Global Creativity Award Circuit; How to Win International Advertising Awards


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How do you win and ADVERTISING AWARD? Do Advertising Awards really mean any thing these days? Get all the scoops and industry best kept secrete with MauRs' Global Creativity Award Circuit Guide…and you might just win GOLD.

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Global Creativity Award Circuit; How to Win International Advertising Awards

  1. 1. •  UNDERSTANDING THE GLOBAL AWARD CIRCUIT. Jury Selection. Nominations. Awards Process
  2. 2. GLOBAL ADVERTISING AWARDS. Are they really worth the Blind Spot?
  3. 3. •  NIGERIA’S FIRST INTERNATIONAL STORY “The fact that it won awards was a happy recognition, not the goal.” EPICA SILVER 2012 : DDB LAGOS
  5. 5. •  We live in the era of the ideas economy, and creativity matters. • it provides a reasoned, thoughtful, and inspired viewpoint in a world that would otherwise be dominated by the almighty KPI • Strategic and creative excellence are a competitive advantage in today’s global market. • Validation to agency/client stake/shareholders • Industry bragging right. A CASE FOR GLOBAL AWARDS SHOWS.
  6. 6. Let’s Get Down To Bizniz. - Best award shows - Award Show Profile.
  7. 7. •  10. Commercial Film Producers Young Director Awards 9. London International Awards 8. Clio Awards 7. British Arrows 6. Adfest 5.  ACP Show 4. The APA Show 3. The One Show 2. D&AD 1. Cannes Lions Top 10 Intl. Award Shows (the beak street bugle)
  8. 8. •  6. LAIF Awards 5.  African Crystal 4. Dubai Lynx (next to clinch) 3. Loeries 2. Epica Awards 1. Cannes Lions (must clinch) Nigeria’s Award List (Mostly DDB Lagos’)
  9. 9. •  Stems from Greek mythology, (muse of history & the celebrator of accomplishments) Fewer than 10% of submissions survive the first round Less than 3% of all entries receive a statue Less than 1% receive the coveted Gold CLIO. Tough odds that some agencies and individuals don't want to mess with. But, when you win, it makes it an even more prized victory. Chances of winning a CLIO – Minuscule Bragging rights – Monumental Effect - Surviving the tough judging procedure wins you some major praise. The Clio. 1959 (Wallace A. Ross)
  10. 10. •  The D&AD 1962 (Alan Fletcher, David Bailey & Terence Donovan) Arguably the biggest and the best Refuses to hand out gongs if the work isn't good enough. 2500 entries, 16 winners. The standards for for a D&AD are so tough, they have an award for getting a nomination. If you win a D&AD pencil, you're exceptional. If you win a D&AD Gold, well, you've just elevated yourself to a creative deity. Chances of winning a D&AD pencil - Very, very slim Bragging rights - Massive and forever
  11. 11. •  Perceived as the US equivalent of the D&AD Often more coveted in the US than the D&AD Just like the D&AD, the standards are very high. Takes solid work and major confidence to even consider entering. Chances are, you won't see a win. But for those few that do win a One Show pencil, it's champagne and caviar to celebrate. Chances of winning a One Show pencil - Very slim Bragging rights - Enormous and lengthy Effect - With its US connection, they're the Oscar's of advertising. The One Show
  12. 12. •  A group of worldwide cinema screen advertising contractors (SAWA) felt like advertising should receive similar recognition to the movies playing at the Cannes Film Festival. Honors everything from advertising and design to creative effectiveness Cannes not only gives out awards, they also impart knowledge. Cannes speaker series assembles the who's who of the advertising and design elite, adding serious credibility to the awards. Again, if the work isn't absolutely dynamite, save your money. The standards are high and the competition is fierce Chances of winning a Cannes Lion – Slim Bragging rights – Colossal Effect - A Cannes Lion means a few extra stripes on your creative epaulets. The Cannes Lion (1954)
  13. 13. Oh Yes We Cannes. -  How to win a Lion - - Best kept secret tips on Cannes Lions.
  14. 14. •  Cannes Lions Jury Members Human Beings Some of the best minds in the global industry Hall of Fame-(rs) Multiple Grand Prix winners Fair Curious Too big a group to be bias
  15. 15. •  The Cannes Lions Process Hollywood style welcome party Introductions Rules of engagement 1. Generating shortlists 2. Voting shortlists 3. Voting for metal winners 1. Pre-judging 2. First Phase of Judging 3. Shortlist day 4. Awarding Lions 5. The Grand Prix Cannes Lions as It is Mobile: The whole 9 yards The Stages of Judging
  16. 16. •  Stage 1. Pre-judging In May, all jurors are given a link with login and password Instructions are given to judge 1/3 of the Lions entries One page per-entry with a video, a URL for access via a mobile device and detailed text After viewing/re-viewing the videos and material, each Juror grade entries on a scale of 1-9
  17. 17. •  Scoring Formula 1-3: Entries that are scored to recommend being disqualifying from the shortlist 4-6: Entries to indicate a potential candidate for the shortlist 7-9: For an entry that should definitely be shortlisted and could be a Lion winner At the end of this stage, approximately 455 (Mobile) entries had been eliminated.
  18. 18. •  Approximately 250 campaigns are judged each day Video case study of each entry was viewed in turn and each juror grading on a scale of 1-9 Very little discussion The jury president encourages the jury to judging a rapid pace, leaving chats for pieces that made the shortlist Cannes Lions computerized voting system automatically dismisses the “patriotic-vote” avoiding any judge to give higher marks to entries of ones country an alert is sent to the jury president if anyone tries Stage 2. First phase of Judging
  19. 19. Takeout. Strategy: 20% Idea: 40% Execution : 40% Results: 20% Nishad Ramachandran Award Points
  20. 20. Takeout. Ideas - Simple - Smart - Not Confusing Strategy - Sharp - Original - Valid Execution - Unusual Results - Precise - Measurable
  21. 21. •  Stage 3. Shortlist Day Out of 97 of the mobile entries - about 10% of the total entries- made the final shortlist Video cases are watched again upon request, category by category until voting was made. The Jury President askes the Judges to raise their hands if entries should be dropped If 2/3s of the Jurors showed hands, then bye-bye campaign Next a jury has the chance to recommend an entry to return to the shortlist Selecting a campaign from one’s own agency was not allowed. From one’s country is unfair Each Juror gets to defend their choice, this was put to vote & a new show of hands take place If 2/3rds of the Jurors agreed, welcome back campaign to the big league.
  22. 22. Takeout. While Jurors are looking for ideas and execution, they are also looking for strategy and results. Cueing these elements intelligently in the board and in the entry form could improve the chances of being successful. Show numbers in results not %. Be careful with local nuances. Some get completely lost.
  23. 23. •  Stage 4. Awarding Lions With a revised shortlist of 98, the Jury enter another session of voting For each contender, there would be a chat, and the Presido would ask which deserved Gold If 2/3 of hands were raised, bingo…we have a GOLD. This goes on till bronze, and if it does not meet the minimum, it remains in the short list. The process is very dynamic, clear and direct.
  24. 24. Show numbers in results not %. Be careful with local nuances. Some get completely lost Pay a lot of attention to the description of the category and subcategory Do not forget the craft category. If the campaign is more beautiful less idea…the Craft it is. Takeout.
  25. 25. •  Stage 5. Grand Prix All Gold campaigns are eligible for the Grand Prix Each Juror writes down his or her 3 favourite campaigns, and signs The Campaign with the highest votes wins the Grand Pix. The Ultimate accolade. The Jury President has the Veto to choose in the case of a tie campaign Canne staff observers are always on hand to observe the jury process.
  26. 26. •  Golden Tips. Do not underestimate the impact of a well-crafted video case study The perfect video case study is no more than 1;30 minutes long and lightweight If you choose to re-enter the same campaign in diff. categories, consider making diff. videos. Finally, watch all case videos of winning campaigns.
  27. 27. •  MIND ……….. FINALE! A DDBA paper for @mauricechike.
  28. 28. Many thanks to: Nishad Ramachandran for his work: Jury-Point of View and Leo Xavier for his piece: Confessions of A Cannes Mobile Lions Jury Member Thank you. MauRs.