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Qatar Airways

  1. 1. QATAR AIRWAYS2012 Worlds Best Airline
  3. 3. A. QAtAr AirwAys• Qatar Airways Company Q.C.S.C.• Operating as Qatar Airways• The state-owned flag carrier of Qatar.• Headquartered in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha.• Operates a hub-and-spoke network, linking over 100 international destinations from its base in Doha.• Using a fleet of 110 aircraft.• Airline of the Year 2012 at the Skytrax World Airline Awards.
  4. 4. B. QAtAr AirwAys i. History & Background• Qatar Airways was established on 22 November 1993.• The airline started its operations on January 20, 1994 using a wet- leased Boeing 767-200ER from Kuwait Airways.• It was originally owned privately by members of the royal family of Qatar.• Then it was re-launched in 1997, under a new management team.• Currently, the government of Qatar holds 50% stake in the airline with the rest held by private investors.
  5. 5. II. CompAny AffAirs And identity
  6. 6. A. divisions• Qatar Airways has many divisions including:1. Qatar Aircraft Catering Company2. Doha International Airport3. Qatar Airways Holidays4. United Media Int.5. Qatar Duty Free6. Qatar Aviation Services7. Qatar Distribution Company8. Qatar Executive.
  7. 7. B. CArgo• Qatar Airways Cargo,• the airlines freight branch, has ordered three Boeing 777F.• The first Boeing 777F was delivered to the airline in on 14 May 2010, and has freight facilities able to handle 750,000 tonnes of cargo per annum during its first development phase.• The Boeing 777F will be used primarily on Qatar Airways Far East and European routes and will be supplemented by Airbus A300-600F freighters operating on regional routes feeding the airlines hub.
  8. 8. C. nAturAl gAs to liQuid fuel demonstrAtion• On 12 October 2009, a Qatar Airways Airbus A340-600 conducted the worlds first commercial passenger flight using a mixture of kerosene and synthetic Gas-to- Liquid (GTL) fuel, produced from natural gas, on its flight from Londons Gatwick Airport to Doha.• Positioning natural gas in particular as an alternative source of jet fuel is in the interests of the Qatari government; Qatar is the worlds leading exporter of natural gas. However, some experts believe that GTL fuel is likely to remain a marginal choice due to an expensive production process
  9. 9. d. CABin Crew• Qatar Airways cabin crew was voted Best Cabin Crew in the Middle East for the seventh consecutive year at the 2009 Skytrax airline awards. The airline has over 120 nationalities among its cabin crew.
  10. 10. d. CABin Crew (interview) Why do you think is Qatar Airways considered as the best airlines for this year?“All of the crew gives their best, they make sure that customers are satisfied, they pay attention even to small details.” – Ms. Marie (Economy Purser/Supervisor/FA) What different kind of services do you have or give your customers? “We have lounges for the first & business class customers. For example, the first class have their own rooms, choice of food, Jacuzzi, we give every necessity they need as much as possible. We, as FA’s should know or call them by their names already which makes them feel special.” –Ms. Marie (Economy purser/supervisor/FA)
  11. 11. d. CABin Crew (interview) What do you think is the edge of this airline among other leading airlines which made it rank the top?“The crew and the services we offer to the customers” – Ms. Marie (Economy Purser/Supervisor/FA)
  12. 12. III. destinAtions
  13. 13. destinAtions• As of September 2012, Qatar Airways serves 123 destinations and Qatar Airways Cargo serves 35 (including 28 destinations served by Qatar Airways also) destinations in 67 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania from its hub at Doha International Airport, making it one of only a handful of airlines to fly to all six inhabited continents.
  14. 14. IV. FLEET
  15. 15. Current fleet• As of April 2012, the Qatar Airways fleet consists of 110 aircraft, with an a average age of 4.9 years. :Airbus A319-100LR Airbus A350-800Airbus A320-200 Airbus A350-900Airbus A319 Airbus A350-1000Airbus A320 Boeing 777-200LRAirbus A321 Boeing 777-300ERAirbus A321-200 Boeing 787Airbus A330-200Airbus A330-300
  16. 16. V. CABin
  17. 17. A. first ClAss
  18. 18. A. first ClAss• Qatar Airways offers First Class passengers• over 6.5 feet of legroom and seats that fold into flat beds with feather duvets.• equipped with massage functions and an entertainment system.• Enjoy 5-star dining at 35,000 feet, with an exquisite ten- course meal offering a medley of tantalizing delights such as caviar, lobster, Arabic mezzas and fine chocolates. Complementing Qatar Airways’ delectable menu is a selection of fine wines & champagnes from our cellars. Bon Appetite!
  19. 19. A. first ClAss• Once onboard, prepare to turn your personal space into : A 5-star restaurant, A full-featured Cineplex in the sky, An office, or A completely flat bed enveloped by a feather duvet.• The choice is yours and Qatar Airways’ award- winning international crew will be happy to serve you.• Qatar Airways is proud to be the worlds 5-star airline.
  20. 20. B. Business ClAss
  21. 21. B. Business ClAss• Experience a liberating sense of comfort and space onboard Qatar Airways Business Class.• Awarded World’s Leading Business Class at the 16th World Travel Awards 2009,• Qatar Airways signature product features : 180 degree flat bed seats foot rest with 8 in-seat massage settings In-seat power supply on selected routes. With touch-screen in-flight entertainment, 15.4” monitors, and, over 770 audio and visual options, “It is a treat for your senses.”
  22. 22. B. Business ClAss• In-flight Cuisine Qatar Airways’ award-winning chefs select only the best ingredients to conjure up an exquisite and eclectic menu. The in flight fine dining is perfectly paired with an award-winning premium selection of the world’s fine wines and Champagnes. Qatar Airways service is flexible and you are free to dine-on-demand or a la carte.So, rest or work and dine whenever you please.
  23. 23. C. eConomy ClAss5-stAr Comfort in the sky
  24. 24. C. eConomy ClAss• Take a 5-star journey onboard Qatar Airways, as they take Economy Class to a new level with a wider global reach, heritage of hospitality and modern fleet.• Qatar Airways’ Economy Class product features space and comfort beyond measure, an award-winning cabin crew, a wide choice of entertainment, and the freedom to work and play.
  25. 25. C. eConomy ClAss• Indulge yourself in Qatar Airways’ one-of- a-kind inflight entertainment system, Qatar Airways is the first international airline to introduce live digital satellite TV.Newly installed headphones are designed to enhance your audio entertainment on board.
  26. 26. C. eConomy ClAss• As you take to the skies you will get a taste of international cuisines from Europe, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East and Far-East with complimentary beverages.
  27. 27. VI. plAns And progrAms of QAtAr AirwAys
  28. 28. A. fleet• Qatar Airways currently has ordered 246 aircrafts.
  29. 29. B. new destinAtions Kigali, Rwanda (21st March 2012) Zagreb, Croatia (9th May 2012) Erbil, Iraq (23rd May 2012) Baghdad, Iraq (7th June 2012) Perth, Australia (3rd July 2012) Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (25th July 2012) Maputo, Mozambique (31st October 2012) Belgrade, Serbia (20th November 2012) Warsaw, Poland (5th December 2012) Gassim, Saudi Arabia (7th January 2013) Chicago, USA (10th April 2013)
  30. 30. VII. ConClusion And reCommendAtion
  31. 31. Qatar Airways indeed has all the capabilities of beingconsidered as the best airline. Coming from my ownexperience, I believe that they really manifest and gives theircustomers a 5 star comfort in the sky. Flying with QatarAirways was worth it. The crews were very approachable anddefinitely made their best to satisfy our needs.I strongly recommend that flying with Qatar Airways will makeyou feel easy, will give you enough comfort, will satisfy you,and will make your flight worth while.
  32. 32. VIII. Annexes
  33. 33. photos i took during the flight :Taken at Doha International Airport, boarding the plane. DOH-KWT flight.
  34. 34. Aboard! MNL-DOH flight. Was with my childhood friend. Was grantedwith our request of having window seats. 
  35. 35. Taken after having my short interview with Ms. Marie and the rest of the crew.Ms. Marie is the woman beside me.
  36. 36. Somewhere above Manila or along the South China Sea where we got toexperience a lot of really bad turbulence. Thank God we’re safe!
  37. 37. Different meals and snacks. Had a snack & 2 meals during our MNL-DOH flightthen had a sandwich for our DOH-KWI flight.
  38. 38. 35,000ft. Clouds & an ice flake on our window. Somewhere above India.
  39. 39. DOH-KWI. It was a close to empty flight and it was a really small aircraft. Therewere only few passengers considering that is a weekday. Each row only had 2-3person. Just had and hour above upon take off.
  40. 40. Left : A330-300 MNL-DOHRight : A320 DOH-KWI
  41. 41. IX. References
  42. 42. • Ms. Marie (Economy Class Purser/Supervisor/FA) [Interviewee]•••