Post production questionnaire


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Post production questionnaire

  1. 1. Matt Davis
  2. 2. YesMaybeNo
  3. 3.  This means that people enjoyed our music video. They liked the dark side to the character. It shows that the audience enjoyed the music video despite their being no lip-syncing, a typical convention of the music video.
  4. 4. Cliffhanger Dolls Camera Cake Sitting Getting shots scene alone dressed3 8 1 1 1 1
  5. 5.  This means that the audience understood the parallel edit between the main narrative of the boy, and the dolls re-enacting what is happening. There were a few ‘noticeable’ shots which the audience enjoyed. This pleased us immensely.
  6. 6. 9876543210 No Yes Shorten them
  7. 7.  This means that although majority said they should be kept in, we will shorten them. By doing this, we will pleasing almost all of our sample as a few said that they would like it kept in if the clips was shortened. This is very beneficial for us.
  8. 8.  This means that the characterisation and location were good for the genre. We chose them as we felt they were very general and ‘normal’. This meant that the video was less specific to a target group but more for a wider audience.
  9. 9. ObsessiveDistressedInsecureControllingLonelyEmotionalAngry
  10. 10.  This means that people understood the character profile which we created the actor to be. As a result of this, it helps the character to attract sympathy. This means that the narrative and themes are clear.
  11. 11. YesDidnt hear itNo
  12. 12.  It means that many people felt we amplified the meaning of the lyrics. Nobody felt we went against the lyrics, and even the comments which said they did not hear the lyrics, the comments said that they believe the beat and tone matched the narrative.
  13. 13.  Guy has an obsession with a girl who is coming over supposedly but doesn’t turn up The boy is getting ready for date, girl doesn’t come, he gets angry and starts breaking things and then goes to her house Boy makes date with girl, looks for her but she fails to turn up. He goes to find her The girl stands the boy up. He was very angry as he was obsessed with her Man is expecting date excitedly – he’s obsessed perhaps – and is stood up and heartbroken A boy is wanting to meet up with girl, but love seems unrequited – stands him up
  14. 14.  Preparing a meal, getting ready for a dinner. The protagonist is angered by the fact his guest doesn’t come – he goes to house of guest A boy obsessed with a girl who has no interest in him as she stands him up Man gets stood up for date with girl he stalks so gets upset and angry, ruins the cake, tears down her picture and seeks her out at her house. Girl doesn’t show up to date Puppets represent what happens in real life. The guy is being stood up and so he goes crazy A boy obsessed with a girl who left him and stood him up Man/stalker of woman. She doesn’t turn up for dinner, he’s angry and goes to her house A man gets stood up for a date and gets so angry/upset that he tries to kill himself Girl doesn’t turn up for a date and the man goes crazy
  15. 15.  This means that the narrative was clearly understood, meaning our montage styled video was still clear. As well as this, despite the time manipulation which we have in the video, it is still clear for the audience.