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Let it be said I thought of this first

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Rsaf hd camo

  1. 1. Wraparound HDCamouflage Patterns BusAds Aircraft Solution to Break-Up Aircraft & Equipment Outlines
  2. 2. Air Warfare Challenge► Split upper/lower color camouflage patterns reveal aircraft belly on banking► Contrasting lower surface colors with backgrounds compromise aircraft’s position and maneuver
  3. 3. Air Warfare Case Study (Learning)► F-105G Weasel Thud (Vietnam)► Two Tone, Green & Sand (upper surface) with Light Green (belly)► Aircraft flashed ‘White’ on low-level banking giving away position
  4. 4. Air Warfare Case Study (Applications)► F-105 Weasel Thud Green & Sand Camouflage applied to belly► F-4G Weasels and A-10’s Committed to wrap around camouflage► Split upper grey and lower blue or black camouflage used as far back as 50’s by RAF► There are many more examples
  5. 5. Military Aircraft Camouflage Considerations► Mostly depends on aircraft operating environment► Considerations could include:  low level daylight operations  bombardment  maritime strikes  reconnaissance roles  air to air detection  large aircraft concealment, etc.
  6. 6. Air Warfare Concerns Today► Perspective shift in air warfare strategy► Concern is with air surveillance detection► Reduction of radar emissions
  7. 7. Relationship Camouflage & Radar When Radar CamouflageCannot be Challenged Is Crucial When Radar Camouflage Is Is Challenged Less Critical Where Radar Is Ineffective Camouflage Is Critical To Aircraft Defense
  9. 9. BusAds Aircraft Recommendation HD Camouflage Graphics► Effective HD Camouflage Graphics Design  To minimize contrast between plane and sky  Use of multicolored schemes to confuse eye  Further reduce airframe radiation (solar and friction) with use of infrared suppressing paints and coatings containing Zinc Sulphide
  10. 10. BusAds Aircraft Recommendation HD Camouflage Graphics► Meet all aircraft coatings system properties:  Adhesion  Abrasion  Aircraft coating system  Corrosion protection  Camouflage optics  Solvent resistance
  11. 11. BusAds Aircraft Credentials► Established in 1983► Complete production facilities are fully in-house► Entire installation capability and teams are internal and full-time
  12. 12. BusAds Aircraft Credentials► Since 2000 Bus Ads Aircraft is the Authorized 3M Scotchprint Graphics Production & Installation Facility
  13. 13. BusAds Aircraft Has POA Certification (issued by CAAS)► In 2007 BusAds Aircraft secures Production Organization Approval (POA)► Certification issued by Civil Aviation Authority Singapore (CAAS)
  14. 14. BusAds Aircraft Has SAR Clearance in Compliance with SAN► CAAS requires all aircraft and aircraft related vendors to meet the Singapore Air Worthiness Requirements (SAR) This sets out the minimum requirements for aircraft and aircraft vendors which must be complied with in addition obligations imposed under the Singapore Air Navigations Order (SAN)
  15. 15. BusAds Aircraft Meets BAS and MOU Agreements► SAR-21 Subpart J Organizations producing aircraft or aircraft parts in Singapore must hold a Production Organizational Approval (POA) This approval is administered by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and is recognized by all parties that Singapore has a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BAS) or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Eg. United States of America
  16. 16. Promotion of Air Safety Agreement USA & Singapore Governments Facilitating Acceptance of Each Party’s Airworthiness Approvals USA approves companies endorsed by CAAS
  17. 17. Certificate of Products & ArticlesDesign & Production Organization SAR 21 Singapore Air Worthiness Requirement Production Organization Approval (POA) Organizations producing articles in Singapore which are subject to oversight by the Authority through a technical arrangement with a foreign aviation authority under a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding must hold a POA
  18. 18. BusAds Aircraft Singapore’s Only Approved► Production and installation of aircraft decals► Applications for both interior and exterior adhesions
  19. 19. Boeing & Airbus Approvals We have qualified the new films 3M 7704… We confirm that 3M VS 7704 is We have qualified thequalified to BMS10-26 Type 7 and new films 3M 7704… 8…
  20. 20. StandardCommercial Application
  21. 21. StandardCommercial Application
  22. 22. StandardCommercial Application
  23. 23. StandardCommercial Application
  24. 24. StandardCommercial Application
  25. 25. StandardCommercial Application
  26. 26. StandardCommercial Application
  27. 27. StandardCommercial Application
  28. 28. StandardCommercial Application
  29. 29. StandardCommercial Application
  30. 30. StandardCommercial Application
  31. 31. StandardCommercial Application
  32. 32. StandardCommercial Application
  33. 33. StandardCommercial Application
  34. 34. StandardCommercial Application
  35. 35. ComplexCommercial Application
  36. 36. ComplexCommercial Application
  37. 37. ComplexCommercial Application
  38. 38. ComplexCommercial Application
  39. 39. ComplexCommercial Application
  40. 40. ComplexCommercial Application
  41. 41. ComplexCommercial Application
  42. 42. ComplexCommercial Application
  43. 43. ComplexCommercial Application
  44. 44. RecommendedApplication Framework Area’s requiring emulsion based application Area’s within 16” of vertical and horizontal leading edges requiring emulsion application
  45. 45. SIA Airbus A380 Paint Job some 100 painters working four shifts. The whole paint process took 21 days to complete Over 2,200 liters of chromate-free paint was used for painting the aircraft that has a surface area of 3100 m²
  46. 46. BusAds AircraftA320 Graphics Application Print Production Timeline 60 hours per side Application Installation Timeline 36 hours per side
  47. 47. Setting The Standard HD Camouflage Pattern► Breaks up aircraft and equipment outlines► Reduced compromise on maneuver and position► Reduce air surveillance and radar detection► Significantly reduced down time► Improved deployment capability at short notice► Setting a world’s first for RSAF
  48. 48. RSAFFixed Wing Application
  49. 49. RSAFFixed Wing Application
  50. 50. RSAFRotary Wing Application
  51. 51. RSAFOther Applications
  52. 52. Next Steps► To set in place a trial run for application:  Fixed wing aircraft ►Jet ►Turbo-propeller  Rotary wing aircraft  Other applications
  53. 53. Concurrent Next Steps► The RSAF, DSTA, ST guidance and recommendation for HD camouflage graphic pattern development and design on:  Fixed Wing  Rotary Wing  Other
  54. 54. BusAds AircraftThe Only CAAS Authorized & Approved Manufacturer & Installer for 3M Scotchprint Graphics Thank You Mr. R. Bala For Giving Opportunity to Present Potential for Our Product