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Ein 104 selene henríquez

  1. 1. FINAL EXAM / 2011-1 Group: EIN 104 My name is ………………………………………………………………………………………. Today is ……………………………………. My teacher is Selene Henríquez Exam instructions: - You have to write the answers in English. - You can’t use your notes or dictionary. - The exam is individual. - The duration of the exam is 1,45 hours. 1. READING COMPREHENSION (30 points). The objective of this section is to evaluate the comprehension of written information.A. Read the text and answer the questions. Give complete answers. (5 points) Mathew is 20 years old. His birthday is in April. He is American. He is from Pittsburg. His address is 68 South Street.His favorite color is blue. He has a pet dog. Its name is Max. He is a student at Penn State University. He wants to be aprofessional musician. He likes to play tennis and soccer. His favorite band is Linking Park. He plays the guitar on weekendswith his friends. They have a small band called The Big Five. He speaks three languages: English, Spanish and German. This is his routine: he gets up at 7:00 a.m. every morning. He has breakfast with his brother Tim and then goes toschool. School starts at 7:30 Mathew is always punctual because his house is only one kilometer from the school. At 1:30 hegoes home for lunch and after that he does his homework. Three times a week he plays soccer with his friends at the club.In the evening he is tired and goes to bed at 10:00 p.m. Unknown source1) What is his name?2) What’s his favorite color?3) What time does he get up?4) What time does school start?5) What time does he go to bed?B. Complete the sentences with the appropriate words. (5 points) 1. His pet is a _______________________ 2. He likes to play _______________________ and _______________________ 3. He has lunch at _______________________ 4. He is always punctual because _______________________ 5. He plays soccer with _______________________
  2. 2. 2. LISTENING COMPREHENSION (30 points). The objective of this section is to evaluate the comprehension of oral information. Video taken from www.youtube.com “I get up at seven every day”A. Number the sentences in the order you listen from the video segment. (5 points) I go to school _____ I come back ____ I take a shower _____ I get up at seven ____ I get home ______B. Write 5 elements you listen in the video.(5 points)1. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________3. _____________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________5. _____________________________________________ 3. WRITING (40 points). The objective of this section is to evaluate the production of written texts. It includes the evaluation of accuracy, vocabulary, spelling and content).Write about you (name, age, school name, parents’ names, 5 adjectives for describing yourself, 5 likes and 5 dislikes and 5 dailyroutine activities). (25 points) READING LISTENING WRITING (accuracy, COMPREHENSION COMPREHENSION vocabulary, spelling, content) SCORE COMMENTS 30 POINTS 30 POINTS 40 POINTS ________ /2= _____