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Pipe M.D. Power Point


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Pipe M.D. Power Point

  1. 1. No-Dig Pipe Rehabilitation Process 1-888-314-7473
  2. 2. Step One Identifying the problem The first step in our Pipe Rehabilitation process is to uncover the problem. We uncover the problem with the use of an advanced, high resolution, fiber optic camera, specially designed for remote pipe investigation. The camera is sent through an existing access point in your piping system such as a clean out. (or when necessary through the removal of a toilet.) The camera can inspect the entire length of the pipe, unveiling any problematic areas. 1-888-314-7473
  3. 3. Step Two Pipe Preparation (Cleaning) Our proprietary cleaning tools, that are only made available to our Pipe Rehabilitation network of companies, maneuver to the problem areas the same way that the camera was able to remotely inspect your piping system. These cleaning tools will remove any blockages and get your pipe back to its original diameter. We can remove tree root intrusions, de-scale cast iron, and eliminate calcite build up. This unique cleaning process is a necessary step for preparing the pipe, for rehabilitation. 1-888-314-7473
  4. 4. Step Three Pipe Rehabilitation (Lining) The liner is comprised of four components. •Needlepoint Felt Tube (laminated on the outside) •Plastic Tube •Rubber Tube •Vinyl Strap 1-888-314-7473
  5. 5. Step Three Pipe Rehabilitation (Lining) cont’d… The four components are assembled at the manufacturing plant in Canada, and shipped in large rolls to the Pipe Rehabilitation network of companies throughout North America. The manufacturer undergoes quarterly audits, in order to maintain all the approvals necessary to comply with the universal plumbing code (UPC). Once the length of liner required is calculated from the camera investigation, the amount of liner is cut off the large roll onsite. 1-888-314-7473
  6. 6. Step Three Pipe Rehabilitation (Lining) cont’d… Special plugs are fastened to each end of the liner. This will allow for the rubber to inflate like a balloon once positioned inside the pipe. 1-888-314-7473
  7. 7. Step Three Pipe Rehabilitation (Lining) cont’d… A predetermined amount of a two part exothermic, catalytic, epoxy resin, is mixed together. When the two parts are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs, causing them to harden. Note that the technicians are not wearing masks while mixing the epoxy. They do not require masks as the type of epoxy resin used does not off gas, or have any odours. 7
  8. 8. Step Three Pipe Rehabilitation (Lining) cont’d… The mixed epoxy resin is then poured into the inside of the liner in between the laminated felt tube and the plastic and rubber tubing. 1-888-314-7473
  9. 9. Step Three Pipe Rehabilitation (Lining) cont’d… The epoxy resin is rolled through from one end of the liner to the other with metal rollers. The epoxy resin is tinted to ensure complete saturation into the felt. Note the small bottom right picture illustrating compete saturation. 1-888-314-7473
  10. 10. Step Three Pipe Rehabilitation (Lining) cont’d… The epoxy saturated liner is then folded in half and secured with low tack adhesive tape. This ensures that the liner will easily fit through the existing access, through to the area of pipe to be rehabilitated. 1-888-314-7473
  11. 11. Step Three Pipe Rehabilitation (Lining) cont’d… The liner is then either pushed or pulled through the old pipe from the access point, and then positioned in the exact place required. 1-888-314-7473
  12. 12. Step Three Pipe Rehabilitation (Lining) cont’d… The liner, while positioned in the pipe being rehabilitated, is then inflated with an air for a period of 3-8 hours. During that timeframe the epoxy resin hardens, creating a stronger and more flexible pipe formation than a brand new ABS or PVC plastic pipe. Brand new piping of course would have required excavation to be installed. 1-888-314-7473
  13. 13. Step Three Pipe Rehabilitation (Lining) cont’d… Once the epoxy hardening process has taken place, the rubber tube is deflated and pulled out. The felt tube and epoxy resin has become the new pipe inside the old pipe. Lastly, a final camera investigation is performed to confirm that there are no defects. 1-888-314-7473
  14. 14. Final Who has used Pipe Rehabilitation in Ontario? A few: Coke-a-Cola Nestle Oxford Properties SNC Lavalin Profac Percel Property Management Skywater Property Management TSE Property Management Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto Simcoe County School Board Hastings Prince Edward School Board The Keg Restaurants Prizsm Income Fund, KFC/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut The Regional Municipality of Durham City of Peterborough City of Toronto 1-888-314-7473