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Maurene Dane S. Martinez 3 1(With Question)


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with quetions

Published in: Technology
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Maurene Dane S. Martinez 3 1(With Question)

  2. 2. home
  3. 3. HYPERLINK • Is a text that is formatted to go to another location. The location can be a webpage , another document or file . A hyperlink can also go to a specific location in the current document or to an e-mail address. home
  4. 4. Click the insert hyperlink button on insert menu
  5. 5. Right click the selected text and click hyperlink
  6. 6. The hyperlink dialog box will appear 1st slide
  7. 7. Keyboard shortcut
  8. 8. Hyperlink dialog box Hyperlink display text Screen tip dialog box Web address or file location
  9. 9. • Steps to create a hyperlink in the insert hyperlink dialog box
  10. 10. • Click an icon on the left portion of the dialog box to select the type of link you want. • Type or select the location where you want to go . • In the text to display text box, type the text you want to display in the document • Click the screen tip button to a set a screen tip for the hyperlink . Type the text that you want to be displayed in the document. This appears when users position their mouse pointer over the hyperlink. Click ok
  11. 11. Screen tip box
  12. 12. Removing a hyperlink 1st slide
  13. 13. 1. WHAT IS A HYPERLINK ? A. A formatted text to go to another location. B. is a document or resource of information that is suitable for the world wide web and can be accessed through a web browser and displayed on a computer screen. C. is a machine that manipulates data according to a set of instructions.
  14. 14. • 2. What is the keyboard shortcut of hyperlink. A. CTRL+S B CTRL+O C. CTRL+K
  15. 15. Correct Back
  16. 16. next Wrong
  17. 17. home