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B & m revised


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B & m revised

  1. 1. sentosaBuilding A Destination Brand November 2006
  2. 2. Sydney is not Australia … On a map, Sydney is inside Australia.But in the mind, “Sydney” and “Australia” are in two different placesSydney is sophisticated, Australia is not Singapore is dull, sentosa must not
  3. 3. Began In 2002• New identity developed.• Brand platform completed.• Brand campaign launched.• Broad marketing strategy implemented.
  4. 4. Guests At sentosasentosa Guest Profilesentosa Guests comprise 49% tourists and 51% residents.The gender spread is has been consistent and continues to be slightly skewedtowards males (60%).Additionally it is useful to note that amongst resident visitors, age groupsarriving tend to be younger, 15 to 24 years (40%) and 25 to 34 years (31%).With more singles (62%).The profile for tourists tend to include older age groups tending to be married(61%) with recognizable proportions being Empty Nesters.Top arrivals came from India, China, Japan, UK, Australia and Malaysia.
  5. 5. The Current PositionTake A New Look / Discover More Brand CampaignThe campaign achieved its key objective of informing its target audience thatsentosa has new facilities, new attractions and a new look. It has alsoimproved perceptions about sentosa. Most important of all, it helped attract 5million guests in 2004.- 72% respondents claimed they had seen the campaign.- 40% “sentosa has new facilities/attractions/look”.- 57% perceptions of sentosa improved after seeing the campaign.- 69% confirmed more likely to visit after the campaign.- sentosa top of mind 53%, Zoo 21%
  6. 6. The Existing Framework Has Enabled- Alignment with tourism board initiatives both domestically and regionally.-Strengthened sentosa’s brand identity.-B2B approach in foreign markets.-B2C approach in domestic markets.-Use of Take A New Look (domestic) and Discover More (international).-Inclusion of attractions / partners into overall sentosa branding campaign-Focused promotion for key location based events (Siloso NYE Splash, sentosa Flowers, FOY, Jazz By The Beach, Arabian Nites, etc.)
  7. 7. The Objectives2006 and beyond calls for positive development on: -Visitor Spending -Investment Commitment -Share Of Tourist Arrivals -Visitor Satisfaction
  8. 8. Branding
  9. 9. The Brand Moving ForwardThere are 3 stages to the sentosa brand journey.Currently we are at the end of stage one. Successful definition of thebrand’s salience has been installed (2002 to 2006)Definition of this is now starting to take root (2006 to 2008).Confirmation (2008 onwards).
  10. 10. The Brand Moving ForwardThe sentosa brand has begun to show some traction, but more remains tobe done.Positioning Current Situation NextDomestic Invite them to makeTake A New Look They have. Now what? it a behavioural habitInternational This makes sentosa a Make sentosa aSingapore’s Island Resort consequence, must choose choice destination inDiscover More to visit Singapore first in its own right
  11. 11. Shifting Beyond Being Singapore Centric Asia’s Premium Playground Transition Point Singapore’s Island Resort
  12. 12. The Brand Moving Forward The new position will provide a credible longer term platform for both the main brand and the three sub-brands. Domestic International Recognized Beach Domestic Market Recognized Activity Sentosa Singapore Recognized NatureAmongst domestic visitors, sentosa must come to be Internationally, the sentosa brand must recognized as one of Asia’s leading project and most dynamic leisure destinations in a powerful regional promise, order to make visiting a regular habit that stands parallel to host Singapore Creation of domestic sentosa Ambassador base
  13. 13. Conveying The Brand Idea sentosa Asia’s Premium sentosa Playground Come Play! Sunny & VISION Landscaped Attractions DISRUPTIVE IDEA Singapore’sIsland ResortCONVENTION
  14. 14. Moving Forward sentosa sentosa Come Play Asia’s Premium PlaygroundSingapore’s Island Resort Stage 1 Stage 2 Come Play II Take A New Look Introduction & Preparation Stage 3 Discover More (all main (all main features announced) features available)As with any change with brand expression, itsalways useful to have accompaniment bysignificant symbolic milestones, such as:- the launch of a new major facility (express) Launch of- the announcement of a bold new plan (FR) major new facilities- a major international events (Clipper, Forbes, Installation ofSingapore Open) different Corporate & Island Brand
  15. 15. Special Projects(Branding Vehicles)
  16. 16. sentosa/STB/EDB/Forbes Administrative ManagementObjective: Strategies:sentosa, to establish and maintain a leadership role with Maintain leadership and working relationships intourism and Singapore business related, organizations relevant tourist board, government and privateand institutions to ensure that sentosa’s activities organizations. Specific to the unique business / golfingare beneficial to the sentosa island community and event proprietary to sentosa. This being the Forbesbeyond. Global CEO Conferences and BUB Dinner’s woven with the Singapore Open. Maintain ongoing relationship with sentosa island partner community to enhance overall marketing opportunity. Develop other strong private partnerships (MTV, MediaCorp Radio, Discovery etc.) that will increase the scope and reach of the marketing and advertising.
  17. 17. The Singapore Open, The Clipper & Other Mega Sports MarketingObjectives: Strategies:Be known as the Home of The Singapore Open. Establish sentosa as iconic destinations integral to the success and popularity of the tour. This should beCoordinate sporting event partnerships that will create made an underlying principle across the existing sportingdistinction and add stature to sentosa’s current and events of The Singapore Open, The Clipper, The Terryintended positioning. Fox Run and other appropriate vehicles identified by a selective taskforce (Events). The latter to be addressed by Marketing Development of educational opportunities and incentive programmes that will enhance the selling abilities of sports alliance partners.
  18. 18. Tourism Academy & Educational Programme PartnershipsObjective: Strategies:Coordinate with relevant educational platforms to Use of technology to enable Tourism Academy to becreate and enhance sentosa’s profile amongst more featured in a topical and up-to-date manner within thediscerning domestic and international audiences. sentosa web-site. Buy into and sponsorship of border and cultural crossing, educational programmes (World Intervarsity Debate). Feature of World Intervarsity Debate details in a prominent fashion on sentosa web-site.
  19. 19. Research
  20. 20. ResearchObjectives: Strategies:Analyze the visitor volume, trip trends and visitor profile Analyze performance of tactical advertising related toof consumers that visit sentosa, as well as Singapore sales efforts, such as conversion studies, return onvisitor ship trends. investment and other advertising impact studies as appropriate.Assess performance of sentosa’s tourism industry. Develop a market share history of STB’s primary and secondary markets, to quantify STB’s marketing activities and to establish a visitor profile to sentosa. Continue intercept studies (incorporating guest satisfaction) of visitors at sentosa’s Visitor Arrival Center and other key arrival points.
  21. 21. Marketing
  22. 22. Overall Marketing DirectionsFor the immediate future (up until sentosa Express is fully operational),sentosa will build on the success of past by continuing to actively marketsentosa as Singapore’s Island ResortIncreasingly the Discover More position will replace Take A New Look indomestic contextEven greater emphasis must be placed on international markets.Specifically, India(309446/$410m/5.8d), Japan(434064/$320m/2.4d/FIT & Gp), UK(387970/$271m/3.2d/FIT)and China(568497/$270m/2.8d)Possible adoption of Indonesia (Jkt.) (1341708/$1,061m/3.1d/FIT) as extension ofdomestic market, not unlike Malaysia (KL) (439413/$174m/1.8d/FIT)Closer focus on Australia(392898/$242m/3d/FIT) marketDomestic focus March to July to make up for weak tourist arrivals thenJan(641000)/Feb(613000)/Mar(559000)/Apr(203000)/May(177000)/Jun(316000)/Jul(540000)/Aug(602000)/Sep(556000)/Oct(586000)/Nov(635000)/Dec(691000)
  23. 23. Island Visitor DevelopmentObjective: Strategies:To promote visitation to sentosa’s related attractions and Work with all sentosa attractions, events andbusinesses and coordinate island wide, a uniformed departments to continue the sentosa design gridsentosa design and application programme. programme. Promote location based signature programmes for sentosa’s attractions (tours/content/etc) and events.
  24. 24. sentosa A & E PromotionObjective: Strategies:To pitch and promote sentosa owned attractions and Develop and install individual and customized 12 monthevents to the tourist and domestic markets respectively. marketing communications programmes. These programmes are developed in isolation treating each event or attraction as a individual products. This should significant shift to use true broadcast (outdoor) to reach the FIT tourist markets. And specific niche programmes to reach niche domestic audiences. Where applicable, integrating with collective mainland cluster initiatives (ex. museum round table, heritage sites) for greater impact on the FIT tourist segments is catered for.
  25. 25. Website & Email BlastsObjectives: Strategies:Continue to maintain the most up-to-date information Provide on-line platform for the Sales, Marketingresource for the web-site with facilities to simplified Communications units.Mandarin and MICE Sales micro site. Continual messaging programme for Islander membersMaintain and grow database pool of Sentosa loyalist. and also weekend event promotion.Provide link and stage for island partners and other Feature of the month highlightsentosa
  26. 26. Telemarketing, Direct Response & SponsorshipObjectives: Strategies:Use telemarketing and fulfillment program for consumer Sale of domestic packages and programmes, ex.outreach, such as direct mail, bulk mailings and surveys. Islander Club Membership.Secure sponsorship for Sentosa Signature Events. To locate and install out-sourced facility.
  27. 27. F&B And RetailObjectives: Strategies:Coordinate sentosa’s F & B and Retail offering to on- Develop and install point of contact and distributionisland visitors. vehicles that will reach, direct and eventually convert on-island guests. Currently this takes the form of on-isle banners, leaflets, inclusion in maps etc. Of worthy exploration would be possible tie-up or build into MICE programmes. Signature catering by sentosa and a sentosa giveaway that’s identifiable and memorable.
  28. 28. International Trade Support
  29. 29. International MarketingObjectives: Strategies:To promote sentosa as a travel destination to the Support participation in targeted India, China and Japaninternational travelers who: based international travel marketplaces, FAM tours and- is already arriving in significant numbers to ignore marketing for the travel trade. Work with- are coming from destinations with group/ mice Communications could install and run a continual programmes worth tapping on. public relations programme targeted at the both the- exhibiting reasonable lengths of stay consumer and trade in those relevant countries. Suggest producing Holiday Planning Guides compliment- ting leading travel-trade shows in those countries. These could be titled 2006 CITM Holiday Planning Guide (consumer or trade focus will depend on genre of show) Co-op advertising and awareness campaigns highlightingIndia 309446, China 568497, Japan 434064 trade show participation could also be explored.India 5.8 days, China 2.8 days, Japan 2.4above are not so much FIT skewed
  30. 30. Packaged Travel & Trade MarketingObjectives: Strategies:Expand and strengthen tourism marketing alliances with Suggest and identify new products for inclusion.sentosa’s private sector business partners and STB This could extend beyond sentosa’s shores as we knowtourism offices. it now to include joint marketing initiatives with the Singapore Cruise Center, Mount Faber Leisure GroupMarket sentosa’s travel and tour products directly to and Vivo City etc.buyers through participation at trade shows, salesmeetings and marketplaces Suggest for sentosa’s marketing partners to have direct contact with clients through sales promotions at variousIncrease the direct sales opportunities for sentosa trade shows. Currently STB takes this role with limitedisland partners to those travel buyers who have success for sentosa stakeholders.destination selection influence. Specific to personality projection at international trade marketing opportunities, uniformed booth design / application, extending to dress and collateral hand outs must be coordinated / managed. Identify and install common contractor. The latter (collaterals) will include partnership developed programs produced and undertaken by sentosa.
  31. 31. STB Visitor Centers & Tourist Information PointsObjectives: Strategies:To provide quality and timely information to potential To create clear distinction between on and off-islandvisitors. collateral formats.These would be travel trade and direct consumer in To pitch collective sentosa brochures against individualinternational context and mostly consumer in a attraction leaflets.domestic context. Install and manage update and refresh system across allEnsure full stockpile at all centers and points. STB offices and visitor information points worldwide. Take over prime positions in all domestic attraction rack brochures across all 99 hotels.
  32. 32. STB PublicationsObjectives: Strategies:Inclusion in all of STB publications to compel all STB’s Research full list and systematically engineer inclusion,primary audiences, the consumer and the trade be it by listings, programmes, events, contact details, selected. whatever etc.
  33. 33. General
  34. 34. AdvertisingObjectives: Strategies:Generate greater consumer interest and desire to make For buy into all markets, a vertical and niche mediasentosa a behavioral habit to increase visits from selection is recommended. National buys may almostdomestic market (Malay, Indon?) always prove too expensive.Generate greater consumer awareness of sentosa Generate awareness to all visitors at points ofas a destination in India and China. disembarkation, airports, land arrivals and cruise centers.Aggressively cross-promote and advertise sentosa in The latter being of growing popularity and proximity.tandem with STB’s market focus.
  35. 35. Lastly, If It Isnt Broke Don’t Fix It We need to maintain a deliberate,consistent and on-going branding programme in 2006 and beyond. This is over all other Marketing Programs.
  36. 36. Thank You