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nsg_innovative solutions_presentation

  1. 1. Innovative solutionsB Y N O W Y S T Y L G R O U P
  2. 2. *Source: JSA League Table Of European Office Furniture Companies, 31.01.2015 Eastern Europe Rest of the world 4,1% 32,5% European Union 48,9% Poland 14,5% KeymarketsSalesrevenues 164M€ 195M€ 234M€ 242M€ 276M€ 300 M € 200 M € 100 M € 250 M € 150 M € 50 M € 2009 20112010 2012 2013 0M € We are a privately owned company & have been present on the market since 1992. With over 23 years’ experience we are able to deliver to over 100 countries around the world. 85% of our revenue comes from export markets – mainly Western Europe. biggest 4th office furniture manufacturer in Europe* Nowy Styl Group is the
  3. 3. Completeprojectservices GlobalreachIndependentproduction 15 After-sales service Requirement analysis Space planning Customized production Delivery to every EMEA location > branch offices in 20 locations we deliver our furniture to 6 continents modern production plants new furniture factory Installation
  4. 4. Nowy Styl Group always welcomenew, young talented artisans. Wecooperatewith world-famous designers and supportthem at every stage of the project. GERMANY Manfred Hermann UNITED KINGDOM Jan Wertel Italy Oscar Buffon UNITED KINGDOM Gernot Oberfell GERMANY Jens Korte France Françoise Hélène Jourda ITALY Claudio Bellini NORWAY Jurek Buchacz netherlands Krijn Hamelink Poland Arkadiusz Kulon GERMANY Bernd Crabus SWITZERLAND Armin Sander GERMANY Andreas Krob USA Ray Carter ITALY Paolo Galeotti italy Giancarlo Bisaglia ITALY Castiglia Associati ITALY Castiglia Associati Poland Przemysław “Mac” Stopa GERMANY Martin Ballendat germany Horst Stumpp italy Francesco Geraci POlaND Michał Biernacki netherlands Vincent van der Horst
  5. 5. People We build good and long-lasting relationships within the business and social environment. We develop further through a constant dialogue with the local community, our customers and contractors. Product The motto “Delivering variety” determines our business activities. We offer not only products but comprehen- sive solutions around the world. Thanks to innovative technologies, we accompany our customers and create expectations designed to meet their needs. Environment The sense of responsibility for our environment motivates us to monitor the impact we make on our surroundings. We choose active technologies that help us increase the productivity and energy efficiency of our manufacturing processes. We comply with international standards of corporate responsibility business ethics. We support the United Nations Global Compact principles. 3pillars of our missionOur mission is to deliver comprehensive furniture solutions, and care about ergonomics and comfort at work. We listen carefully to our customers and respond to their individual needs, while improving their life quality. LOCALITY FLEX IB I L I T Y T R A N S P A RENCY EN VIRONME NT PRODUCT PEOPLE
  6. 6. Areas ofinnovations Products Technologies Approach to the projects Sustainable development
  7. 7. Weoperatebasedonthe higheststandards The high standards of manufacturing processes that take place in our production plants, the quality of our chairs, furniture and eco-friendly activities are best validated by certificates issued by independent institutions: • ISO 14001 • ISO 9001 • PN-N18001 • GS certificate • Quality Office certificate • FSC certificate • Hygienic certificate jest osiągnięcie i utrzymanie najwyższej pozycji Misją naszej Firmy wśród producentów krzeseł, foteli biurowych i restauracyjnych oraz mebli biurowych, na rynku zarówno krajowym, jak i zagranicznym. Chcemy być Firmą, do której Klient zawsze wraca. jest dostarczenie naszym klientom wyrobów o wysokim Celem Firmy poziomie jakości w uzgodnionym, systematycznie rozszerzanym asortymencie w określonym czasie. Cel ten realizowany jest poprzez:  identyfikację aktualnych i przyszłych potrzeb klientów zapewniającą im kompleksową obsługę i zaspokojenie stale rosnących wymagań,  ciągłe rozszerzanie proponowanego klientowi asortymentu krzeseł, foteli, mebli biurowych i podzespołów,  systematyczne doskonalenie ich walorów użytkowych, fizjologiczno – ergonomicznych, wytrzymałościowych i bezpieczeństwa poprzez uwzględnianie wyników badań i potrzeb klientów,  zapewnienie ciągłego rozwoju Firmy poprzez wprowadzanie nowoczesnych technologii wytwarzania, materiałów oraz ścisłej współpracy z dostawcami,  systematyczne podnoszenie kwalifikacji załogi, motywowanie jej do wytwarzania wyrobów o stabilnym wysokim poziomie jakości,  utrzymanie i doskonalenie systemu zarządzania jakością wg normy ISO 9001:2008. deklaruje pełne zaangażowanie i zainteresowanie Kierownictwo Firmy wynikami osiąganymi dzięki funkcjonowaniu Systemu Zarządzania Jakością, zapewniając niezbędne środki do jego utrzymania i doskonalenia oraz dokonując systematycznej oceny skuteczności realizacji powyższej Polityki Jakości dla osiągnięcia wyznaczonego celu. Dyrektor Operacyjny Grudzień 2011 CERTYFIKAT 38-400 Krosno, ul. Pu¿aka 49 certyfikowana lokalizacja: Zak³ad Produkcyjny 38-200 Jas³o, ul. Fabryczna 6B w nastêpuj¹cym zakresie: tapicerowanie i monta¿ wyrobów meblowych spe³nia wymagania normy: na co dowodu dostarczy³ audit przeprowadzony przez ISOCERTSp. z o.o. SYSTEMU ZARZ¥DZANIABEZPIECZEÑSTWEM I HIGIEN¥ PRACY Nowy Styl Sp. z o.o. PN-N-18001:2004 Potwierdza siê, ¿e: okres wa¿noœci certyfikatu: 29.12.2011- 28.12.2014 nr 174/12/2011 Wroc³aw, 26.03.2012 Certyfikat wystawiony przez ISOCERT Sp. z o.o. Dyrektor ds. Certyfikacji AC 139 BHP CERTYFIKAT 38-400 Krosno, ul. Pu¿aka 49 certyfikowana lokalizacja: Zak³ad Produkcyjny 38-200 Jas³o, ul. Fabryczna 6B w nastêpuj¹cym zakresie: tapicerowanie i monta¿ wyrobów meblowych spe³nia wymagania normy: na co dowodu dostarczy³ audit przeprowadzony przez ISOCERTSp. z o.o. SYSTEMU ZARZ¥DZANIABEZPIECZEÑSTWEM I HIGIEN¥ PRACY Nowy Styl Sp. z o.o. PN-N-18001:2004 Potwierdza siê, ¿e: okres wa¿noœci certyfikatu: 29.12.2011- 28.12.2014 nr 174/12/2011 Wroc³aw, 26.03.2012 Certyfikat wystawiony przez ISOCERT Sp. z o.o. Dyrektor ds. Certyfikacji AC 139 BHP
  8. 8. Sustainability Report We are happy and proud that our company has been the first in furniture industry to compile the Sustainable Development Report according to the Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines • Within the report we answer the most important questions concerning our business activity. It has been verified by an independent auditor (Deloitte Advisory Sp. z o. o.).
  9. 9. Innovations that matter
  10. 10. PlayWork The PlayWork desk base features a U-shaped leg profile joined to an upper beam with patented welded junctions. The desk frame is assembled to the base by means of a patented fitting: “coupler-cube”. Main advantages of our solution: • Easy assemble without tools • Unique design • Esthetic fitting of desk frame and base
  11. 11. CX3200 The CX 3200 table system’s most innovative and key feature is the easy click leg system. The leg system can be removed without tools and repositioned across any of the table top designs. The click leg option can be positioned on the corner of a top or as a shared leg between two tops.
  12. 12. S-MOVE The S-MOVE mobility system is an innovative structure to provide the user with an ability to sit dynamically. The seat moves across 4 directions simulating micro-movements in the pelvis, this reduces the strain on the spine and muscles. The SELF mechanism is maintenance free and automatically adjusts the movement of the seat and backrest to the user’s weight.
  13. 13. vote® frame The heart of the vote® frame swivel chair de- sign is the newly developed synchronous mechanism which brings dynamic sitting in a flat structure to perfection. The most striking design of the is the innovative backrest frame with the highly flexible wovenit® mesh which guarantees an outstanding support perfor- mance. Due to the integrated lumbar support the vote® frame provides a unique seating experi- ence and a transparent style.
  14. 14. Glide-Tec The independent research made under the leadership of Prof.Hans W.Jürgens and Dr.Helbig has served for us as an inspiration to create Glide-Tec - the world-wide patented swivel chair mechanism. The LPD-Test has shown that the office chair with “Glide-Tec” performs better in every area of the body than an office chair with a conventional synchronous mechanism. Patented Glide-Tec mechanism, stimulating proper – from an ergonomic point of view – back movement strengthening the spinal column.
  15. 15. Innovative technology
  16. 16. The total cost of our new factory that covers 24 000 m2 amounted to over 109 million PLN. The two advanced technological lines that have been installed in the factory allow us to manufac- ture our products using the „Just In Time” method. Furthermore we implemented our own patented technical knowledge concerning the furniture production process and innovative constructional solutions, e.g. the use of honeycomb board. New Office Furniture Factory
  17. 17. In the course of standard chair manufacturing process wood waste upholstery scraps are produced The mixture lands in a special mould where it is pressed After it is upholstered and installed on a frame we get a finished product: a chair from Venus, Vega Fosca lines The waste and scraps are then specially prepared mixed in the right proportions As a result, we get a finished chair seat component which does not require any further processing Eco-friendly composite chairs To take care about our environment, we decided to implement a new technology for producing composite panels made of postindustrial waste. Upholstered models of popular Nowy Styl brand chairs now are made using the latest eco-technologies.
  18. 18. We are continually looking for ways in which we can increase our responsibilities toward the environment. We purify 99% of emitted gases. We purify 99% of waste we produce. We invest in energy- saving manufacturing technologies. We use wood waste to produce thermal energy. We recycle plastic to make components of our chairs. We use EU Flower certified fabrics and processed materials. Our environmental policy is in accordance with ISO 14001. Environmentally responsible
  19. 19. Innovative approach
  20. 20. Workplace optimisation strategy Our company’s new philosophy changes our approach from simply delivering furniture to providing our clients with consultancy. Currently the project process starts from the research stage. As one of the few we examine both psychosocial physical factors that affect the productivity of the employees. Organization Strategy Corporate strategy Organisational culture Management style Structure Development plans Employees Working styles Job satisfaction Comfort Productivity Interactions Mobility Office space Acoustic Microclimat Lighting Ergonomy Space utilization Functional arrangement
  21. 21. Research stage schedule Our research methods cover a wide range of tools from interviews, through focus groups to modern technologies measuring the occupancy of the office space. Arrangements with the customer and objective data analysis On-line questionnaire form for employees Interviews with the management board Presentation of the survey report - conclusions and recommendation Informational message for employees Observation of employees’ working styles and their mobility Analysis of the research findings
  22. 22. Research stage schedule Additionally during this process we conduct change management project, which supports the implementation of new working styles and minimizes employees’ resistance to change. Change management HR → The project aims are determined → Employees take an active part in the research process → Effective communication takes place at each project stage → Employees’ resistance to the introduction of changes is minimised → The process of introducing changes in employees’ working styles is supported → Change process is monitored
  23. 23. → Improvement in communication → Increase in productivity → Greater commitment to work → More effective use of the office space → Increase in comfort and employee job satisfaction → Missing zones arrangement, e.g. telephone conversation places, informal meeting zones → Reduction in fixed costs → Lower employee absenteeism rate → Reduction in the number of workstations → Reduction of the required office space area Research stage schedule On the basis of the gathered data we create optimal interior project. As a final effect of the project our client gains:
  24. 24. Success based on knowledge
  25. 25. A market leader in the high-tech sector
  26. 26. Survey report How many hours per week do you spend on following activities: fHow many hours per week do you spend on following 8 10 12 0 2 4 6 General office work Short deskwork/ writing emails Work in a place where you don’t want to be disturbed (silence needed) Work in a place where interaction with colleagues is essential Telephone calls at your desk Conference calling Work in the clean room Meetings and consultation General office work Work in a place where silence is needed Telephones calls at the desk Work in a place where interaction is essential Meeting consultation 90 100 Satisfaction about the possibilities the office offers to: 70 80 40 50 60 20 30 40 0 10 Satisfaction with the possibilities the office offers to: Solution: There is a need to create as many meeting places as possible in the new office. Solution: New arrangement needs to provide the rooms or spaces to allows concentration and focus. *Ze względu na poufność informacji, zmieniono dane dotyczące firmy. The report is based on the data gathered during research. The analyses of the survey findings have shown that employees spend most of their time at meetings and that they are least satisfied with the possiblities of working in the quiet as well as the places where they can hold telephone conversations.
  27. 27. *Ze względu na poufność informacji, zmieniono dane dotyczące firmy. The report has been the basis for creating an optimal functional arrangement outline and then an interior design that supports business activities, corporate aims and employees’ efficiency. Space planning
  28. 28. To meet the needs of our customer, we have designed lots of formal and informal meeting places that ensure proper comfort and effective communication. Communication
  29. 29. According to the report guidelines, the design for interior arrangement has involved the proper number of zones where employees can work in the quiet. Concentration
  30. 30. The analysis of employees’ mobility and desk occupancy has allowed us to introduce the desk sharing idea that has optimised the office space and that supports employees’ mobile working style. Desk sharing
  31. 31. 92% of employees prefer working in the new office to their working in previous one. Pre-test evaluation – Previous office Post-test evaluation – After 3 months in the new office Pre-test evaluation – Previous office Post-test evaluation – After 3 months in the new office The new office contributed also to the improvement in productivity. 120 Satisfaction about the possibilities the office offers to: 80 100 40 60 Old office After 3 months in the new 0 20 office General office work Work in a place where silence is needed Telephones calls at the desk Work in a place where interaction is essential Meeting consultation To what degree does your work environment support: Organisation Department After 3 months in the new office Old office Team 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Personal 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Organisation Department Team Employee Once 3 months in the new office passed, we conducted evaluation research. The research findings have shown that: → employees’ satisfaction with the level of noise in the new office has increased by 75% → the possibility of interacting with colleagues in the new office has increased by 60% → employees’ productivity has improved Evaluation
  32. 32. Tailor-made solutions
  33. 33. Bouygues London, United Kingdom
  34. 34. Agile Workspace Concept dedicated for Bouygues offices based in London that encourages sharing ideas experience within team members but also allows concentration focus when needed. Agile space
  35. 35. GOVERNMENT BODIES / PUBLIC SECTOR • Ministry of Finance – Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. • Ministry of Finance – France • Lithuanian Parliament – Lithuania (reference letter) • Supreme Administrative Court – Warsaw, Poland (reference letter) • Ministry of Labour Co–operatives – Trinidad Tobago • UK Ministry of Defence – supplies to various sites of NATO branches • Department of Work and Pensions – Caxton House, United Kingdom • Telecommunication company – Hungary • TVP Polish Television – Poland (reference letter) • Prime Minister Offices – Budapest, Hungary • SEDCO Saudi Economic and Development Company – Saudi Arabia • Mohammed Bin Rashid Est. for SME development – Dubai, U.A.E. • North Power Plant – Kuwait • Zayed Charity project – Dubai • Chamber of Commerce – Bahrain • Regional Job Centre – Poznan, Poland • National Court – Sofia, Bulgaria • Bundeswehr – Germany • Ministry of Education – Greece • National Mail – France • Hungarian National Railway – Hungary • Parliament of Hungary – Hungary • Government of Hungary – Hungary • Warsaw Stock Exchange – Poland • Voivodenship Administrative Court in Krakow – Krakow, Poland • KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) – Dubai, U.A.E. • Zakat fund / Ministry of Awqaf – Qatar • District Office – Zandov, Czech Republic • NATO/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Portugal • Customs Chamber – Poland • District Office – Stropkov – Slovakia • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Poland • Province Marshal’s Office – Rzeszow, Poland • Bulgarian Supreme Court – Sofia, Bulgaria • Province Marshal’s Office – Krakow, Poland • Customs Chamber – Biala Podlaska, Poland • EWA – Electricity and Water Authority – Bahrain • Bobolice Forest Inspectorate – Bobolice, Poland • Ministry of Finance – Kuwait • Ministry of Social Affairs – Qatar • NATO Summit 2009 – Krakow, Poland • Special Tribunal for Lebanon – The Netherlands • G8 Summit in Evian, 2003 – France • EDUCATION SECTOR • Technical University – Budapest, Hungary • Jagiellonian University – Krakow, Poland • UAM Adam Mickiewicz University – Poznan, Poland • University in Tripoli – Tripoli, Libya • Academy of Musics – Wroclaw, Poland • UK University – Dubai • Integrierte Gesamtschule – Ahrensburg (IGS), Germany – chairs for Alfred–Rust–Saal • Stormanschule – Ahrensburg, Germany – chairs for Eduard–Söring–Saal (reference letter) • State Higher Vocational School – Krosno, Poland • Taibah University – Saudi Arabia • King Abdul Aziz Library Project – Saudi Arabia • Library of the State School (PWSZ) of Higher Vocational Education – Biała Podlaska, Poland • Public library – Jaworzno, Poland • University of Debreczyn – Hungary • Collegium Maius of Jagiellonian University – Krakow, Poland • University of Lodz – Lodz, Poland • Medical University of K. Marcinkowski – Poznan, Poland • Higher Education School – Jaslo, Poland • Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University – Krakow, Poland • Higher Education School of Management and Banking – Krakow, Poland • Oxford Aviation Academy – London, England • Silesian Technical University – Gliwice, Poland • Technical University – Wroclaw, Poland • Rzeszow University – Rzeszow, Poland • Community College – Saudi Arabia • Mirage Training Center – Qatar Skills Academy – Qatar • University in Opole – Opole, Poland • Higher Education School of Management and Banking – Kielnarowa, Poland • American University of Sharjah – United Arab Emirates • University in Gyor – Hungary • University in Flensburg – Germany • Bradford College – United Kingdom • Jordanstown school projects (Alpha) – Northern Ireland • Wroclaw University – Poland • University of Economy – Poznan, Poland • Military University of Technology – Warsaw, Poland • Collegium Medicum, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun – Bydgoszcz, Poland • AGH University of Science and Technology – Krakow, Poland • Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Łódź – Łódź, Poland • Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, University of Life Science – Poznan, Poland • Department of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Łódź – Lodz, Poland • Technical University of Podlasie – Bialystok, Poland • Gdańsk University – Gdansk, Poland • University of Economics and Administration – Kielce, Poland • University – Cologne, Germany • Higher Clerical Seminary – Rzeszow, Poland • East-European State Higher School – Przemysl, Poland • Opole School of Banking – Opole, Poland • Academy of Physical Education – Wroclaw, Poland • Pedagogical University – Krakow, Poland • State Higher Vocational School – Gniezno, Poland • State Medical Higher Vocational School – Opole, Poland • Cracow University of Technology – Krakow, Poland • Opole University of Technology – Opole, Poland • Maria Curie-Skłodowska University – Lublin, Poland • University of Silesia – Katowice, Poland • Higher School of Law and Administration – Poznan, Poland • University of Economics – Sosnowiec, Poland • Oskar Kolberg Music School – Radom, Poland • Department of Journalism and Political Science, University of Warsaw – Warsaw, Poland • Władysław Żeleński 2nd Degree State Music School – Krakow, Poland • Queens University – Belfast, Northern Ireland • Zayed University – U.A.E. • Riga Aeronautical Institute – Latvia • Military Academy – Lviv, Ukraine • Audytoriet Stangnes – Harstad, Norway • Vocational Training Centre – Võrumaa, Estonia • University College Dublin – Dublin, Ireland • Technasium de Veste – The Netherlands HEALTH SECTOR • Magrabi Hospital – Saudi Arabia • Magrabi Clinic HQ – Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. • Policlinic in Vilnius – Vilnus, Lithuania • Mallow, Healthcare Centre – Ireland • Institute of Hematology and Transplantation – Warsaw, Poland • Mavit, Medical center – Poland • Gynaecological and Obstetric Clinic – Opole, Poland • Children University Hospital – Ireland • Silesian Centre for Heart Diseases – Zabrze, Poland BANKING / FINANCE SECTOR • Raiffaisen Bank – all braches – Romania (reference letter ) • Target Capital – Romania • UniCredit – Romania • EFG Polbank – Poland (reference letter) • Sharjah Islamic Bank – Dubai • Investment House – Qatar – one of the fastest growing investment banks in the GCC • Garanti Bank – Bucharest, Romania • Lithuanian Bank – Lithuania • Alior Bank – Krakow, Poland • Eurobank – Greece • Abbey Bank – United Kingdom • Budapest Bank S.A. – Hungary • ING – Cluj, Romania • GE Corporate – Romania • HP FINANCE s.r.o. – Prague, Czech Republic • Raiffeisen Bank – Aval, Kiev, Ukraine • BRE BANK S.A. – Czech Republic • GE Garantibank – Romania • BRE Bank – Poland • Banca Comerciala Romana S.A. – Romania • BCR Banca Pentru Locuinte S.A. – Romania • Nordea – Poland • Muskat Bank – Oman • BCR Bank brand in Sibiu – Romania • BCR Bank brand in Serban Voda – Romania • BCR Bank brand Unirii-Phase I – Romania • BCR Bank brand GURA HUMORULUI – Romania • Banca Comerciala Romana S.A. – Romania (continuation) • BCR Private Banking – Romania • Bank Auditorium – Cyprus • Santander Bank – Chile CULTURE • Salzburg Festival – Austria • Miss Universum – Panama • Serafi Mega Mall – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia • National Theatre – Budapest, Hungary • Baszta Cinema – Sroda Wielkopolska, Poland • Sfinks Cinema – Krakow, Poland • Qatar Museum HQ – Doha, Qatar • Rzeszow Philharmonic – Rzeszow, Poland • Aviation Museum – Krakow, Poland • Amphitheatre – Krasnik, Poland multinational organisations • General Electric Int. – branches in Europe – Paris, Budapest, Poland, Prague, Wien, Bucharest • Regus Int. – branches worldwide – Cork–Ireland, Malta, Italy, Austria, Romania, The Netherlands, Denmark (Copenhagen), Poland (Warsaw), Senegal (Dakar), France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Monaco, Estonia, Mauritius, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany (Munich), Lithuania, Portugal, Switzerland (Geneva, Nyon), Egypt (Cairo), Luxembourg • Honeywell – Romania (Bucharest), Poland, Germany, United Kingdom • HONEYWELL s.r.o./ADI Global – Brno, Czech Republic • Pricewaterh ouse Coopers – Sweden • Toshiba – Poland • Nestle – Bulgaria, Poland • L’oreal – Poland • International IT Company – Krakow, Poland • T-Mobile Polska S.A. – Warsaw, Poland • Eniro – Warsaw, Poland • DB Schenker Logistics – Czech Republic AUTOMOTIVE AND OIL INDUSTRY • Toyota showroom – Toyota Abdul Lateef Jameel – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia • Opel trade offices – Hungary • Peugeot showrooms – Sweden • Mercedes offices – Sweden • TOTAL oil company – offices – Dubai • Lincoln Electric S.A. – Bielawa, Poland • BMW Salon – Budapest, Hungary • BMW – Poland • LOTOS – Poland • PGNiG – Polish Oil and Gas Company – Poland • CCI VALVE – Brno, Czech Republic • Toyota Salon – Chwaszczyno, Poland CATERING / ACCOMODATION FACILITIES • Hilton Hotel – Paris, France • Saint Molario – Apartmani Empirej – Croatia • International Airport Krakow-Balice Ltd. – Krakow, 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Gdynia, Poland • Sports and Performance Hall – Katowice-Szopienice, Poland • Sports and Performance Hall – Sosnowiec, Poland • Sports and Performance Hall – Tychy, Poland • Stadium GKS –Tychy, Poland • Stadium KS Gornik – Bytom, Poland • Stadium KS Widzew Lodz SA – Lodz, Poland • Stadium WKS Slask – Wroclaw, Poland • South West Snooker Academy – United Kingdom • Stadium ZKS Izolator – Boguchwala, Poland • Tennis Courts, Mera Club – Warszawa, Poland • Ulster Rugby Club – Belfast, Northern Ireland • Flax Bourton Coroner’s Court – Bristol, United Kingdom • Leicester Square Theatre – London, United Kingdom • Snooker Hall – United Kingdom • Squash Club – United Arab Emirates • Sport Hall – Denmark • Zemgales Olympic Centre – Latvia • Geolog Stadium – Tyumen, Russia • World Equestrian Centre in Aachen – Germany • Ice rink in ZUG – Switzerland • Football Stadium in Bielefeld – Germany • Post Finance Arena Bern – Bern, Switzerland • Zurich Stadium – Switzerland • Swimming Pool Driffield – United Kingdom • Athletic Stadium Beierheim – Germany • Hippodrome in Mannheim – Germany • Sport Hall in Hagen – Germany • Hockey Hall – Finland • National Stadium in Bucharest – Romania • Stadium Braunshwieg – Germany • Stadium in Gosslar – Germany • Athletic Stadium Karlsruhe – Germany • Football Stadium FC Koln – Germany • Football Stadium in Hayingen – Germany • Tennis Centre – Sobota near Poznań, Poland • Sport and Leisure Centre – Legionowo, Poland • KS Cracovia Stadium – Krakow, Poland • Legia Stadium – Warsaw, Poland • Ergo Arena Sports and Entertainment Facility – Gdańsk/Sopot, Poland • Sports Hall – Plzen, Czech Republic • Ellis Park Stadium – Johannesburg, RSA • Recreation and Sports Complex – Warsaw, Poland • Swimming pool – Spiska Nova Ves, Slovakia • Sports and Performance Hall – Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland • Poznan Sport and Leisure Centre POSiR, VIP lodge – Poznan, Poland • Swimming pool – Saudi Arabia • Sofia Arena – Sofia, Bulgaria • Swimming pool – Sasd, Hungary • Nachwuchsleistungszentrum Fussball (Junior Soccer Training Center) – Germany • Terek Stadium – Grozny, Russia • Olimpic Games, Athens 2004 – Greece • Olimipc Games, Sydney 2000 – Australia • Football World Championship, 2006 – Germany INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) SECTOR • D–link – Dubai • UNIS COMPUTER s.r.o. – Brno, Czech Republic • BEEP s.r.o. – Prague, Czech Republic • SATCON s.r.o. – Prague, Czech Republic • Medinet – Opole, Poland • – Warsaw, Poland • Computer Data Network Project – Arabia Office Solution • Qatar Computer Systems – Qatar • HITTACHI – Poland ... and many others referencelist
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