Keneos HCM BU Presentation


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Keneos Human Capital Management
Business Unit Presentation

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Keneos HCM BU Presentation

  1. 1. KeneosHuman Capital Management
  2. 2. From knowledge to solutions“HCM: maximizing business through human capital” Keneos: 100% SAP SAP HCM: a Keneos core business© Keneos 2010 / Page 2
  3. 3. Delivering CRM success for your business Covering Belgium, 200 SAP Multilingual, Luxembourg, 70% senior level consultants multicultural France, Switzerland HCM Covering 35 HCM Passionate about HR the full scope of by Keneos consultants HR and beyond HCMFor customersacross industry Banking Transport Pharma And many others sectors © Keneos 2010 / Page 3
  4. 4. Your questions… “we did the technical upgrade to ECC6, now we’d like to discover its potential in the HR space” ?“we’re running SAP in other areas, “we’ve got the SAP HR basics, but we’d like to but we need to extend SAP to HR… modernize our HR portal, what’s in the box? our talent management, Where should we start?” people development and HR analytics” “we’re looking for a single partner to help up us with strategy, projects and support. And not just in HR, but right across the SAP spectrum” © Keneos 2010 / Page 4
  5. 5. … Our answers HCM Solution Projects SAP HCM projects, ranging from time and pay through to talent, HR intranet and analytics Business Consulting HCM Product Portfolio HR Route Map, Nakisa Talent Visualization, Process consulting, Kiosk Solutions, User performance, HCM Dashboard, Client project management Learning Content HCM Consulting and Support Ad-hoc expert consulting, production support - remote and/or on site, with low-cost off-shore development© Keneos 2010 / Page 5
  6. 6. A full coverage of SAP HCM at your service Talent HR Analytics Workforce Self-Service Document / Management Management (ESS/MSS) Records using SAP BI, Managemente-recruiting, learning delivered through the (management of processes and management, corporate intranet organizational workflow delivered (integration of employee structure, personal through intranet employee related performance administration, time portal and integrated documents directly in management, management, payroll with “back-end” SAP SAP HCM) compensation integration) systemmanagement, career & succession andTalent Visualisation by Nakisa) Keneos ECC6 Travel CATS Identity User Performance Maximize Management Management (web-enabled cross (SAP Productivity (helping companies (web enabled application (combines user Pak by RWD, discover what they employee travel timesheet) access management, integrated usernow have “in the box” requests, travel Implementation of the SAP user role training, user help, with ECC6 / planning, expense timesheet in the SAP provisioning, with processenhancement pack 4) report management) portal, integration HCM organization / and policy doc) – as needed – position with HR, Finance management) processes, Project Management system, Logistics)
  7. 7. Spotlight: our HCM clients© Keneos 2010 / Page 7
  8. 8. Spotlight: our HCM clients HR Intranet: Employee / Manager SAP BI HR Business Analytics on Personal Self-Service & Learning Solution Development Plan, Employee Time Management, Payroll Administration Management of HCM rollout, Multi-country rollout for “comp & ben” multiple countries, 70,000 management in SAP HCM. employees Pilot trial of “Talent Visualization by Nakisa” in HR intranet SAP solution implementation for Complete service HR BI upgrade and ongoing Compensation Management, support. Employee Appraisal Management, Training Management business analytics Training Administration Employee time management, Employee shift schedule marketplace & Leave Employee and Manager Self- Management Service, Merit & Bonus Medical Visit Management management, SAP HCM production support Time management intranet with BI Upgrade, HR Business Warehouse data management of flex time „bourse‟ rationalization Time Management Portal HR Business Analytics on Headcount, Payroll, Comp & Ben, International Mobility, Travel Expense Multi process time sheet with digital HR BI redesign and global employee reporting signature Full service production support of Pilot on Workforce Management integrated© Keneos 2010 / Page 8 HR system planning
  9. 9. Your contacts for questions, remarks,next steps… Charlotte Vanoffel David Goodman Account Manager Business Unit Director Human Capital Management Human Capital Management Keneos Keneos mobile: +32 473 33 29 51 mobile: +32 476 23 04 87 email: email:© Keneos 2010 / Page 9
  10. 10. Thank you!© Keneos 2010