentosa communications, locally and internationally Brand Essence ‘Pure Pleasure’ Positioning ‘Asia’s Riviera’ Proposition ‘Unforgettable’
  9. 9. Sentosa’s Brand Architecture Encapsulates Sentosa and Sentosa Island Sentosa Mother Brand Brand Essence: Pure Pleasure Positioning: Asia’s Riviera Proposition: ‘Unforgettable’ (Island) ‘Resort Life’ (Harbour Front) ‘Urban Life’Proposition: ? Proposition: ?
  10. 10. ‘Resort Life’ Through The ‘Identity Prism’ Island, beach, nature, Unpretentious, attraction, luxury Friendly, Laid Back Physique PersonalityAn ally Outdoorsy / Fun Relationship Culture and Tranquility / Peacefulness Customers’ Customers’ Self- Reflection ProjectionEnjoying life riches I am just treating myself
  11. 11. ‘Resort Life’ Customer Value Proposition• For Resort life the proposition aims to encapsulate the feeling of the ‘real you’ when you spend time out relaxing or doing something stimulating, away from the grind of everyday life.• The proposition talks to the individual inside of you that holds your vitality; your sense of adventure and your inner happiness.• The proposition: ‘Brings out the life in you’
  13. 13. Sentosa’s Brand Architecture Encapsulating Sentosa Island and Sentosa Brand Sentosa Mother Brand DNA Platform Brand Essence: Pure Pleasure Positioning: Asia’s Riviera Proposition: ‘Unforgettable’ (Island) ‘Resort Life’ (Harbour Front) ‘Urban Life’Proposition: ? Proposition: ?
  14. 14. Defining Urban Life through the ‘Identity Prism’ Seafront Promenade, Southern Connection Vibrant, Classy, Modern Physique Personality Romance/A cosmopolitan friend Relationship Culture Sensuality and Fun/Vitality Customers’ Customers’ Self- Reflection Projection A statement of ‘good living’ I am experiencing an indulgent life
  15. 15. ‘Urban Life’ Customer Value Proposition• This proposition aims to communicate the experience you will have when you visit the ‘Harbour Front’ area.• It entices with a message of sophistication and glamour with a distinct cosmopolitan feel. It offers the opportunity to experience life in a different way, but one that is not pretentious or exclusive.• The proposition: ‘Art of Living’
  16. 16. QuickTime™ and aTIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. ART OF LIVING
  17. 17. Sentosa’s Unifying Brand Architecture Sentosa Mother Brand Platform Brand Essence: Pure Pleasure Positioning: Asia’s Riviera Proposition: ‘Unforgettable’ Resort Life Urban LifeProposition: ‘Brings out the Life in you’ Proposition: ‘Art of Living’
  18. 18. Sentosa Brand House Senots Mother Same Brand but Brand DNA Brand Different Corporate Brand Platform AudiencesSentosa Island Sentosa Stays the same Becomes Sentosa Sentosa ‘Resort Life’ ‘Urban Life’