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Improving Happiness & Success in Leadership, Career & Life


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A presentation to faculty, staff and leadership at St. Petersburg College All College Day 2015 for five campuses in Tampa Bay, FL

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Improving Happiness & Success in Leadership, Career & Life

  1. 1. Maura Sweeney Author, Podcaster, HuffPost Contributor & International Speaker “Ambassador of Happiness”
  2. 2. SPC All College Day 2015 “Improving Happiness & Success in Leadership, Career and Life” Maura Sweeney - Presenter
  3. 3. Focus Today for Transformation Your reflections, your perceptions, your experiences & your inner truth
  4. 4. Harvard’s Happiness Advantage Happiness fuels success . . . NOT the other way around. ~Shawn Achor
  5. 5. Paradigm Shift The commonly held formula for success is broken. It says: “Pursue success and you’ll be happy.” Degrees, Titles, Appearance, Money, Power, Partner & “Stuff” Success keeps eluding us – and so does Happiness.
  6. 6. The Reverse Paradigm Pursuing happiness can actually lead to success. Up to 50% improvement in whatever you do.
  7. 7. Benefits Discovered Pursuing Happiness . . . . Identifies and unleashes your true interests & passions Cultivates your creativity, skills & genius Develops confidence & self worth Keeps you from comparing yourself negatively to others Enables you to grow in skill, wisdom & generosity of spirit
  8. 8. Childhood Dreams Make Friends, Travel the World & Publish GOAL: To be happy when I grew up.
  9. 9. My Path to Success: Not Happy New Year’s Day 1982 Seton Hall Law School New Jersey Law Career Creative Outlet | Passion Lots of People Tropical Climate
  10. 10. Decades Later . . .
  11. 11. Ambassador of Happiness UNESCO Center for Peace First Annual Nelson Mandela Day Celebration
  12. 12. My Background Boston College | Seton Hall University Law School HR Executive Recruiter | Outplacement Specialist Business Center Management - Telecom Industry Start up for International Corporation in Tampa Business Co-Owner - Computer Industry Home Schooling Parent | Volunteering New Media Journalist, International Speaker, Publisher & Inspirer living in Florida
  13. 13. Old Model of Leadership from Musical Chairs onward Scarcity, Fear & Negative Competition
  14. 14. New Leadership Paradigm for Happiness & Success Hub of Leadership/Influence with Spokes of Talent
  15. 15. What’s Your Backdrop? “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” ~Jewish Proverb
  16. 16. World View / Backdrop #1 Victim of Fear in a Malevolent World Victim / Victor (Abuser) Mentality Fuels & Circulates Continual Fear
  17. 17. World View / Backdrop #2 Beneficiary Fundamentally United Fosters Power, Confidence, Uplift & Love
  18. 18. The Beneficiary Mindset Use your mind to inspire and empower yourself Use your mind to change the world around you
  19. 19. Where Do I Start? What were you daydreaming about / doing as a child? Be led by your Inner Smile!
  20. 20. Pull and Develop Your String ò  Write, draw, record or capture a photo – image/feeling ò  Start connecting to happiness for 10 minutes a day ò  Explore, Read, Learn, Connect, Engage & Step Out ò  Meet together with people, groups, societies, etc. ò  Work your happiness into your NOW circumstances ò  Rinse and Repeat
  21. 21. Influential Leaders L.E.A.D.
  22. 22. L = Look Ahead Consider Consequences NOW Bill Clinton’s White House Legacy (often overshadowed by “Monika”)
  23. 23. E = Everyone People are watching & listening, so….. Watch your words. Consider your behavior. Think before responding. Be mindful of your motives. Carry the right spirit.
  24. 24. A = Advance A cause, culture or vision. Not just about the work. It’s about the WHY.
  25. 25. D = Destiny Pave the way for a future greater good. Benefit others as well as yourself. Embrace the journey (both good & bad). Legacy minded.
  26. 26. Free Gift for Attending ò  Comfort Zones ò  Influence ò  Judgment ò  Values ò  Competition ò  Nonsense ò  Name and email for Comfort Zone Book
  27. 27.