Noun Clause


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Noun Clause

  1. 1. Cepiana Abas
  2. 2. The students are able to : Know about Noun Clause Use in their communication, written or spoken
  3. 3. • Noun Clause is sub clause that contains subject and predicate minimally.• It’s function is as Noun.• It can function as a subject, complement and object, etc.
  4. 4. • NC can be previous by : WH-Question “Yes-No” Questions Statements
  5. 5. • I think that Mr. Jones is a good teacher.• I dreamed that I was on the top of a mountain.The verbs bellow are usually followed by NC : Assume that Believe that Discover that Dream that Guess that Hear that Hope that Know that Learn that Notice that Predict that Prove that Realize that Suppose that Think that Agree that Conclude that Decide that Demonstrate that Daubt that Fear that Forget that Find out that Figure that Imagine that Indicate that Observe that Presume that Pretend that Read that Recall that Recognize that Regret that Reveal that Remember that Teach that Understand that
  6. 6. Yes/No Question Klausa Nomina dengan If Is John home? I don’t know if John is at home. Does the bus stop here? Do you know if the bus stop here? Did Ann go to California? I wonder if Ann went to California. Yes/No Question Klausa Nomina dengan whether Is John home? I don’t know whether John is at home. Does the bus stop here? Do you know whether the bus stop here? Did Ann go to California? I wonder whether Ann went to California. Are you fine? She doesn’t know whether you are fine. Yes/No Question Klausa Nomina dengan whether – or not Is John sick? She wonders whether John is sick or not. Did you pass the test? I’m sure whether or not you passed the test. Yes/No Question Klausa Nomina dengan if – or not Is she an artist? I don’t know if she is an artist or not. Are you a teacher? I wonder if you are a teacher or not.
  7. 7. WH Question Noun Clause Where does he live? I don’t know where he lives. What did he say? I don’t know what he said. When did Ali come here? I’m not sure when Ali came here. With whom did she come here? I wonder with whom she came here.
  8. 8. as Subjectas Complementas Direct Objectas Object after Preposition
  9. 9. Statement Noun Clause Ali is sick. That Ali is sick is a problem for Ann. Wati goes to school. That Wati goes to school is okay. You are a teacher. That you are a teacher prides us. Yes/No Question Noun Clause Are you a nurse? Whether you are a nurse or not makes me sad. Does she dance? Whether or not she dances is not my business. Has she come here? If she has come here or not is not really influential. WH Question Noun Clause What is she talking about? What is she talking about is okay. Where does she live? Where she lives is a problem. With whom did she got married? With whom she got married is not matter.
  10. 10. Statement Noun Clause The news is true. The issue is that the news is true. God exists. The case is not that God exists. He satisfies her. His hobby is that he satisfies her. Yes/No Question Noun Clause Is his mother sick? The case is whether his mother is sick or not. Was he married? The problem is if he was married or not. Are you single> The case is not you are single or not. WH Question Noun Clause What do you want? It is what you want. What are you looking for? It is what you are looking for. Where does she live? The problem is not where she lives.
  11. 11. Kalimat Berita Noun Clause I don’t know his book. I don’t know that the book belongs to him. She is not sure her uncle. I presume that the man is her uncle. Marry is already married. He knows that Marry is already married. Yes/No Question Noun Clause Is this his book? I wonder whether or not this is his book. Is it yours? They are not sure whether it is yours. Are you single? She doesn’t know if you are single or not. WH Question Noun Clause What is his book about? I am quite certain to what his book is about. When will she come here? Be certain to when she’ll come here! How long do you take bath? Make sure how long you take bath!
  12. 12.  Give the message to whoever is in the office! We didn’t agree about what they said. Do they job in whatever way you wish?
  13. 13. Thank You