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Song: Brown eyes Lady Gaga


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Practice your English

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Song: Brown eyes Lady Gaga

  1. 1. BROWN EYES (Lady Gaga)<br />In brown eyes, walked awayin brown eyes, couldn't in your brown eyes, you watch her And the record onAnd what went What went wrongIf everything was But everything is Everything could be<br />If only we were Guess it's a silly song about And how I lost And your eyesIn brown eyes, I was feeling 'cause they're brown eyes and you knowGot some eyes, but I saw her I knew that it was So , turn the record on that songWhere was everythingBut everything is over could be everythingIf we were olderGuess it's a silly song about youAnd how I youAnd your eyesEverything was<br />But it's the last Everything could be everythingBut it's time to say soGet your last fix, and your hitGrab old with her new tricks yeah, it's no I got lost in your eyesIn your eyesBrown, brown eyesYour brown eyesBrown, brown eyes some brown eyesBrown, brown eyes brown eyes<br />Purpose: Practice your listening, work on possessive pronouns and verbs in present<br />By Mónica Gaviria<br />