Internet meets TV: The end or the future of TV?


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Internet meets TV: The end or the future of TV?

  1. 1. ConnectionsHavas Media International – Latin America Monthly Newsletter.No.1. June 2010 Internet meets TV: The end or the future of TV? Viewers are already enjoying onlineThere is no doubt that TV is one of the video (or IPTV) through on-demandentertaining devices that people enjoy format. Broadcast networks makethe most. However, the entertainment many of their shows available onexperience coming from mobile Web sites a day after they air, andphones and computers is increasing in many cable stations also put theira significant way every day. shows on the Web.The greatest advantage A new revolution:of phones and the Online TVcomputers over the TV isbasically the access to But the imminentInternet, which allows launch of Online-users to find and access based TV (startingdifferent and interesting with Google TV) thiscontent as they want. fall, is undoubtedly the solution thatIn the other hand, the brings “the better ofweb video still lacks one the two worlds”:of the biggest advantages of TV: a converging the quality viewinghigh-quality viewing experience. experience of TV with all the power and dynamism of the Internet.
  2. 2. This means major changes in the Internet and More than ever, it is critical to develop strategicTV world, as people will be able to use Online media plans inspired by emotional creativeTV just like they would use their computer, being concepts and executed to strong experientialable to watch their favorite TV shows, at the and content delivery programs. This is the onlysame time they access their email, communicate way brands will connect to their targets throughlively with other people or use social networking engaging experiences and content, ensuringsites. legitimacy, uniqueness and added value to the brand and the consumer.For this reason, brands will need to be moreflexible to adapt their message and content tothe media outlet’s environment in order to get areal content integration. Additionally, as InternetTV offers new and more impactful interactivecapabilities, effective web TV ads will require awhole new level of creativity, especially whenconsidering the consumers will have the decisionpower to see or skip advertising.The new challenges: Content, platformsand experience It looks like TV will not die soon. It is just in aThis opens the door to a real need for vertiginous evolution of format and model. Thedeveloping brand content that integrates high quality live audiovisual experience willnaturally to the content the people are continue to be an important component on theconsuming, in order to impact, engage and entertainment mix of the consumers.maintain consumers in a constant dialog and At Havas Media, we are prepared for the rapidinteraction with brands. and constant evolution of media consumption and we can provide high quality solutions forUndoubtedly, communication has to be designed different interactive channels: digital, directfocusing on what the audience wants and does response, relationship based media and –ofin their daily life, and in the same way they course- brand content development andinteract with the technology, either to download a integration, to maximize the impact and thevideo or just interacting with other people. return of interactive marketing investment. If you want to know more about how we can help you to achieve your communication objectives and generate important efficiency in your media plans, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss with you how to create effective communication solutions for your brand and company.Additional to content development, it is critical tounderstand the different ways to deliver thecontent and amplify its effect to a broaderaudience, as content will not necessarily go viral Mauricio Montenegro New Business Directoritself. That is why is very important also to have mauricio.montenegro@havasmedia.coma strong seeding strategy and generate +1 (305) 702-1576strategies with brands or platforms very wellestablished with the consumers, instead ofgenerating new ones.