Moses 4 redeemed embraced and covered by the atonement


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Pearl of Great Price Lesson
Wednesday Feb. 9,2011
USU Institute of Relgion
Bro. Maughan

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Moses 4 redeemed embraced and covered by the atonement

  1. 1. Moses 4 <br />Temptation to Redemption <br />
  2. 2. The Pattern of Temptation and Redemption(Compiled by Doug Maughan)<br />Moses 4:12<br />1. The women saw the tree was good for food...<br />(We first look at or focus on the temptation)<br />2. became pleasant to the eyes...(there is an enticement )<br />3....a tree to be desired....(our appetites or desires are intrigued)<br />4....she took of the fruit....<br />
  3. 3. The Pattern of Temptation and Redemption<br />5....and did eat...(Transgressed the law against the command of God)<br />6....and also gave to her husband with her and he did eat...(we share our fall)<br />Moses 4:13<br />7....the eyes of both of them were opened they knew they were naked...<br />(They Recognized their transgression and became fallen)<br />8. They made aprons...( They tried to cover up)<br />
  4. 4. Moses 4:14<br />9. They heard the voice of God...<br />(Heavenly Father reaches after us even when we sin or transgress)<br />
  5. 5. The Pattern of Temptation and Redemption<br />Moses 4:14, 16<br />10. Adam and Eve went to hide themselves...I was afraid and hid myself...<br />(We try to hide our sins and even avoid a loving Father who stands ready to help us...)<br />(She ran away for 20 years…)<br />
  6. 6. The Pattern of Temptation and Redemption<br />Moses 4:15<br />11. Where goest thou...?<br />( Heavenly Father or His representatives inquire after the direction of our lives...Bishops interview)<br />Moses 4:17<br />12. Who told thee thou wast naked .?..<br />(God helps us see where we are getting our information and the source of our troubles)<br />
  7. 7. The Pattern of Temptation and Redemption<br />Moses 4:18-19<br />13. The woman thou gavest me and commanded that she should remain with me , she gave me of the fruit and I did eat... The serpent beguiled me and I did eat(Blame or confession)<br />14. ...Because thou hast done this thou shalt be cursed ...I will put emnity...<br />(God gives man power to overcome Satan and protects us against him)<br />
  8. 8. The Pattern of Temptation and Redemption<br />Moses 4:22-23, 31<br />15. I will greatly multiply thy sorrow...cursed shall be the ground for thy sake...(There are Natural Consequences for sin and transgression)<br />Moses 4:27  <br />16. ...make coats of skin...<br />(Kaphar- Cover or atone) <br />(Sent angels to teach them the plan and they received the gospel, ordinances and covenants)<br />(Avoiding temptation: Mosiah 3:19; D&C 20:22; Heb. 4:15; Alma 7:11-13; Matt. 4)<br />
  9. 9. They sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons…Moses 4:13<br />And they heard the voice of the Lord God as they were walking in the garden…Moses 4:14<br />
  10. 10. Since we are “lost and fallen” Brother Nibley states:<br />“The law leads us back home; the at-one-ment takes place when we get there.”<br />Nibley, Approaching Zion, 578<br />
  11. 11. If there had been no Atonement of Jesus Christ, there would have been a TERRIFYING ONENESS– a negative atonement---a living with and becoming like the Evil One.<br />
  12. 12. “And our spirits must have become like unto him, and we become devils, angels to a devil, to be shut out from the presence of our God, and to remain with the father of lies, in misery, like unto himself; yea, to that being who beguiled our first parents, <br />
  13. 13. who transformeth himself nigh unto an angel of light, and stirreth up the children of men unto secret combinations of murder and all manner of secret works of darkness.”<br /> 2 Nephi 9:9<br />
  14. 14. If the CONSEQUENCES of the FALL had not been addressed by an omniscient Heavenly Father, and overcome by the matchless love and self discipline of the Savior, we would have become one with Satan in location and onewith him in likeness!<br />
  15. 15. Moses 4:27<br />KPhRM: a Hebrew Correlate of previous two words refers to protective coverings----arms and robes.<br />Kafat: Arabic or Aramaic translated as ATONE, which means to embrace<br />Redemo: Latin verb means to buy back or repurchase something by paying what is owed.<br />
  16. 16. KPhRM: a Hebrew Correlate of previous two words refers to protective coverings----arms and robes.<br />Did I, the Lord God make coats of skins…<br />
  17. 17. “The season of the world before us will be like no other in the history of mankind. Satan will unleash every evil scheme, every vile perversion ever known to man in any generation…As parents, spouses, children, and members of Christ’s church, we must find safety…<br />
  18. 18. Haven of peace<br /> Before the Savior comes the world will darken. The time will come when even the elect will begin to lose hope if they do not come often to the temples. I believe the Saints will come to the temples not only to do vicarious work but also to find a God-given haven of peace. True and faithful Latter-Day Saints the world over will long to bring their children to the temple for service and for safety. (cont.)<br />
  19. 19. Faithful, endowed members of the Church who keep all their covenants and properly wear their sacred coverings will be safe as if protected behind temple walls. The covenants and ordinances are filled with faith as a living fire.In a day of desolating sickness, scorched earth, barren wastes, sickening plagues, destruction, and death, we as a people will rest in the shade of trees. <br />
  20. 20. The Savior will come and honor His people. …a temple-loving people…Let us prepare this special future generation with faith to surmount every trial and every condition. We will do it in our holy, sacred temples. Come, oh, come up to the temples of the Lord and walk in His edifices wherein there is truly ‘Holiness to the Lord.”<br />Vaughn J, Featherstone, The Incomparable Christ Our Master and Model, Deseret Book<br />
  21. 21. Redemo:<br />Latin verb means to buy back or repurchase something by paying what is owed.<br />
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Redemption<br />Exchange…<br />Redemo: Latin verb means to buy back or repurchase something by paying what is owed.<br />2 Cor. 5:17-21<br />Galatians 3:13<br />Philippians 3:8-9<br />Romans 5:19<br />Titus 3:5-7<br />
  24. 24.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. “God has infinite attention to spare for each one of us. He does not have to deal with us in the mass. You are as much alone with Him as if you were the only being He had ever created. When Christ died he died for you Individually just as much as if you had been the only man in the world.”<br />C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, 168<br />
  27. 27.
  28. 28. “The Atonement was an intimate, personal experience<br />In which Jesus came to know how to help each of us.”<br />Robert Millet, What Happened to the Cross, p.91<br />
  29. 29. “For many years I thought of the Savior’s experience in the Garden and on the cross as places where a large mass of sin was heaped upon Him. <br />Through the words of Alma, Abinadai, Isaiah, and other prophets, however, my view has changed. Instead of an impersonal mass of sin, there was a long line of people, as Jesus felt ‘our infirmities’ (Heb. 4:15), bore our griefs, . . . Carried our sorrows. . . And was Bruised for our iniquities. (Isa. 53:4-5)Elder Bateman, CR, October 2005, 77<br />
  30. 30. We know that Jesus experienced the totality of mortal existence in Gethsemane. It’s our faith that he experienced everything—absolutely everything. Sometimes we don’t think through the implications of that belief. We talk in great generalities about the sins of all humankind, about the suffering of the entire human family. But we don’t experience pain in generalities. <br />
  31. 31. We experience it individually. That means He knows what it felt like when your mother died of cancer—how it was for your mother, how it still is for you. He knows what it felt like to lose the student body election. He knows that moment when the brakes locked and the car started to skid. He experienced the slave ship sailing from Ghana toward Virginia. He experienced the gas chambers at Dachau. He experienced napalm in Vietnam. He knows about drug addiction and alcoholism.<br />
  32. 32. Lighten up! Chieko N. Okazaki, p.6-7<br />Let me go further. There is nothing you have experienced as a woman (or man) that He does not also know and recognize. On the profound level, He understands about the hunger to hold your baby that sustains you through pregnancy. He understands both the physical pain of giving birth and the immense joy. He knows about PMS and cramps and menopause. <br />
  33. 33. Lighten up! Chieko N. Okazaki, p.6-7<br />He understands about rape and infertility and abortion. His last recorded words to His disciples were. “And, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” (Matthew 28:20.) He understands your mother-pain when your five-year-old leaves for kindergarten, when a bully picks on your fifth-grader, when your daughter calls to say that the new baby has Down’s syndrome. <br />
  34. 34. Lighten up! Chieko N. Okazaki, p.6-7 <br /> He knows your mother-rage when a trusted baby-sitter sexually abuses your two-year-old, when someone gives your thirteen-year-old drugs, when someone seduces your seventeen-year-old. He knows the pain you live with when you come home to a quiet apartment where the only children are visitors, when you hear that your former husband and his new wife were sealed in the temple last week, when your fiftieth wedding anniversary rolls around and your husband has been dead for two years. He knows all that. He’s been there. He’s been lower than all that.<br />
  35. 35.
  36. 36. Kafat: Arabic or Aramaic translated as ATONE, which means to embrace<br />
  37. 37. REGAL ROBES/ROYAL EMBRACES<br /> 2 Nephi 1:15; 4:33<br /> D&C 6:20<br /> Alma 26:15<br /> Alma 34:16<br /> Isaiah 40:11<br /> Alma 5:33<br /> 3 Nephi 9:14<br /> Moses 7:63<br /> Mormon 5:11<br /> Alma 26:15<br />
  38. 38. He waits for you…!<br />“…Jesus himself is the gatekeeper and … ‘He employeth no servant there.’ . .. . I will tell you out of the Conviction of my soul… ‘He waits for…<br />you with open arms.’<br />
  39. 39. That imagery is too powerful to brush aside. . . It is Imagery that should work itself into the very center core of one’s mind---a rendezvous impending, a moment in time and space, the likes of which there Is none other. And that rendezvous is a reality. I Certify that to you. He does wait for us with open Arms, because His love for us is perfect. <br />“But a Few Days”, p.7<br />
  40. 40. Melvin J. Ballard…<br /> I want to conclude with a story about the Savior that comes from a special witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Elder Melvin J. Ballard was an apostle and the grandfather of Elder M. Russell Ballard, currently a member of the Quorum of the Twelve. He had administrative problems to solve as part of his calling that were very troubling to him personally. There were no precedents or guidelines. In other words, this was a situation that the handbook didn't cover! He sought the Lord repeatedly for inspiration and help. Then he wrote: <br />(Chieko N. Okazaki, Disciples , p.12-13)<br />
  41. 41. Melvin J. Ballard<br /> That night I received a wonderful manifestation and impression which has never left me. I was carried . . . into a room where I was informed I was to meet someone. As I entered the room I saw, seated on a raised platform, the most glorious being I have ever conceived of, and was taken forward to be introduced to Him. As I approached He smiled, called my name, and stretched out His hands toward me. If I live to be a million years old I shall never forget that smile. <br />
  42. 42.
  43. 43. (Melvin J. Ballard—Crusader for Righteousness, Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1966, p. 65-66.)<br />He put his arms around me and kissed me, as He took me into His bosom, and He blessed me until my whole being was thrilled. As He finished I fell at His feet, and there saw the marks of the nails; and as I kissed them, with deep joy swelling through my whole being, I felt that I was in heaven indeed. The feeling that came to my heart then was: Oh! if I could live worthy, though it would require four-score years, so that in the end when I have finished I could go into His presence and receive the feeling that I then had in His presence, I would give everything that I am and ever hope to be! <br />