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Featherston Chair


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We're the Australian distributor of authentic Grant Featherston furniture. Each piece is made under license & comes with a certificate of authenticity...

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Featherston Chair

  1. 1. GRANT FEATHERSTON CHAIR IS STILL A CLASSIC STAPLE In the 1960s Australia was turning into a good part of the world and this was an era where by Australian skill and style was getting recognized worldwide. Grant Feathserton, an Australian Industrial Designer from Victoria created and in the times self manufactured the Grant Featherston Contour Chair, that evolved into a thriving good results in 1951 and beyond. The framework of the Grant Featherston seat uses the designers fascination with nature along with its easy design; utilizing tapered legs as well as an organic shape helped him to create a lounge chair that's helpful but incredibly comfortable. This Feathserton chair is an excellent piece of furniture and for embodies the' Australian Way' - a thing the planet had never noticed before its time. This chair was showcased in several Australian films, evolved into a staple portion in Australian homes and in Brisbane Furniture Stores and Gold Coast Furniture Stores and eventually evolved into an iconic piece of Australia furniture pieces layout. Then as fashion evolved and so did the layout of his seat however still keeping the designers integrity and ability. Contributing to the repertoire of his of the R160 Contour Chair, Grant Feathserston created similar chair in most colour adaptations to suit personal style, subsequently created the Feathsertson
  2. 2. Chair having an Ottoman as being a living room chair feature piece and after that proceeded to produce the R161 Contour Chair that as a two Seater Feathsertson Lounge. All were as incredible as the very first and Grant Feathserton actually evolved into a famous furniture designer worldwide. Through the years as folks began to find out much more of these seats in Gold Coast furniture shops and also Brisbane furniture stores sales started to drop and also the designer proceeded to do some other things though almost nothing was as effective as this particular designer lounge chair. Times did develop and so after 2010 like any other items fashion came back and also the Grant Feathsertson Replicas has resurfaced as a brand new fashion icon. Like virtually all Replicas of original designs you will discover a huge number of different quality and also makes. For new customers buying a Grant Featherston Contour Chair or maybe two Seater Lounge you should be extremely mindful and make sure you're buying a high quality seat from a Gold Cost Furniture Store or maybe Brisbane Furniture store as Furniture Fetish. The Replica's that particular Furniture Fetish offers tend to be premium quality and keep the designers integrity by replicating the actual form, using premium materials as well as quality workmanship. The Grant Featherston seats at Furniture Fetish are quality parts with a high quality fibreglass shell which is short for a great framework that wont change design overtime, upholstered in a gorgeous wool blend fabric also it's sound timber legs. Furniture Fetish doesn't simply sell furniture; we've furniture created for us! Because of the ideal workmanship of the Furniture Fetish Replica Grant Featherston Chair, several residential and commercial customers have and also will go on to savor the seat of theirs for a long time to come. It's the best chair to be utilized in any lounge space, sitting area, business reception or perhaps as a terrific feature piece in any small sitting cove. Because of its traditional shape this chair the design of its is going to last a lifetime and don't be outdated. Look at several of the Grant Featherston houses below: Find More Information: