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May and Can [ESL]


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Published in: Education
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May and Can [ESL]

  1. 1. University of Carabobo School of EducationModern Languages Deparment English Grammar ESPINOZA MAURICIO GUTIERREZ JEAN FRANK ROSENDO WILFREDO RODRIGUEZ DIANA July, 2010
  2. 2. AbilityE.g. Louis can play soccer as a pro E.g. Janice can do gymnastics pretty well Cannot / Can’t E.g. Penguins can’t fly
  3. 3. Making requestsE.g. Can you close the window, please? Giving or asking Permission E.g. Can I stay up late? E.g. Yes, you can.
  4. 4. In requests, it’s possible to use CAN with “you” But NO with MAY.E.g. May you help me (WRONG) E.g. Can you help me Reported and indirect speech E.g. Can you pass me the salt Kelsey?= Mark asked Kelsey if she could pass him the salt
  5. 5. Permission E.g. May I close the door? Ans- Yes, you may. Possibility E.g. Where’s Lee?.R- I don’t know. He MAY be in playing in his room.
  6. 6. MAYBE + Subject+ verb + C E.g. MAYBE she’s worriedSubject + MAY BE + verb + C E.g. She MAY BE worried Only a Possibility S + MAY + HAVE + Pp of the verb E.g. He may have gone home MAYBE + sub + verb (past) + C E.g. Maybe he went home
  7. 7. E.g. Bob: May I join you? E.g. Yes, you may borrow ouyr bote.R-S: Bob asked if he might join us. R-S: Ted told me that I might borrow is bote