User Day 13 - Keneos - Eyes wide open Get a grip on your business


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SAP's BusinessObjects reporting tools: lost in jargon? Can't see the forest for the trees? Dashboards, Design Studio and Web Intelligence: how does it all fit together? Which to use when? What are the impact and the fit with the technology you're using today? And what's the added value?

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  1. 1. User Day ’13March 21, 2013Eyes wide open :Get a grip on your business withDashboards and On the Fly Reporting1Hecham User Day ‘13
  2. 2. AgendaIntroductionToo many tools? Can’t see the forest for the trees?3 families: Dashboards, Discovery and ReportingSAP’s platform: open to the outsideFocus on Design Studio and Web User Day ‘13 2
  3. 3. Consulting, Software & User Day ‘13 3HCMHCMIT StrategyArchitectureIT StrategyArchitectureProjects &ConsultingProjects &ConsultingSoftwareProductsSoftwareProductsSupply ChainSupply Chain FinancialsFinancialsCRMCRMServiceManagementServiceManagementSustainabilitySustainabilityCloud – Mobile - AnalyticsDatabase & Technology100+ customers250+ consultants6 countries30m Eu group revenue
  4. 4. BI: Can’t see the forest for thetrees? User Day ‘13 4XcelsiusDashboard DesignDesign StudioExplorer Visual IntelligencePredictive AnalysisCrystal Reports for EnterpriseWeb IntelligenceAnalysis for OLAPAnalysis for MS OfficeWeb Application DesignerBEx Query DesignerInteractive AnalysisLiveOfficeBEx Web AnalyzerInformation DesignToolBEx Report Designer
  5. 5. BusinessObjects: lots of tools!SAP BusinessObjects BI• Xcelsius• Dashboards• Design Studio• Explorer• Visual Intelligence• Predictive Analysis• Crystal Reports for Enterprise• Web Intelligence• Voyager• Analysis for OLAP• Analysis for MS Office• Crystal Reports 2011• LiveOffice• Information Design ToolSAP Netweaver BW• BEx Analyzer• Web Application Designer• BEx Query Designer• BEx Web Analyzer• BEx Report User Day ‘13 5
  6. 6. 3 families: Dashboards,Discovery & User Day ‘13 61 single Platform for full spectrum of BIDashboards &AppsReportingDiscovery &Analyisis
  7. 7. User Day ‘13 7Dashboards& AppsReportingDiscovery &AnalysisDesign StudioDashboards(Xcelsius)AnalysisPredictiveAnalysisVisualization of KPI andaggregated/summary informationInteractive and visually appealinganalyticsMobile BI
  8. 8. User Day ‘13 8Dashboards& AppsReportingDiscovery &AnalyisisWeb IntelligenceCrystal ReportsAnalysisPredictiveAnalysisOn the Fly reportingFormatted reportsDistribute information internally andexternallyAsk and answer your ownquestions
  9. 9. Discovery & User Day ‘13 9Dashboards& AppsReportingDiscovery &AnalysisData analysis (trends, outliers,patterns, ..)Adapt to business scenarios bycombining, manipulating, andenriching dataSelf-service visualizations andanalyticsForecastingAdvanced statistical analysisVisual IntelligenceExplorerAnalysisPredictiveAnalysis
  10. 10. SAP BO BI: Open to the User Day ‘13 10Dashboards &AppsReportingDiscovery &Analyisis
  11. 11. Dashboards made easier: fromDashboard Design to Design StudioInteractive visualizationSAP data sources (HANAviews, BEx queries,Infoproviders)What-if analysisVisualization of KPIExtended library of controlsHTML5-output  iPadQR-code generation forsending to iPadHigh level of user interactivity(changing chart type, filters,..) User Day ‘13 11
  12. 12. Web Intelligence: end userreporting for today’s worldInteractive reporting (desktop, web, mobile)Drag & DropText FormattingExtended chart libray (scatter, tree maps,box plots, tag cloud, waterfall chart)Easy-to-useMultiple datasource (SAP and non-SAP)Combine multiple datasources in a reportOnline & Offline access to reportsTracking of changesReuse & Share (copy & paste) User Day ‘13 12
  13. 13. Let’s take a drive! User Day ‘13 13
  14. 14. Thank you!Get Inspired.Stay Connected.Achieve Business User Day ‘13 14