Curate and Organize Like a Ninja, In Chrome


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This slide show was part of my #GAFE #gafesummit presentation, March 22, 2014.

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Curate and Organize Like a Ninja, In Chrome

  1. 1. Curate and Organize Like a ...with Chrome Image:
  2. 2. What’s the difference between #beginning and #intermediate? It depends on the project, the day, the hour, the upgrade. Don’t get used to things, they will change. :)
  3. 3. It’s okay to be BETA. --Joyce Valenza, 2011 2011: the year to be fierce
  4. 4. Jetzt (extension under development, do not try yet) Post & image by Nilesh Raghuvanshi
  5. 5. g Stats for 5 Top Desktop Browsers Source
  6. 6. Things go better with Chrome ● Speed ● Automatic updates of Apps ● Synching across devices (bookmarks, apps, extensions, web settings) ● Incognito window ● Seamless printing of Google Docs ● Offline editing of Google Drive (only available in Chrome and Chrome OS devices) Chrome = One-stop shopping!
  7. 7. 1. Go to Chrome MenuSign in to Chrome to SYNC across devices. 2. Sign in here
  8. 8. Check “Choose what to sync”.
  9. 9. Choose what to sync.
  10. 10. Want to go incognito?
  11. 11. This is how you can tell you are ...incognito
  12. 12. What can you edit offline? as of March 2014
  13. 13. Enable offline access in Drive. 4. Enable Offline 3. Install the Drive Chrome web app 2. Choose Offline 1. Go to Drive
  14. 14. Search smart!
  15. 15. Search history Related searches Your bookmarks Search history Related searches Your bookmarks
  16. 16. Create a shortcut to search often-used websites 1. CNTRL-Click (Mac) Right-Click (PC) 2. Edit Search Engines
  17. 17. Edit shortcuts as you wish
  18. 18. Image credit: webstruck For example, here’s a shortcut to search your bookmarks (bm) “The Search bookmarks” extension is needed for this shortcut, as well as for a Google Drive quick search.
  19. 19. Google Voice Search - speak now ...
  20. 20. What about about:? about:apps about:extensions about:plugins about:flags (experimental features, what’s coming out) about:histograms about:memory (for all running browsers, not just Chrome) about:cache about:stats (?) about:dns Typing about: in the Omnibox is the same as typing chrome://
  21. 21. Curate and Organize EVERYTHING with Chrome Bookmark Manager Using the Google Chrome Book Manager as a Curation Management System, School Librarian’s Workshop Feb-Mar 2041, p.6
  22. 22. Way 1: The Bookmark Manager You can manage your bookmarks in two ways.
  23. 23. Search box Organizing Options
  24. 24. Way 2: The Bookmark Bar Way 2: The Bookmark Bar Which is the horizontal, pull-down version of the Bookmark Manager
  25. 25. Organizing Options
  26. 26. How about a folder for SOCIAL NETWORKS?
  27. 27. How about a folder for a TOPIC?
  28. 28. How about a folder for an EVENT?
  29. 29. You can ADD any info type to your folder! Emails Maps Websites Google Docs Sub-folder(s) etc.
  30. 30. You can ADD AN ITEM, using the Yellow Star. Watch the video
  31. 31. You can “play” with your bookmarks. How to Edit Google Synched Bookmarks Using the Bookmark Bar Watch the video
  32. 32. Sync across all of your devices.Best of all, your Chrome bookmarks are synched across all of your devices If you’re signed into Chrome, of course.
  33. 33. 9 Great Apps and Extensions for Curating and Organizing Besides these basic ones, that is
  34. 34. Points to Consider when choosing Apps & Extensions Your personal needs # of users Reviews Whether or not it’s a third party app (stability)
  35. 35. Where are the apps? Apps launcher about: apps Window:Apps As of March, 2014
  36. 36. Where are the extensions? Window: Extensions a. Chrome Menu b. Tools c. Extensions 1 2 As of March, 2014
  37. 37. Multi-tasking with Window Tiler [extension] Add
  38. 38. But you might want to do this. Researching with EasyBib Add
  39. 39. Hootsuite [app] And don’t forget Twitter lists. Add
  40. 40. bit.lyAdd
  41. 41. Feedly [Reader app] Add
  42. 42. Google Keep [Notes app] Add
  43. 43. Popout for YouTubeTM [extension] You can open as many videos as you like, in separate windows. Add
  44. 44. Print friendly & PDF [extension] Add
  45. 45. Curate with ... Apps Diigo Web Quick Note Read Later Fast Extensions Diigo Web Collector Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate Search All list
  46. 46. Add
  47. 47. Incredible Start PageAdd
  48. 48. 2 Great Keyboard shortcuts for Curating and Organizing
  49. 49. Google highlighted text Google an image Do a Google Search (etc.) of highlighted text or selected image Ctrl-Click (Mac) / Right Click (pc) Other options available, depending on what you have installed
  50. 50. Save Your Tabs for Later Cmd-Shift-D (Mac) / Ctrl-Shift-D (pc) Default save Recommended save: in a designated folder
  51. 51. What does the future hold? Crowd-sourced art with Chrome Unnumbered Sparks Here’s an example.
  52. 52. Linda Lindsay Middle and High School Librarian Seabury Hall Maui, Hawaii GTANY12 BLOGS: mauilibrarian2 in Olinda / SEABURY READS
  53. 53. Share this presentation freely, with attribution. Linda Lindsay March 2014