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IIeP [at] Open days Brussels


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Immigrant Inclusion by eParticipation: Using affordable, appropriate, and accessible ICT

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IIeP [at] Open days Brussels

  1. 1. Networking lunch 7.10.2010 Immigrant Inclusion by e Participation: Using affordable, appropriate, and accessible ICT
  2. 3. technology -> models for enhanced social, cultural and political participation and inclusion -> manuals for immigrant groups and authorities
  3. 4. Going where everybody is already
  4. 5. Free and open tools = reduced costs Shared links = improved sustainability
  5. 6. Risk of being lost in the web – mind the beneficiary, colleague, stakeholder
  6. 7. In the complete 2005 season of American Idol just over 500 million votes were cast. In 2004 the American Presidential election garnered a paltry 122 million votes .
  7. 8. Discussion ideas <ul><li>eParticipation trends: visualization, trend crawling, reduce complexity, add fun & location </li></ul><ul><li>Transnational identity and net identity </li></ul><ul><li>Capacity needed to run ICT in cross border projects </li></ul>Matthias Wevelsiep University of Helsinki, Palmenia Center for Continuing Education [email_address] +358 50 5958978 Thank you!