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Redmine @ Mippin

  1. 1. Redmine @ Mippin Intro & Conventions Maciej Matyjas Head of Development @matyjas
  2. 2. What It Is?● support1● Redmine● Redmine Backlogs● git● cgit● gitolite
  3. 3. support1Our Rackspace cloud serverhosting new tools including Redmine
  4. 4. Redmine "Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using Ruby on Railsframework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. Redmine is open source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL)."* *
  5. 5. Redmine Backlogs"A Redmine plugin for agile teams"* *
  6. 6. git "Git is a free & open source,distributed version control system ..."* *
  7. 7. cgit"a web frontend for git repositories"* *
  8. 8. gitolite"Gitolite allows you to setup githosting on a central server ..."**
  9. 9. Relevant Redmine Features● Self Registration● Projects and Sub-Projects● Roles● Trackers● SCM Integration● etc
  10. 10. Redmine: Self Registration Get started by registering a user here
  11. 11. Redmine: Projects and Sub-ProjectsTop Level Project Called Sub-projectsMaster ● Mapped to SCM ● Backlog and Sprints Repositories Managed on this Level ● Super Easy to Move ● Encompasses all aspects Items Between Projects of Mippin Business and Sub-projects ● Examples ○ Analytics ○ iOS App ○ Symbian Builder ○ Buzz Widgets?
  12. 12. Redmine: RolesRedmine Roles Scrum Roles ● Developer ● Team Member ● Manager ● Product Owner ● Reporter ●? ● Scrum Master could use any Redmine Role
  13. 13. Redmine: Trackers Redmine Scrum Means Bug Story Problem with software, not working as expected or planned Feature Story Improvements and new work in user/marketing speak Support Story Non-development work; run report, do release, manually test Task Task Technical work in all its gory detail
  14. 14. Redmine: SCM Integration● Supports: git, Subversion, CVS and others● Commits automatically reflected● View current state of repository● Diff versions of files or dirs● Killer feature => commit messages can resolve issues ○ "fixes #36 null pointer handled" ○ "working on #45 to make sure all corners are rounded"
  15. 15. Redmine: etc● Issue Creation via Email● Wiki● Calendar● Gantt● Release Management● News● Documents● Files● Forum
  16. 16. Redmine Backlogs Features● Product Backlog● Stories● Sprints● Story Points● Tasks● Task Board● Impediments● Burn down Chart
  17. 17. Redmine Backlogs: Product Backlog● Use the Master project for Product Backlog● Should be visible to everyone on the team● Owned by Product Owner● Priority can be changed via drag and drop● Gives an idea of where we are going● You can add a story!
  18. 18. Redmine Backlogs: Stories● User or even Marketing oriented● Not detailed● Analogous to a subset of Issues in Redmine● Types ○ Bug ○ Feature ○ Support
  19. 19. Redmine Backlogs: Sprints● Set of Stories to be completed in 2 weeks● Prepared during Sprint Planning Meeting● Should be well understood once Sprint starts● Analogous to Versions in Redmine
  20. 20. Redmine Backlogs: Story Points● Owned by Development Team● Abstract: do NOT represent days/hours/etc● Represent relative size of story● Fibonacci series: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ...● Set for Stories during Sprint Planning Meeting● Helps to estimate how many Stories can fit into a Sprint
  21. 21. Redmine Backlogs: Tasks● Child of a Story● Detailed work needed to complete a Story● Owned by Development Team● Has time estimate, in hours● First pass completed during Task Scope Meeting (right after Sprint Planning)● Add Tasks whenever you need one● Could be printed and stuck up on a board
  22. 22. Redmine Backlogs: Task Board● Similar to what we had on the whiteboard● Stories are on left with swim lanes projecting to right● Tasks live in swim lanes● Dev Team can drag & drop Tasks into columns● Columns represent Task states ○ New ○ In Progress ○ Resolved ○ Feedback ○ Closed ○ Rejected● Different Roles could have different permissions
  23. 23. Redmine Backlogs: Impediments● When Dev Team is blocked by something outside their control, they create an Impediment● Top swim lane in Task Board● Become the responsibility of Scrum Master
  24. 24. Redmine Backlogs: Burn Down Chart● Visual representation of Sprint progress● Y axis is work (story point or hours)● X axis is time● Perfect goes from nothing completed (on top left) at beginning of Sprint to everything done (on bottom right) at the end of Sprint● Pay attention to (hopefully) bottom bars which represent the amount of work per day that needs to be completed to finish everything by the end of the Sprint
  25. 25. Redmine Backlogs: Burn Down Chart
  26. 26. Redmine Backlogs: Burn Down Chart
  27. 27. Redmine Backlogs: Burn Down Chart
  28. 28. Redmine Backlogs: Burn Down Chart
  29. 29. Redmine Backlogs: Burn Down Chart
  30. 30. Redmine Backlogs: Burn Down Chart
  31. 31. Thanks! Maciej MatyjasHead of Development @matyjas